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Wei Liu Memoir 1.98: Once There Is Land, One Can Build One’s House


   公友/觉醒人士/民主人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年11月18日

    Wei Liu Memoir 1.98: Once There Is Land, One Can Build One’s House

    Human Rights Worker/Awakened People/Democratic People/Common People Wei Liu November 18, 2015

   1979年重庆,我9岁了。我举起了我的望远镜,进入了21世纪。一亩地666平方米,一年可产粮食500斤。2000平方米的土地,拿出100平方米建房,还有1900平方米,3亩地。一年可产粮食1500斤,而一人一天吃1斤粮食,一年吃365斤食品,已经算多的了。那2000平方米的土地可以养活 1500/365≈4.1人。就是说一人一份2000平方米的土地不但可以养活他本人,而且一家人都可以养活。你能种植花,也能种植食品。种植食品与城市家庭种花一样,就是把种子埋进约1厘米深的土里,不下雨时约三天浇一次水,其它的时候不能动,拔苗助长说的就是这个。种植食品并非中共媒体说的多么艰难,什么城市人吃的饭要经过一千双手,什么它把我们从土地上解放了出来。2000平方米的土地就是边长约45米的正方形面积,土地就这么大,再怎么累也不会好累。每人平均每天在土地上工作1小时就能解决他的食品问题。

   1979, Chongqing, China and I’m 9 years old. I take out my telescope and enter the 21st century. 1 mu of land in China is about 1/6 of an acre and can yield 500 lbs of foodstuff a year. Taking 1000 square feet from half an acre land, that every one is entitled to, to build the home and there are about 3 mu of land left for crops or foodstuff and a year it can yield 500 x 3=1500 lbs of foodstuff. A person a day just needs 1 lbs of food, and needs 365 lbs of food a year. So 1500 lbs of foodstuff from half an acre in a year can raise 1500 ÷ 365 ≈ 4.1 persons. This means every one taking half an acre of land can not only feed oneself, but also feed a family of four people. If one can plant flower, one can plant foodstuff. Planting foodstuff or crops is like planting flowers, which is to bury the seed into the soil about half an inch deep, watering it once in three days if it does not rain. In other times, should leave the plants alone. Planting or farming is not as hard as the Communist said. The Communist said that the food we have every day is from the hands of a thousand people and it has liberated us from the soil. Half an acre of land is not that large and cannot be very tiring. Every one should solve one’s food by working 1 hour a day on average on the land.

   我刘蔚更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。More writings of mine see my blog at www.boxun.com, under my name “刘蔚”, or you can google me by “Wei Liu Memoir”, “Wei Liu Revolution”.我们在这里说的,也是对全中国民众说的,都是我们认为真实的情况。欢迎各位,各媒体传播,登载,救自己,救别人,救中国。


   A home of 50 square yard should be big enough for 2 people. The larger the house, the more energy it’s going to use and more trash it’s going to produce, bad for the family, for the society and for the environment. A house with two floors can be built by oneself. It is simpler to build one-floor home. It needs digging one and a half feet deep for the foundation, restroom inside the home, the defecation pipe linked to defecation container that is 10-odd yards outside the house; the kitchen waste water does not need to go through the defecation container and can go from the pipe to 10-odd yards outside the house and dissolve in soil. If the house is in rural area, one needs to hire a company to dig a well, and the well water enters the house from inlet equipment and linked to the running water people. If the house is in the city, then it can use the city water and no need for well. Another thing is to hire a company to install the electricity line, outlets. So much for building a house. The major labor of building the founding and lay the bricks can be done by oneself, without cost anything. The two things need to hire a company is the sewer system and the electric system. If one has smooth coordination, one can build one’s house in a month. If one person is not enough, three persons should be enough to build the house, which can found within one’s friends and relatives, and then one helps one’s friends building their house for another two times in life. This means by working 3 months in one’s entire life, one can have one’s own house. That will be totally different from the Communist system in which Chinese people cannot have their own house even working for several lifetimes.


   After every one taking half an acre of land given by God for one to live, the government still have a public land more than one acre per person. So the government has the obligation to provide every one with the 4 living welfare of housing, food, education and medical care. Meanwhile, what is fairness, what is equality? It is should not be decided by several people and should be decided by the universal vote of all people, one person one vote. That is every one has the ballot. Moreover, all the entity on the public land should be public entity and its tax should go to the Central Finance and meted evenly among all people, one person one share. The Communist always says that it has great economic achievement since 1949 and people often donate money/material to Chinese people, but people around me and myself have never received a penny, which is entirely abnormal. All these money is put in the pockets of that thousands of Communist high officials. What we said is every one should have money or the money right. Therefore, every Chinese should have the 4 fundamental human rights of land right, welfare right, vote right and money/cash right. Fundamentally speaking, all these rights come from every one having a piece of land from God and should be human’s natural rights. For this fundamental principle, we are willing to let every Chinese adult to vote, one person one ballot, and we reckon we should receive more pros than cons, and so we speak this out.

    刘蔚回忆录1.98:“有了土地,就能自己建房”完 《走过六年高考岁月》第1本书:《从出生到小学毕业》待续 The end of “Wei Liu Memoir 1.98: Once There Is Land, One Can Build One’s House” Walking Through Six Years Examination/Wei Liu Memoir Book One From Birth to the Graduation of Elementary School to be continued


   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年9月12日更新

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