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·How do Victims Seek Supports from International Community
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How do Victims Seek Supports from International Community

How do Victims Seek Supports from International Community
   Abstract: From the two cases, i.e. the milk scandal in 2008 and Aids Event in Henan Province, I demonstrate that victims in Mainland are always being prosecuted and condemned by the government. From the viewpoints of Sociology, Psychology, Law, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Human Rights Council, International Order after the Cold War, the principles and constitutions of intermational NGO, I pointed out that regardless of frontiers, every victim has inalienable human rights to seek media cooperation, moral solidarity from international support to achieve remedies. At last, I also pointed out that facing to “the undifferentiated suppress” from the enviroment pollution and evil political systems, domestic and overseas Chinese, including HK, Taiwan, Democratic organizations and overseas chinese students, should do heroical things as the ordinary people, just as said by Psychologist Zimbardo. Then after helping the victims seek supports from intermational community, we can together make more stronger voice of justice and will finally change the evil systems.
   Part 1, Two Cases about Chinese Victims 1
   Case 1.1 The Milk Scandal in 2008 [1] 1

   Part 2. What happen to those victims seeking social support 2
   Part 3. Why do victims seek international community support 3
   Part 4. Will seeking international Social support bring about more persecution? 4
   Part 5. How to seek for the international community support? 5
   Part 6. The futue looking 5
   References: 6
   Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.。…………………. Holy Bible, Psalms 23:4
   Brothers and sisters, relying on the righteousness of Lord Jesus Christ, with the love of the Spirit, by faith, we contact with each other, strive together to pray to the Lord, we can be comforted………from Holy Bible
   Part 1, Two Cases about Chinese Victims
   Case 1.1 The Milk Scandal in 2008 [1]
   The officials admitted that there were over 30 millions children harmed by the poisoned milk, more than 200 thousand babies at emergency and 6 infants died.
   In fact, early in Nov. 2007, a father from Zhejiang Province have disclosed the problem of Sanlu Milk Powder, but later the father was homonied.
   In March and May, 2008, more parents have accused the Sanlu Corporation, until to July, Sanlu Co. responded that products inspected were qualified.
   From June to Aug, hospitals and AQSIQ have received more information about infants who were suffered from the kidney stones. Sanlu Co. cooperated with Baidu Co. shielded the news and information.
   From 8th to 24th in Aug, there was Beijing Olympic Games!!!
   One day in Aug, Fonterra in New zealand that was largest overseas shareholder of Sanlu Co., negociated with Sanlu Co. and chinese government, but failed. After 1 month, Fonterra reluctantly reported to Premier of New Zealand.
   On 5th Sep., New Zealand government directly reported to Chinese central government.
   On 13 Sep, at last, chinese State Council alarmed the national security at level I.
   On 14 Sep., Chinese authorities called in lawyers, with emphasis on "obeying the overall stable situation", otherwise the lawyers would not "simply lost their jobs."
   On 19 Sep., UNICEF, WHO etc, severely condemned that Chinese authority did not control the food hygiene, deliberately concealed the truth and did not inform to the international society at the first time.
   After the milk scandal being disclosed, Gongmeng at once organised over 100 lawyers as a group to provide legal guidance and legal services to victims. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the government supressed the lawyers, there were no large scale of the litigation.
   On 26 May, 2011, LinHai Zhao who had sponsored "Stone baby home", was detained by the security sector, and was sentenced to "Crime of Creating Disturbances" for 2.5 years.
   Case 1.2 One Million aids Patient in Henan Province
   In 90’s, The government authorities carried out “the blood economy”. Even the slogan “No selling blood, no patriot” was advertised in Sui county TV station. Under evil system, it is quite plain that administration is chaotic, supervision is invalid and victims are suppressed. Hence, there are over one million who got aids and thousands of them died. Unfortunately, the government denied this terrible facts and insisted that the Aids are caused by the dirty sex. It means that the victims are labelled by the tags, such as prostitution and drugs, so that numerous victims do not dare to face to Aids and did not have timely examination, treatment and then died with numerous Aids orphans left.
   Numerous vicious accidents in Mainland, no matter how big they are, can always not be solved properly.
   If the milk scandal in 2008 were not disclosed internationally, can you image how long 30 millions infants would continue to have drunk the poisoned milk?
   If the chinese could seek international community support earlier, 30 millions infants could have stoped to drink the poisoned milk more earlier, could have had examination and medical treatment more earlier.
   Once if anyone understand the milk scandal in 2008 systematically, he will quickly understand the living enviroment in China and an evil system with chaotic administration will bring titanic damage to the international society.
   Everyone knows that the infant milk is a flag of the national morality and its law system. So you must understand the others industries must be more and more terrible, such as the industries of the food,the construction, the chemitry, the finance.
   Part 2. What happen to those victims seeking social support
   When victims seek the social support, they always get into common trouble as below:
   (1) At first, it seems that the victims have only several infringers;
   (2) Then, the victims struggle to seek social support, such as the news, lawyers or petition;
   (3) Quickly, the victims find themselves under more serious suppress from more people and more systems, such as the original system, the police system, the labor reeducation system, the security system, the hospital system, the petition system, etc.
   (4) At last, the victims will become apathy with disappointment, or continue to fight against the infringers.
   Facing to the huge system of dictatorship, do you think that the victims in china will have opportunity in the future?
   It has seemingly been stated by History and Social Psychology that facing to the huge system, any individual could not have chance to change their current situation or the current social culture[2][4].
   Especially when the crimes are the legitimate government( or involved), the victims have no place to complain tearfully[3]. Numerous victims and bystanders are deeply in despair with deadly cold and paralytic will.
   From the pointview of Social Psychology, One hand, the humankind just like the dogs in experiment cages that can not escape from eletric shock, have learned helplessness (psychologic terminology). Even these poor dogs have a lot of chance to escape the punishment from eletric shock and they still passively shrink. The depressed human are just like the helpless dogs and passively obey in despair and in setback.
   On the other hand, in the process of disputing and allocating resources, the human extremely concern about the fairness and the transparency in the process of making-decision, especially in the legal procedure [5]. Once they feel to be treated unfairly, they will strongly lose the psychological balance and continue to seek the social support until they find the social justice.
   In fact, suffered people who have been treated unjustly, have never given up, which can be demonstrated by the facts of 200 thousands of public grievance events very year and dozens of millions petitioners every year, etc.
   Part 3. Why do victims seek international community support
   How should the victims do?
   The victims could seek international social support! Why?
   There is a list of reasons from the pointview of Sociology, Psychology, Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Human Rights Council, the international order after the cold War, and the purpose and the principles of the International (Non-)Government Organizations (i.e., INGO or IGO):

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