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·Wei Liu: My Life in China 1.19: In China, Only the Dead May Have Peace
·Wei Liu: People Declare the Forming of the Democratic Government of Ch
·Wei Liu: Every One Should Be Able to Play Chess 12 Hours a Day—My Lif
·Wei Liu: Warm Response to Wei Jingsheng’s Call for Every Chinese Upri
·Wei Liu: Walking Across Long Stony Stairs to Artist Wan’s Home—My Li
·Wei Liu: Common People Not Fear of Communist Issuing More Guns—China
·Wei Liu: Carbon Pencil on Paper Drawing, Drawing, Drawing—My Life in
·Wei Liu: Regime Xi’s Oppression upon Expression Makes More People Wan
·Wei Liu: Water-Color Paints Chongqing Parachute Tower—My Life in
·Wei Liu: Xinjiang and Tibetan People Should Uprising in Chinese Area E
·Wei Liu: I Paint Drizzling and Breeze—My Life in China 1.24
·Wei Liu: Acclaim the 11 Uprisings in China in 2013—China Revolution 3
·Wei Liu: I Want my Painting Enter the Contest in Helsinki: My Life in
·Wei Liu: The Meaning of Life is Spirit—China Revolution 345
·Wei Liu: On the Big Explosion in Shandong, Tianjing, Zhejiang, Shanxi
·Wei Liu: I Put Down my Brush, Mom Puts Down her Accordion—
·Wei Liu: Homeland Returning Wuer Kaixi Is Hero—China Revolution 347
·Wei Liu: Every One of the 1.3 Billion Chinese Should Own Half an Acre
·Wei Liu: Guanjianao Battle: A Japanese Battalion Beat a Communist Divi
·Wei Liu: I Have Gotten a Pair of Blue Telescopes—My Life in China 1.2
·Wei Liu: Every One Every Day 5 Minutes on Democracy and Human Rights—
·Wei Liu Examination: Step Down 100 Stone Stairs, Walking Out of the Ho
·Wei Liu Revolution: Giving Up Rook to Save the King, 2013 is Jiang Fac
·Wei Liu School: Walking 1 Kilometer from Hospital to Jialing
·Wei Liu Revolution: “Development Ruined China’s Water, Air, Food, Mo
·Wei Liu Examaination: Sichuan Language Has Higher Efficiency than Mand
·Wei Liu Revolution: 3.5 Million Communist Soldiers Should Boycott the
·Wei Liu Examination: Class Strife and Regime Developing Economy Are Bo
·Wei Liu Revolution: 60,000 People Withdrawal Per Day Is Absolutely Pos
·Wei Liu Examination: I Probably Will Become the Enemy of the
·Wei Liu Revolution: Refuse to Transform to Animal or Gangster—On Demo
·Wei Liu Examination: Every One Should Solve all the Living Issues by W
·Wei Liu Revolution: I Haven’t Had Meat for 6 Years Since 2008—Democr
·Wei Liu Examination 1.35:The Cash Right is a Fundamental Human
·Wei Liu Revolution 356: Even If Communist Regime Stays for 10,000 Year
·Wei Liu Revolution 357: The Spring Festival Party 2014 Seems to Be Dir
·Wei Liu Examination 1.36: Every One
·Wei Liu Revolution 358—Do Not Do Tiny Bad Things
·Wei Liu Exam 1.37—1 Person 1 Portion for the 4 Living Welfares
·Wei Liu Revolution 359: Xinjiang People Did Uprising, Armed Police Sho
·Wei Liu Exam 1.38: Material/Wealth/Science/Modernization Is Just Medic
·Wei Liu Revolution 360: Chinese Parents in America Harmed Their Childr
·Wei Liu Revolution 361: TV Star Chai Jing Bore a Child in the United S
·Wei Liu Exam 1.39: Doing Broadcasting Physical Exercise During Classes
·Wei Liu Revolution 362: Xi Jinping Opposes Democracy, Upsets Too Many
·Wei Liu Exams 1.40: My Drawing Talent Completely Goes Away
·Wei Liu Revolution 363: Zhou Yongkang Is Caught, I Know It
·Wei Liu Exam 1.41: I Have Finished the Homework of Chinese and Math of
·Wei Liu Revolution 364: Among the 3 Sides in Kunming Slaughter, Only 1
·Wei Liu Exams 1.42:The National Military Fought Over 90% of the Anti-
刘蔚: 建议海内外华人报考历史系,英语系—唤醒国人/白开水革命之502

刘蔚: 建议海内外华人报考历史系,英语系—唤醒国人/白开水革命之502

   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2017年4月15日 星期六

   Wei Liu/Plain Water Revolution 502: Advise Chinese Study History, English Major

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People Wei Liu April 15,2017 Saturday


    Abstract: Since 2000, for Chinese in China and Chinese in America, there is already no major that is good to find a job. Many Chinese feel that math, science are better majors than history and English. They are entirely wrong. Basically, for Chinese people there is no major ensure a job anyway. So Chinese should pick up a major that can give one a life direction, and that should be history. History is human experience. By reading history, people see what human has been doing on the earth and learn to be a good person. By reading history, I see America is the best country in the world and came to America from Communist China in my 20s, and now I’m a U. S. citizen. Learning English lets one pass TOEFL to come to study in America.

   我刘蔚更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。More writings of mine see my blog at www.boxun.com, under my name “刘蔚”, or you can google me by “刘蔚回忆录,” “白开水革命”,“Wei Liu Memoir”, “Wei Liu Revolution”, “Plain Water Revolution”. 我的博客每个星期六都会有新文章。Every Saturday my blog has new article.我们在这里说的,也是对全中国民众说的,都是我们认为真实的情况。欢迎各位,各媒体传播,登载,救自己,救别人,救中国。

    对于华人留学生来说,美国也不好找工作。不为别的,只为华人学生没有美国国籍。你长一张外国人脸,又没说你有美国国籍,自然会被美国单位认为你不是美国公民。招你单位就要给美国移民局打交道,就会给美国单位带来麻烦。美国单位不会告诉招聘人为何没有录用你,只是会告诉你,“本单位这次招聘已经结束,其它人进了单位。”不会告诉你为何不要你。单位招人本来就是个主观的事情,人事部也不敢和你多谈,说多了他/她自己还丢饭碗。 今天4月15日是胡耀邦逝世的日子,这里我们向胡耀邦和他今年过世的妻子李昭表示吊唁。





    中国出了袁腾飞,伟大的历史学家,我经常看他的视频,他是我的历史老师。海内外华人都该多看袁腾飞的视频,学好历史,树立正确民主的人生观,明白人类是怎么回事儿,做个好人。这比你学数,理,化,方程式重要无数倍。在中共环境学了数,理,化,到了美国,还需要从头学起。比如中共学校教,“一加一等于二。”那美国会教“One adding one is two.” 就是在美国,英语好,能与美国人交流;历史好,做个好人,比数,理,化,会一大堆方程式管用得多。我们看到参加民主活动的人很多喜爱历史,陈破空,陈奎德,我刘蔚都喜爱历史,都留在了美国。

    历史书也比数,理,化书读起来更加有趣。比如数学的二项式定理是(a+b)n=∑k=0, n (n choose/选 k)a k bn-k各位可以看一看,这还只是数学的一个定理,数学还有几十个定理。就这一个定理都没几个人看得懂。我们还是看一段历史文字吧,李奇微的《朝鲜战争》。





   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2017年4月15日更新

   All-People Revolution in China Plain Water Revolution 白开水革命

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu April 15 2017 Renewed


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