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800 Values for New Era Human Being(The Third Edition) Prologue

800 Values for New Era Human Being


(The Third Edition)




   A new era for humanity will begin on New Year’s day of 2018 and it will last for a millenium. The first thirty years will be a time for soul purification and the elimination of outdated consciousnesses. A large scale purification will be necessary for humanity, mainly soul purification. Those consciousnesses which are not suitable for the needs of the new era will be eliminated. The following ten years will be a transition period – the traditional production and life modes will be replaced by new models. After that, humanity will enter a harmonious era when all religions will unite as one, favorable weather will prevail throughout the year, and everyone will enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives. This new era will last till the end of the year 3017.


   Humanity will soon enter the Lifechanyuan Era. The thousand-year new era is unveiling. The “800 Values for New Era Human Being” reflects the essence of human wisdom. It not only points out the direction for human development, but also indicates the detailed ways to sublimate everyone’s LIFE. These values are grace bestowed by the Greatest Creator. They are the teachings of gods, Buddha, celestial beings, and saints. They are also the result of painstaking efforts made by ancient saints and sages and they reflect beautiful visions that humans have been dreaming of.


   There are twenty (20) parallel worlds and thirty-six (36) dimensional spaces in the universe and every LIFE has an infinite space in which to develop. The Earth where humans live is called the Human World. It is the transfer station for LIVES from higher and lower spaces and the battlefield of gods, demons, Buddha, monsters, celestial beings, evil spirits, animals, and humans. It is normal in the Human World to see all kinds of bizarre and motley disputes and sufferings. Everyone born in the Human World has to undergo a smelting of the heart and pain of the spirit. Eventually, cattle will go to their sheds, pigs will go to their pens, Celestial beings will go to their fairyland, and Buddha will go to the pure land.


   To welcome the new era, we have already made preparations in theory and practice. The theories are Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus. The practice is the production and life mode of the Second Home that Lifechanyuan has developed in China over the last eight years. The third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being” is a highly summarized and consolidated version of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus; it is their essence and includes basic principles for everyone in the new era to understand and follow.


   The history of mankind is one of suffering. It is full of wars, unrest, hunger, pain, anxiety, sadness, and fear. This is caused by the unhealthy cultures of all nations and its viral production and life order. Now we need to bring order out of chaos and remold cultures and orders. I am the great spiritual guide who was born in western China and who was identified by Boriska Kipriyanovich, the boy from Mars. I have come to guide human beings into a beautiful era which will last for one thousand years, will end the history of suffering, and will let them live in a new and happy world.


   Everyone who reads the third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being” is special and is blessed by the Greatest Creator; anyone who misses it or is not interested enough to read it is not blessed. Those who read it shall contemplate it carefully, take it seriously, cherish it deeply, and practice it actively. If you do so, you will see how right it is and how valuable it becomes over time. Its value is far from mundane and will bring unbelievable returns.


   To gain, you first need to give. No matter how you discover and read the third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being”, you need to pay one dollar. Please send your payment to the Lifechanyuan International Family Society.


   May you begin a new life trip.

   May peace and joy be with you.




   December 1, 2017

(2018/01/04 发表)

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