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The Sea and Its Shore

   盛雪 SHENG Xue
   翻译:王赟 Translate by Hellen Wang

   In Memory of the 58 souls of the compatriots, perished in the Dover Sea. Morning of June 19, 2000, British customs officers saw piles of corpses in a cargo container truck when they opened the back door of the truck to do routine inspection at Dover port. 60 Chinese illegal immigrants were put in the container for smuggling in to British. The truck driver closed air vent since he fears the noise was heard by outside. 58 people were suffocated to death, only two survived since they were against to the crevice.
   黑色的太阳 The black sun, calmly,
   把脚下的海 draws the sea below the feet
   冷静的拉成一条紫色的线 into a stretch of purple line,
   平滑 光亮 舒展 smooth, glowing and expansive,
   像新娘走向教堂的裙摆 like a bride walking toward the church
   飘得很远 很远 with her train, floating afar
   通向地狱的铁门 The iron gate to Hell, on the surface of the sea,
   在海面 跳着眩目的舞蹈 is dancing in glaring steps.
   载着梦想和颤抖 船离了岸 Loaded with dreams, trembling, the vessel leaves the dock
   湿湿的瞳孔中 On the teary eyes, the torn sail,
   那面破帆 诡秘的一闪 comes a mysterious flash.
   合上眼睛 All eyes shut,
   收藏了永久的纪念 and age-old memories are forever sealed.
   从海的这边到那边 From one side of the sea to the other
   太阳烤灼多少痛楚的牵挂 countless pains and longings are scorched by the sun,
   月亮冷藏多少不眠的夜晚 countless sleepless nights chilled by the moon;
   海浪 将生命串成珠链 The waves of the sea carry the souls, woven into strings of beads,
   越过万水千山 across the seas, across mountains.
   灵魂乘着海风日夜呼喊 The souls, riding on the crests of the waves, are wailing:
   我要离去 我要离去 Depart must I! Depart must I!
   为什么 Why
   为什么童话中的世界 Why is the world of fairy tales always
   总在海的那一边 about the other side of the sea?
   海雾弥漫 Fogs shrouding the sea, crows flying in the air,
   乌鸦翻飞 明天越来越远 tomorrow is more and more distant;
   远行的船 The seafaring vessels,
   不是每一艘都能靠岸 not all of them can cast anchor along the shore;
   没有天 没有地 没有光线 there's no sky, no earth, no light
   没有风 没有水 没有爱恋 No wind, no water, no passion
   身体吞噬着身体 bodies devouring bodies
   呼吸抢夺着呼吸 breaths whiffing and wheezing
   心灵穿透了贪婪的舢板 The minds seep through the greedy sampans.
   丛林般的手 Hands, in droves
   无望的伸向灰色的天 reach out desperately to the grey sky
   海浪 The waves of the sea
   拍打着你的泪眼 pounding your teary eyes
   瞬间 席卷了你无声的分辨 and instantly sweep away your speechless plea
   不用语言 Not a word is needed;
   世界透过死神狰狞的脸 through the grimace of the face of Death,
   终于读懂了你的不甘 the world now knows you are never reconciled
   海 在身后一波波荡远 The waves, backing away from me from behind
   桅杆跳跃着指向前边金色的山峦 the mast, dangling, points to the golden mountains ahead
   黑色的太阳 在潮起潮落间 The black sun, breaks up and recovers its strength alternately
   不断碎裂 又不断圆满 in the intervals of the tides
   紫色的线 The purple line
   早已弯曲、僵硬 is already bent and stiff
   连接着的 是一个背叛了的明天 connecting a betrayed tomorrow.
   咸涩的海风梳理了你的黑发 The salty sea breezes comb your black hair
   六月的阳光漂白了你的容颜 The rays of the sun in June whiten your face
   爱情 循着记忆 Love, along the tracks of memories
   搭上了回家的小船 has caught the home-bound boat, and in the twilight
   趁着暮色 溶入大海 vanished into the sea.
   化作缠绵的水雾 升腾 盘旋 The dense fog, the mist, rising and whirling towards the sky.
   海 已变脸 the sea has changed its countenance
   雾 正慢慢消散 the fog is slowly disappearing
   从漆黑的大海上 From the pitch-dark sea,
   你走向彼岸 you walk toward the other side of the shore
   身后的太阳越来越笔直 The sun behind you becomes a straight line
   五十八朵梨花扎成洁白的纸船 of white paper boats made of 58 flowers of pears
   天堂没有门 Heaven has no gate
   胸口是千万支鄙视的利剑 The chest stabbed by thousands of sharp and despising swords
   最后一次 For the last time, gently,
   风轻轻吹过你的头顶 the wind blows over your head,
   你用梦编织着无声的夜晚 You weave your silent nights with your dreams.
   最后一次 For the last time
   眼角被清晨的钟声打湿 the eyes are moistened by the tolls of the morning bell.
   无色的五星旗 The colourless Five-Star Flag,
   无色的护照扉页 the colourless inside front page of the passport
   无色的嘴唇 the colourless lips,
   海浪淹没了五彩缤纷的呐喊 the waves, completely, drown out the colourful wails!
   就这样 Hence,
   五十八段曾经灿烂的经历 the 58 chapters of once brilliant pasts
   五十八串曾经精彩的片断 the 58 episodes of once dazzling lives
   五十八双曾经明亮的眼睛 the 58 pairs of once bright eyes
   五十八颗呵 the 58 hearts Oh
   曾经热烈跳动过的年轻的心脏 of once young and restless souls,
   在轰鸣旋转的车轮间 amid the roars and spins of the wheels,
   被无声地碾入历史 are ground into a history in silence
   多佛尔海峡卷走了你的姓名 The strait of Dover swept away your name
   海浪腾空 The waves surge into the sky.
   是母亲挣扎的白发 like the mother's struggling grey hair
   捶打着远去的海岸 pounding the diminishing shores
   你 You,
   头枕潮湿的土地 rest your head on the moistened earth
   初夏缱倦沉重的车轮 the early summer laments the spins of the wheel
   深深的 cutting off deep tracks,
   嵌进黄色的河流 into the yellow rivers
   你是破旧的脚踏车 You are like the worn-out bicycle,
   任哪一条路 都无法带你走到明天 which can never lead you to tomorrow, no matter which path you take
   如果 If
   如果孩子荡起双浆 if the lad rows the oars
   如果风帆撑起夕阳 if the sail embraces sunset
   如果姑娘的脸庞 催醒了冬天的驿站 if the lass's face wakens the inns of winter
   如果六月的阳光 描出了远方的曲线 if the rays of June marks out the curve on the horizon
   那么 Then
   请让雷鸣沉睡在这窒息的夜晚 please let thunders slumber away the suffocating evening
   在香槟 葡萄酒交融的海岸 From the coastlines blended with wines and champagne
   你走了 You are gone,
   双手穿过坚硬的钢铁 your hands penetrate the tough steel and iron.
   冰冷的躯体站立成五十八座雕像 Ice-cold bodies standing like fifty-eight statues
   你走了 You are gone;
   奶头上飘逸出婴儿的乳香 The nipples smelled of the milky fragrance of babies
   脸上贴着一封没有地址的信 On the face affixed a letter with no forwarding address
   骄阳拒绝你的哭喊 the scorching sun denies your wails
   倾斜的城楼 The slanting towers,
   杳无一人的宫殿 the palace, not a soul inside.
   人海 From the sea of people
   车流 the heavy traffic
   花丛 the bouquets of flowers
   旗杆 the flag poles
   走出一个个冗长的昨天 steps out one lengthy yesterday, one after another.
   你走了 You are gone
   停在缀满黑夜的铁门前 You stopped at the night-studded iron gate
   娇嫩的手掌 Your delicate hands
   无力地拍打远去的月亮 effortlessly hitting the distant moon,
   黄皮肤 黑眼睛 黑头发 yellowish skin, black eyes, black hair
   紧紧的环绕着多佛尔海峡 tightly encircling the Strait of Dover
   向东 heading east
   流出一副副黑色的花环 leaving behind black wreaths, one after another, flowing adrift.
   May 2001
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