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You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family

You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family



December 24, 2017


   The New Oasis of Life International Family in Canada invites you sincerely to join us.


   A new era is coming. The United Nations, governments of many countries, groups and organizations, and individuals with insight are working toward a united earth and a global family. The internet is helping to realize this new era with many instant communications tools. Visa applications in many countries are becoming more convenient and easier to obtain. This earth is a small village in the vast universe. Everyone is a member of this village, and now is the time for you walk into Lifechanyuan International Family.


   Everything is changing, this change is speeding up, and we must remain on the forefront of this ever changing new era if we do not wish to lag behind. Look towards the future; life is beautiful, the world is beautiful, and all this beauty is to be enjoyed by people with beautiful souls.


   Lifechanyuan International Family intends to create two hundred fifty-six (256) communities throughout the world. Their basic mode will copy the “New Oasis of Life” community, formerly called the “Second Home of Lifechanyuan”, which once existed in mainland China. The values of our community are available to be understood in the third edition of, ”800 Values for New Era Human Being”. The community members will come from throughout the world and each community will have members coming from different nations, races, and cultures. People will live together, happily as a family sharing all resources.


   The most exciting and fun part of this global family is that you will have the chance to move around the world and have a home with local “relatives” to welcome you in all of them. You will have chances to visit Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania.


   There are two requirements to join this International Family:


   1. You must read and understand the third edition of ”800 Values for New Era Human Being”, to get an understanding of our lifestyle and production model.

   2. You must contribute your intelligence or financial support to our community in whatever way you can.


   Becoming a member of this International Family will provide you with these six blessings:


   1. All other global members will become your family members such as brothers, sisters, and lovers.

   2. You can participate in and enjoy building a local community.

   3. You will have access to all updated news of the International Family.

   4. You can become a permanent member of this community and participate in our global interchange activities.

   5. You will get help from our International Family when difficulties such as natural disasters or other special situations arise.

   6. You will have the chance to become a leader of this International Family and make bigger contributions for everyone in the world.


   Life is a short journey for LIFE in the human world. When this journey is over, there are higher spaces available. I hope you will cherish this precious opportunity to board the “International Family” flight and enjoy your life to its fullest within your lifetime. This will also form a solid foundation for an even more beautiful LIFE future.


   To understand the lifestyle of the New Oasis for Life, Please visit:


   http://lifelvzhou.org (Chinese)

   http://lifecosmos.org (Chinese)

   http://newoasisforlife.org (English)

   https://www.lifechanyuan.org (English)


   To learn more about Lifechanyuan International Family, please visit this website


(2017/12/29 发表)

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