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Respectable Japanese Women Initiative Berlin

    by Burma’s Chinese 貌强

    At the early morning of August 15, I ,a Burma's Chinese, bringing my wife, Mr. Etwin Leung and his lovely wife Yan Yi of Hongkong, happily drove to Berlin for two days’leisure trip.

    The sky of Berlin was lovely blue, cloudless, with pleasant wind and warm sunshine.

    In front of the 2nd-World-War heavily damaged church ,the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche, we saw a group of Oriental women,holding high the placards with headlines:

    “We Japanese should adopt a correct attitude towards the history!”

    “Be good neighbours with Korea & China!”

    “Confess misdeeds,honesty is the best policy!”

    “Say sorry to China,Korea & South East Asia!”

    They thundered the slogans at the top of their voices. A lot of tourists were listening respectfully and applauding warmly to them.

    An old Asian woman was distributing leaflets. With full respect I took one from her .It wrote in German as follows:

    ---- Today of 60 years ago,Japan surrendered and made the Asian Pacific War an end. Since then Asian people are freed from the Japanese rule.

    The Japanese aggressive war killed ca.20 million people in Asia, brought the Asian people unparalleled sufferings.

    Now, 60 years passed by. We have seen via the mass media: the anti-Japanese protests are mounting up in Korea and China.


    --because the Japanese government refuses to pay any personal compensation either to “the forced labourers” or ”the forced prostitutes” committed by the Japanese army during the aggressive war .

    --because the war-crimes of Japan,till now, are not allowed to appear in the textbooks.

    --because under the ever stronger protests of the neighbouring countries, the Prime Minister and many Parliamentary members of Japan still go to worship yearly the Yasukuni-Schrein which represents not only the war-fall soldiers ,but also the war criminals.

    We, the Japanese Women Initiative Berlin, are deeply sorry for the stand of our Japanese government as well as the reaction of our Japanese mass media.

    The Japanese media report always exaggerately about the violent protests of the furying people of neighbour countries as well as the request of Japanese government to China for apologizing the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese riot.

    They tried to turn the people’s will against China and Korea.

    However, the root of the protests of China and Korea has till now never been officially investigated and discussed in Japan.

    We believe that Japan must criticize himself for his historical error. Since 1991 we have worked together with the Korean Women Group Berlin for the former forced prostitutes in order to gain their just compensation and official apology.

    Through our long-year close cooperation in affair of these surviving old women , we ,Japanese women and Korean women, have built a good frendship-bridge between us, for which we feel honoured.

    We request the Japanese community to envisage the history correctly, listen to the voices of the neighbouring countries and gain the trust of the Asian people.

    According to this principle , we have wrotten a letter and sent it to our Prime Minister today.

    Now, we stand in front of the meaningful German church to tell all people:


    Berlin 15.8.2005

    Japanese Women-Initiative Berlin

   Contact Address: Kazuko Hamada

   Tel/Fax: 030-6945677


    Under the blue sky, warm sun and clean air of Berlin, we read and read the leaflet, feeling a mighty current of justice and honesty in front of us.It touched us to the depth of our soul ,so we went up to these honourable Japanese women,shook hands with them and paid our respect and honour to them from the bottom of our heart!

   ( S.H.A.N. & Burma’s News Published by Burma’s Chinese)

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