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貌强 :BDC-NL Appeals Dutch Government for Burma Issue

   作者: 貌强 Maung Chan (缅甸华族)


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   October 24th,2005 is the first day of Aung San Suu Kyi’s (the democratic & non-violence fighter ,Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 1991),10th cumulative year under house arrest.

   October 24th,2005 is, too, the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations,the “UN Day”.

   On this very day, the “Burmese Democracy Community-The Netherlands ” went to the Foreign Ministory of the Netherlands in the Hague, for supporting the report of Havel/Tutu’s “A Call for the UN Security Council to Act in Burma”.

   “Burmese Democracy Community -The Netherlands ”believes that the report represents the real situation in Burma and the best interest of all nationalities of Burma.

   “Burmese Democracy Community -The Netherlands ”requested the Dutch Government to support the call of Havel/Tutu which represents the world-people’s conscience.

   The representatives of the Dutch Government codially received and friendly talked with the “Burmese Democracy Community- The Netherlands ”.

   The following are brief contents of their talks:

   1.Help to pass the Wavel/Tutu’s Report by all members of the UN Security Council.

   2. Urge Burma’s military regime to cooperate with the Secretary-General’s office to materialize the Burma’s national reconciliation and the restoration of Burma’s democratically-elected government.

   Urge the Secretary-General’s office to report the Burma issue to the UN Security Council for help and action.

   3.Burma issue, e.g. internal diplacement, killing ethnic people’s civil war, 700,000 refugees, drug trafficking, HIV/Aids etc, are related closely with the peaceful developments and the security of all neighboring countries, ASEAN and the world. It is not merely Burma’s intenal problems.

   4. Urge Burma’s military regime to ensure the immediate,safe and unhindered access to all parts of Burma for UN and international humanitarian organisations to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the population.

   5. Call for immediate and unconditional release of Aung San Suu Kyi and all prisoners of conscience in Burma.


   Brief Introduction of Aung San Suu Kyi:

   -Born in Rangoon on 19-6-1945.

   Father General Aung San,the Father of Burma,assassinated in 1947 .Mother Daw Khin Kyi, Burma’s ambassador in India during 1960s.

   -Educated before 1960 in Burma, after 1960 in India, 1964-67 in the University of England.

   -Married to the Birtish scholar Michael Aris, having two sons, Alexander born in 1973 and Kim in 1977.

   -Visiting her seriously-ill mother in Rangoon in 1988, eye-witnessing Burma’s junta changing names ,ruling methods and forms ,BUT no change of dictatorial rule, as before killing students,civilians and monks on 8-8-1988.

   -Addressing indignantly in front of a half-million people at Shwedagon rally on 23-8-1988.

   -Expressing indignantly again on 18-9-1988 when the coup-junta formed SLORC(State Law and Order Restoration Council) regime and shot dead again hundreds of people.

   -Founding on 24-9-1988 NLD(National League for Democracy) and was elected as General Secretary.

   -Touring the whole country and delivering over 100 public addresses ,encouraging all people of Burma to struggle fearlessly for people’s power and Burma’s future ,soon after SLORC regime announced “fair and free General Election on 27-5-1990”.

   -Fearlessly facing the junta’s soldiers gun-pointed to her in the Irrewaddy Delta on 5-4-1989.

   -Again under house arrest in July 1989.

   -Amnesty International declared Aung San Suu Kyi is a prisoner of conscience.

   -Under her detention and the continues arrest of other political leaders, her NLD party won 82% seats by the election of May 1990.BUT the junta refused to honour the election results.

   -The junta on 19-12-1990 urged her to fly to England to live with her dying husband and children. she refused it because she would then never be allowed returning to Burma.

   -The junta revised the law and extended her house arrest for aonother 5 years on 10-8-1991.

   -1991 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Aung San Suu Kyi on 10-10-1991.Followed by many prizes of other countries too.World-people respect her for loving her country and people, advocating democracy and non-violence, fearlessness of sufferings and death.

   -Aung San Suu Kyi contributed her 1.5mil Nobel Prize for the health and education fund in 1992.

   -The junta extended her detention under martial law for another 6 years on 21-1-1994.

   -Getting free on 10-7-1995 forced by international conmmunity.

   -Under de facto house arrest,together with U Aung Shwe, U Tin Oo and 6 other central committee members after defying a travel to Mandalay banned by the regime on 23-9-2003.

   -By setting her free after 19 months’ house arrest,the regime announced “a breakthrough toward ending the country’s political deadlock”on 6-5-2002.

   -Depayin-Massacre of 30-5-2003: Her vehicle was hit and fired by the junta’s mob,several her body-guards and supporters cruelly killed or seriously wounded. Mass-arrest her party members, close-down her party head office and “protective detention” to herself.

   SO is 24-10-2005 ,the Aung San Suu Kyi’s 10th cumulative year under house arrest in Rangoon of Burma.

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