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My appreciation to all professors in the Uvic and friends in the world

   Thomas G Guo is “A honest, just, righteous and kind lawyer.”

   - Julie Chu New Zealand-



   What kind of characteristic I have ?


   My appreciation to all professors in the Uvic and friends in the world


   It is said that the characteristics decide people's fate, good personality will bless by the God, while bad characteristics will bring disaster. I am not a man of self-boasting nor a man who love showing himself. But I am honesty, integrity, very kind to people, with a strong sense of justice and responsibility, always emphases on deeds rather than on lip service. I believe that I am a born noble soul with a wonderful characteristics,such as generous, determined, quite humility and modesty in essence. I always willing to forgive those who had done wrong thing to me, never revenge, even to those who had betray me; for example, Mr. Liu Xiaobo treat me like enemy, he openly announced that " I will never cooperate with Thomas G Guo" after I openly criticize some of his wrong opinion and statement. When I heard that I immediately declared that I will continue support Mr. Liu's fighting for freedom and against the CCP regime, but I will remain my rights of criticize any of his wrong thesis. while I sincerely welcomed public debate and discuss any issues, provided proved that I am wrong,I am willing to correct any proved wrong thesis and evidence, while openly apologize with thanks. I am not only said so, but do so, when He was arrested by the CCP regime for Charter of 2008, I have contributed three essays base on extensive research defense for this legal rights. However, Mr. Liu and his supporters refused my apply for a membership of the independent Chinese pen association, with a purpose forbidden me to be employed by the association!

   I never self-boasting, but always self-laugh and self-demean myself. During the past decade, I keep silence, even turn down the invitation for making a special profile TV show by the BBC, who had made appointment on 10 March 2005, they will sent a group of video maker to Shanghai for a program title of " A day of Lawyer Guo Guoting", which will start from 4:30 am to 12 pm. Because I started my day by a long-distance running about 10 Kilometer, which will take me one hour including have a shower、、. at 12 pm I went to bed to finish one day's life. Unfortunately, the CCP arrested me on 6 March at 8 am, then put me under house arrested with an strict surveillance by both policemen and secret political police. In November 2007, BBC again invited me to either Calgary or Vancouver to make a Video TV program, because I am reading my Master of law degree that time, I asked them come to Victoria to make the Video and BBC accepted my counter-offer, but few days later they cancel the program for good. Finally when I back to the University of Victoria to read my second degree, I have trun down NTR TV's invited to make a Video twice, for I decide close myself completely in order to focus my mind on studying, otherwise it is highly risk to fail my study again. Thank our Lord, finally I successfully finish my BA major in Political science in June 2015.

   Have experienced one failure after another, which made me tested years of the bitterness of depression and frustration, sometime even almost lost my confidence to fulfil my study program. Thanks the God ,my professors at the Uvic, my classmates of political science, and many friends around the world, whose invaluable friendship and encourage and inspiration, that help me great to overcome obstacles and barriers both in language and emotion, such as the sense of lonely and alienation. Does my time really coming? Yes, I have rebuild my confidence again now.

(2015/10/09 发表)

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