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·Speech during the June 4th Vigil in Victoria Park in Hong Kong
·【林忌评论】大陆没民主 香港没普选?
·June 2014: Remembering Tiananmen: The View from Hong Kong
·The Strength to Save Oneself
·讓北京知道 要甚麼樣的未來/苹果日报
·Beyond Stability Maintenance-From Surveillance to Elimination/Teng bia
·就律协点名维权律师“无照”执业 滕彪答德国之声记者问
·Politics of the Death Penalty in China
·What sustains Chinese truth-tellers
·From Stability Maintenance to Wiping Out/Teng biao
·25 years later, Tiananmen cause is still costly
·A Chinese activist: Out of prison but not free
·Activist lawyer vows to keep fighting for human rights
·Head Off a Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong/Yang jianli,Teng Biao,Hu ji
·滕彪被中国政法大学除名 因参与新公民运动
· Ilham Tohti should get the Nobel peace prize, not life in prison
· Chinese activist scholar Teng Biao on how Occupy Central affects main
·« Révolution des parapluies » contre Pékin / Teng biao
·We Stand With You
·Don’t Get Too Excited About the Investigation of Zhou Yongkang
·Sensing subversion, China throws the book at kids' libraries
·China’s Unstoppable Lawyers: An Interview With Teng Biao
·Hongkong: the Unbearable Weight of the Revolution
·Courts are told what decision to make in important cases
·RISKY BUSINESS fighting for Human Rights in China
·The Supremacy of the Constitution, and Freedom of Religion
·如果有人倾听你对 昨夜梦境的复述(诗四首)
·China’s Empty Promise of Rule by Law
·Sensing subversion, China throws the book at kids' libraries
·What will this crackdown on activists do to China’s nascent civil soc
·The most dangerous job in law
·Selective Blindness over China and Huamn Rights
·Blood, Justice and Corruption: Why the Chinese Love Their Death Penalt
·Human Rights Advocates Vanish as China Intensifies Crackdown/NYT
·‘Did We Stand on the Side of Tank Man?’
·The Quest to Save the World's Scholars From Persecution and Death
·Comments on the draft law on Foreign NGO Management
·China is moving toward a new totalitarianism
·Uncivil/ The Economist
·Why Xi Jinping is Purging China’s Human Rights Lawyers
·CCP party has an exaggerated fear of a color revolution
·Toast at the Stateless Breakfast
·"China é responsável por 90% das execuções mundiais"
·China's international relations at a time of rising rule of law challe
·Seven Chinese activists wrote to the Dutch King
Selected Publications/presentations as of 2017/8

Teng Biao - Selected Publications
   Edited books:
   China’s Rights Defense Movement, (Guest) Editor, Vol.46 of Chinese Law & Government, Oct,2014

   Report on the 709 Crackdown, Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, 2016
   寻找黑暗中的亮光——中国黑监狱概况及分析(Black Jails in China: Overview and Analysis),Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, Hong Kong, 2016
   (With Wang Tiancheng) 回到革命——中国大转型前夜的激辩 (Back to Revolution – the debates before the Great Transition in China ) , Suyuan Publishing House, Hongkong, 2015
   (With Hua Ze) 堂堂正正做公民 (To be a citizen),New Century Publishing House,Hongkong,2014
   中国死刑观察报告 (Chinese Death Penalty Report),2013.
   Ph.D Dissertation:
   话语实践与制度变迁:中国当代司法关键词研究(1949-2002)(Discursive Practice and Institutional Change - A study of Keywords in Judiciary of Communist China), Peking University, 2002
   Peer-reviewed papers and Chapters:
   Rights defense Movement in China, Handbook of Human Rights in China (forth coming)
   ‘Rights Defence, Microblogs, and the Surrounding Gaze: The Rights Defence Movement Online and Offline,’ in Locating Civil Society: Communities Defending Basic Liberties, Special Issue of China Perspectives 2012 / no.3.(English and French)
   •The oppression and resistance of Chinese Lawyers, Human Rights Watch,Forthcoming.2016
   • ‘Chinese Death Penalty : Overview and Prospect,’ East Asia Law Review, 2010 Vol. 1 No. 2.
   In Chinese:
   死刑作为政治筹码,(Death Penalty as political leverage)《香港社会科学学报》第47期(2015.3)
   维权、微博与围观:维权运动的线上与线下(Rights Defence, Microblogs, and the Surrounding Gaze: The Rights Defence Movement Online and Offline),《台湾人权学刊》,第二卷第一期,2014。
   "司法"的变迁 ( The genealogy of “judiciary”),《中外法学》, 2002年第 6期
   话语与实践:当代中国司法中心工作的变迁,(Discourse and Practice: the change of Judicial Central work in Communism china ), 《法哲学与法社会学论丛》,2003 年11 月
   司法独立话语在当代中国的变迁,(Discourse and Practice: the change of Judicial Independence in Communism china )《法学纪元》, 2004年 1月
   • With Li Heping et al., ‘The Supremacy of the Constitution and Freedom of Religion. Joint Defense Plea in the Case of Wang Bo, Wang Xinzhong and Liu Shuqin’ in Stacy Mosher and Patrick Poon (editors), A Sword and a Shield: China's Human Rights Lawyers(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group: Hong Kong, 2009), pp. 70-88.
   • With Joshua Rosenzweig, Flora Sapio, Jiang Jue, and Eva Pils, ‘The 2012 Revision of the Chinese Criminal Procedure Law: (Mostly) Old Wine in New Bottles, in Mike McConville and Eva Pils (editors), Criminal Justice in China: Comparative Perspectives, Elgar Publishing (February 2013).
   • ‘The Political Meaning of the Crime of “Subverting State Power,”’ in Jean-Philippe Béja, Fu Hualing, and Eva Pils (editors), Liu Xiaobo, Charter 08 and the Challenges of Political Reform in China, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong: 2012, pp. 271-287.
   • ‘What is Rights Defense?’ in Stacy Mosher and Patrick Poon (editors), A Sword and a Shield: China's Human Rights Lawyers, China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group: Hong Kong, 2009, pp. 122-128.
   Other articles/essays:
   • Residential surveillance at a designated location: atrocity under the name of law, (forthcoming)
   • The Costs and Risks of Fighting for Human Dignity and Freedom in China, (forthcoming), the Institute for Advanced Study Newsletter
   • Defending Death Row Inmates in China, (forthcoming), WCADP
   • Questions We Would Have Asked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Perspective) Bloomberg Law, October 31, 2016
   • Is China Returning to the Madness of Mao’s Cultural Revolution? The Foreign Policy, May 16, 2016
   • The West kowtows to China through self-censorship, The Washington Post, July 28,2016.
   • Testimony at CECC Hearing on China’s Crackdown on Rights Advocate, US Congress, May 7, 2014
   • China’s Irrepressible Lawyers, The Washington Post, Jul. 20, 2015.
   • Atrocities in silence, In Unprecedented Evil Persecution, Boda Press, 2015.
   • Selective Blindness over China and Human Rights, The Irish Times, Mar. 10,2015
   • What will this crackdown on activists do to China’s nascent civil society? The Guardian, Jan 14 2015
   • CHINA'S LONG ROAD TO DEATH PENALTY REFORM, Amnesty International, 2014
   • From Stability Maintenance to Wiping Out, China Rights Forum,2014.8
   • China’s empty promise of rule by law ,The Washington Post, Dec. 28 ,2014.
   • The Politics of the Death Penalty, chinachange.org ,2014
   • The Confessions of a Reactionary,chinachange.org , Aug.2013
   • To Remember Is to Resist,
   • China’s growing human rights movement can claim many accomplishments, The Washington Post, Apr.19 ,2014.
   • ‘Tales of an unjust justice,’ New Statesman (Oct.19 ,2012) no. 25.
   • Ilham Tohti should get the Nobel peace prize, not life in prison, The Guardian, Sep 24 2014
   • A Chinese activist: Out of prison but not free, The Washington Post, Sep. 7 2014
   • Révolution des parapluies contre Pékin, LE MONDE, Oct. 06,2014
   • Don’t Get Too Excited About the Investigation of Zhou Yongkang, FOREIGN POLICY, Mar. 26 2014
   • Blood, Justice and Corruption, May 31, 2011
   • Changing China through Mandarin,
   • ‘A Hole to Bury You,’ The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 28,2010
   Also in In the Shadow of the Rising Dragon: Stories of Repression in the New China, ed. Xu Youyu and Hua Ze, Palgrave Macmillan (October 29, 2013)
   • ‘I Cannot Give up: Record of a “Kidnapping”’, China Rights Forum, No. 1, 2009, pp.30-41.
   • The Strength to Save Oneself, China Aid Association, 2010
   • Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Under Assault, The Washington Post, Jul. 25, 2009
   • ‘Political Legitimacy and Charter 08,’ China Rights Forum,2009.
   • ‘The Use of Citizens Documentary in Chinese Civil Rights Movements’, China Rights Forum, No.1, 2008.
   • China’s blind Justice (with Li Jinsong, Zhang Lihui, Li Fangping, and Xu Zhiyong)
    The Asian Wall Street Journal , Sep. 13, 2006
   • ‘The Real China and the Olympics,’ ( With Hu Jia), Radio Free Asia, Sep. 10,2007.
   • ‘Crusader in a legal wilderness,’ South China Morning Post, Jul. 31,2006
   • Investigative Report into Coercive Family Planning in Linyi City,2005.
   • Defense in the Second Trial of Xia Junfeng Case,
   Selected presentations
    “Will China ever Democratize?” the Institute for Advanced Study, February 2017
   “Rule of Law in China and the Future of Sino-American Relations”, Lehigh University, March 2017
    “Self-censorship in and out of China”, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, May 2017
    “Human Rights lawyering in China”, Yale Law School, November 2016
   “The Awakening of human rights movement in China”, Columbia University, April 2016
   “Human Rights Movement in China”, the School for Advanced Studies in Social Science, (EHESS), March 2016
    “The political transition in Mainland and Taiwan”, Taiwan University, January 2016
   “Development of Constitutional law in China“, Princeton University, February 2016
   “The Democratization of China and the Future of Tibet”, Tibetan Policy Institute/International Tibetan Network, May 2016
   “Rule of law and human rights in China”, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
   “Legalization in modern China”, US-Asia Law Institute, New York University, 2015
   “The concept of ‘human rights’ in china”, Harvard Education School, November 2015
   “Rights Defense Movement in China”, Cabot House, Harvard University, March 2015

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