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·Why to nominate HongKong Democrats as the Candidates for the Nobel Pea
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Why to nominate HongKong Democrats as the Candidates for the Nobel Pea

   Why to nominate HongKong Democrats as the Candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize
   The style of civilization which has been developing in HongKong is one of the thing that the world can be proud of: the index of economic freedom in HK is the prettiest high; the HK peace movement is characterized by non-violent political demonstrations; and the HK culture is unique [1][2]; these are not only a proud pearl of the orient in Asia [3], but also a miracle of civilization throughout the world.
   In the last 50 years, HK people have not only fought for their own democracy and human rights in their own land, they’ve also fought for the people in mainland. China. The economy, politics and culture of HK have had a profound impact not only on the Mainland and Asia, but also on the whole world.
   It is easier to carry out the implementation of the two universal suffrages in accordance with the international standards [4], and then to ensure to implement “one country, two systems and high degree of autonomy”[5]; and then to protect H.K. long-cherished freedoms; and then to continue to protect its democracy and human rights, its prosperous economy and its social security. These achievements have showed a starting point for the implementation of freedom, democracy and human rights in China, and for peace developments across the Taiwan Strait [6]. Moreover, HK’s achievements have highly enlightened and contributed to the security and peace in the whole Asian, and in face the whole world.
   Martin Lee Chu-ming, Chu Yiu-ming and Benny Tai Yiu Ting [7] together with people of HK, have been participating in and leading H.K.-style demonstrations characterized by non-violent peace actions for a substantially long time[2], fighting for democracy and human rights in H.K、、

   This article was intended to illustrate that democracy, human rights and the rule of law are not only inseparable from the healthy development of economy and social safety, [9][10][11], but represent also a sound basis for achieving the safety, security and peace in the whole world [12].
   [1] The world’s Proudest H.K. Style civilization: H.K.-style Economy, H.K.-style Demonstration and H.K.-style Culture
   [2] HK-Style demonstration in recent 25 years: the introduction and the enlightenment of Social democracy movement in HK. (in chinese)
   [3] The pearl of orient, more details see “HongKong” in wikipedia.
   [4] One country, two systems, the basic Law and the white paper of “One country, two systems” ( in chinese)
   [5] The two universal suffrages, more details, see wikipedia.
   [6] the peace of Taiwan Strait, more details, see “one country, two systems” in wikipedia.
   [7] XXX, blank
   [9] Economics, (the 18th edition) by Paul Anthony Samuelson( a Nobel Laureate in economics in 1970), more details, see in Section A Chapter 28, and Section C Chapter 34. Also you can find the more details in the postscript in [1].
   [10] Nomology, by Edgar Bodenheimer. The last 3th paragragh, Section 44, Chapter 10. More details, see also the postscript in [4].
   [11] United Front of CCP How to Suppress Freedom of Religion: From View of Price Discrimination in Economics,
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