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United Front of CCP How to Suppress Freedom of Religion: From View of

United Front of CCP How to Suppress Freedom of Religion:
   From View of Price Discrimination in Economics
   Abstract: In this paper, from the 4 examples, by using the idea of the price discrimination in Economics, we discuss the United Front of the CCP how to suppress Freedom of Religion in China. By using the same idea, we also present an idea how to unite more Chinese in Mainland and overseas and fight the CCP against the dictatorship, and then we can realize the Human Rights in China.
   Keywords: Price discrimination, freedom of religion, Christian, monopoly, dictatorship.

   Part 1. Examples and Cases 1
   Part 2. United Front of CCP 2
   Part 3. Overview of Chinese Churches 3
   Part 4. United Front of CCP and Chinese Christianes 4
   Part 5. Price Discrimination in Economics 5
   Part 6. The CCP how to suppress freedom of religion 6
   Part 7. Enlightenment of Price Discrimination: 7
   I will build my church on this rock, the power of death shall not prevail against him.
   -----Holy Bible, Matthew: 16:18
   Part 1. Examples and Cases
   Ex1. Surveying Christian faith in ZhuPo Village [1]
    Author: XX Wang, Date: 19/05/2014 editor: United Front
    On 15/05/2014, the director of Police station and the administrators of Ethnicity and Religion in Zhubo Village, Anqin City, Anwui Province, under the leader of the Department of the United Front in the village, have surveyed the Christian faith by using two days. We found out the number of Christian, the gathering places, preachers and others.
   After investigating, we know that there are one gathering place, over 30 disciples. Most of them are elders. The investigators educated and guided these disciples with great patient and told them that they must go to take participate in the legal church. It is not allowed for them to go the private place for the worship.
   Ex 2. Shangjiang Churches in Wenzhou were demolished [2]
   On 30/04/2014, a lot of Christian with nonviolent struggle could not stop the Shangjiang Church in Wenzhou to be demolished by the Chinese government. Ironically, in 2013 just when this church was built, the Chinese government praised this building as a model project.
   Before the government demolished the church, the government arrested over 10 church members, summoned and warned the church members who are the civil servants, checked the tax of members who were businessmen, suppressed their families of members. Hence, a lot of members who prepared to protect the church, left the church one by one.
   During the same time, in the YongJia county in Wenzhou, the Chinese government thoroughly investigated the Christian faith of the members of the CCP, the retirees, the public servants. The details are kept by the relevant companies.
   From April to June in 2014, there were over 60 churches demolished in Wenzhou.
   Ex 3. How to make a price of airline ticket? [3]
   The price of the airline ticket from Shanghai to Beijing is $1100 RMB. The passenger who buys the ticket at the airport maybe pay full price. However, the passenger who books the ticket 2 weeks in advance, only pays 30% of the price, i.e., $340 RMB. Why?
   Ex 4. The number of the student overseas and the emigrant [4]
   In 2013, the open door report in US stated that there were over 450,000 Chinese students in US which were about 29% of international students in US.
   According to the World Migration Report by UN in 2013, there were about 9.3 millions Chinese emigrants who firstly chose US, Canada.
   Ex 1 is about the United Front of the CCP; Ex 2 is about the church demolished by the CCP; Ex 3 is about the price discrimination in Economics and Ex 4 is the numbers of the Chinese student overseas and Chinese emigrant.
   Are there the relation among 4 Examples?
   Part 2. United Front of CCP
   The United Front was created by Lenin. The core of this idea is that in politics they must “Unite the secondary enemy, fight the primary enemy”.
   Hence, the United Front means that they should unite firstly and fight secondly, or unite and fight together.
   In 1939, Zedong Mao put forward the three treasures, i.e., “the United Front, the Armed Struggle and the Construction of Party.
   In Sep. 1948, the CCP formally established the United Front of the Center Committee.
   Today, the United Front is still one of the three important treasures and is attached great important by the leaders of the CCP.
   Today, the United Front has seven departments, which deal with the democracy parties, the ethnicity and religions, liaison of Hongkong Macao and overseas, training cadres, economies and non-party intellectuals and so on.
   In Mainland, the Department of the United Front control people who are obedient, such as Three-self Church. Once if the government finds out that they can not control some people, they will control and unite those by using the Amy, the Police, for example, the case of June 4, suppressing Falungong Trainee, demolishing churches, and so on.
   In overseas, through the flag of patriotism, the CCP threats and inducts Chinese overseas, and trains procommunist so that those Chinese can spread the CCP’s order in overseas. Hence, there are a lot of secret spies in United Front.
   Part 3. Overview of Chinese Churches
   1. Overview of Chinese churches in Mainland [6]:
   (1) Official Church, i.e. Three-self Patriotic Church or Three-self Church, (self-government, self-support and self-propagation) was controlled, granted by the CCP, and was not allowed to be administrated and intervened by the foreign church. Three-self church is also called the China Church Council. There are three kinds of Christian, i.e.,Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.
   There is a policy called “the Three-fixed Policy” about official churches, i.e., “fixed place, fixed pastor and fixed district”, which mean pastors must preach at the legal and registered place, must have missionary certificate and are not allowed to preach across the trans-region.
   At the present, it is still prohibited that the foreign pastor overseas preaches and that the Chinese pastor spontaneously preaches across trans-region.
   (2) Catholic: Under the name of God, the Catholic Church should be led by the Vatican. So the CCP establishes “the Patriotic Catholic” which is not granted by the Vatican. The Catholic Church that is not granted by the CCP, survives underground and hovers ground, and then becomes the underground church or the folk church.
   The CCP insists that there is only one Chinese Protestant and one Chinese Catholic not like various kinds of religious sects in other countries. (There are over 1000 religious sect in US). At the same time, the CCP seriously controls the Christianity in the finance and the numbers of Christians which must be approved by the CCP. )
   (3) Folk Church ( also called the underground church, the house church) hopes that they can be independent in the official. A lot of house churches are always monitored, limited, even detained, damaged by the CCP, which becomes one serious problem of the Human Rights in China.
   A Pastor Xiqiu Fu, president of China Aid Association in US, have stated that there were over 7000 Christians persecuted, over 1470 Christians detained in 2013, and the number increased by 30% compared to the last year.
   Millions of Christians and pastors in folk churches survive in the plight against persecution and imprisonment.
   For example, Zhongliang Fang, who was a Bishop of Patriotic Catholic in Shanghai (now he passed away), was imprisoned by the CCP over 30 years.
   Daqian Ma, who was appointed as a Bishop of Patriotic Catholic in Shanghai by the CCP and the Vatican together, is still detained by the CCP after he announced to quit “Patriotic Church”.
   (Remark: The CCP appoints somebody as a Bishop, which destroys the fundamental principle of the modern politics, i.e., the separation of the church from the state.)
   (4) The number of Christians in Mainland:
   Official Churches: 23 millions(Protestant) + over 6 millions (Catholic)=29 millions.
   Folk Churches: 90 Millions—110 Millions (including over 6 millions Catholic)
   2. Chinese Church overseas:

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