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Wei Liu Memoir 1.95: Try Hard to Learn the Young Pioneer Song


    公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年8月21日 Wei Liu Memoir 1.95: Try Hard to Learn the Young Pioneer Song

    Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

    Wei Liu August 21, 2015


   Chongqing, China, 1979, and I’m 9 years old. I hold up my telescope and enter the 21st century. Our goal is to realize a new China in which every one of 1.3 billion Chinese people has the equal one share of Land Right, Welfare Right, Voting Right and Cash Right and every one is equal and happy. At that time, every one can solve all the 4 livings of housing, food, education and medical care by working 1 hour a day and every day can have 12 hours on the things they like including the 8 Excellent Human Activities of democracy, religions, masterpieces, Mahjong, chess, go, ping pang and walk. Those 8 Excellent Activities do not hurt other people or the environment, and bring happiness to the player, the opponent and the audience, which is excellent. What we want is China to be a home or good place for all those who like democracy and fairness and not a home or good place for all those bandits or vultures.


   I put down my telescope and return to February 1979. Teacher Ji’s story of He Long is over. It looks He Long has a long way to go. The school is over. I carry my book bag on my shoulder, walking on Guihuayuan Road. In front is No. 52 High School of Chongqing that has an 4-floor orange building. My Mom works there. Now it is 4: 30 pm and she gets off at 6: 00 pm. I don’t plan to see her and walk home directly.

   我刘蔚更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。More writings of mine see my blog at www.boxun.com, under my name “刘蔚”, or you can google me by “Wei Liu Memoir”, “Wei Liu Revolution”.我们在这里说的,也是对全中国民众说的,都是我们认为真实的情况。欢迎各位,各媒体传播,登载,救自己,救别人,救中国。


   At that time our elementary school has class for 6 days a week, having classes on Saturday as well. We have 3 classes in the morning, 2 classes in the afternoon, every class being 40 minutes, every week having about 30 classes. In a week, there are about 13 Chinese classes, 12 math classes, 2 classes for physical education and drawing respectively and 1 class for music.


   In March 1979, we are learning the Young Pioneer Song in our music class. Teacher Xiang teaches us one singing sentence and we sing one sentence. She is playing the organ, and most times, when the transition is over, we do not start singing, which makes 20-odd old her lose temper. The words of the song are like this.

   少先队队歌 The Yong Pioneer Song

   我们是共产主义接班人, We are the descendents of the Communist.继承革命先辈的光荣传统,We inherit the honor tradition of the revolution predecessor.爱祖国,爱人民, Love the motherland and the people.鲜艳的红领巾飘扬在前胸,The bright red scarf waving in front of our chest.不怕困难,不怕敌人,Don’t be afraid of the difficulty and don’t be afraid of the enemy. 顽强学习,坚决斗争,Study hard and keep on fighting.向着胜利,勇敢前进, Moving toward victory and moving bravely. 向着胜利,勇敢前进前进,Moving toward victory and moving bravely.向着胜利,勇敢前进, Moving toward victory and moving bravely.我们是共产主义接班人。 We are the descendents of the Communist. 我们是共产主义接班人, We are the descendents of the Communist.沿着革命先辈的光荣路程,Taking the path of our revolution predecessor.爱祖国,爱人民, Love the motherland and the people.少先队员是我们骄傲的名称,Young Pioneer is our pride name. 时刻准备,建立功勋, Being prepared any time to have achievement.要把敌人,消灭干净, Annihilate every enemy, 为着理想,勇敢前进, Moving toward ideal and moving bravely.为着理想,勇敢前进前进,Moving toward ideal and moving bravely.为着理想,勇敢前进,Moving toward ideal and moving bravely.我们是共产主义接班人。We are the descendents of the Communist.


   The sentence “Annihilate every enemy” scares me, feeling it teach people to do crimes. I hold up my telescope and enter the 21st century. What is enemy? Is it one with different opinion? Different opinions on public issues can be easily solved by the universal vote of people. Those proposals having more pros than cons be carried out, like the problem of factory pollution. Under what condition should the polluting factory be closed, official, factory and residents may have different opinions on it, then local people’s universal vote, one person one vote, can decide whether that factory should be closed.

    刘蔚回忆录1.95:“艰难学唱少先队队歌”完 《走过六年高考岁月》第1本书:《从出生到小学毕业》待续 The end of “Wei Liu Memoir 1.95: Try Hard to Learn the Young Pioneer Song” Walking Through Six Years Examination/Wei Liu Memoir Book One From Birth to the Graduation of Elementary School to be continued


   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年8月21日

   All-People Revolution in China

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu August 21, 2015

   中国能否实现民主人权,直接关系到每个人能否拿回一份土地,住房,食品,环保等生存福利人权,你最好读完这篇长文。2010年起中国已经进入了全民革命阶段,本文就是中国全民革命篇。你可以从Google translate/谷歌翻译听文章的朗读。你可告诉你外国朋友/老师我写的英文。他们可以在google上用“Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”搜寻出我的文字。更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。从2007年到2015年6月,我博客的显示点击量已达600万,而按博讯说的各博客的实际点击量是显示点击量的10倍以上,那我博客的实际点击量到2015年6月已达6000万。我们的文字是对中国民众说的,是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位,各媒体.转载,传播。一个人给5个以上人讲我们《中国全民革命篇》中的1项国际公约,2项活动主张,2幢中共政权楼地址,步枪/冲锋枪使用4步,4项基本人权,8项优秀活动,民众兵器弹弓枪,等起义事宜,壮大进步力量,救自己,救别人,救中国。

    Since 2010, China has entered the stage of All-People Revolution. Google translate can read text aloud for you. If you have foreign friends/teachers, you may tell them to read the English part of my essay. They can google me out by “Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”. More articles of mine can be seen in my blog at “boxun”, with “www” in the front and “com” in the back, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚 is at the bottom of the homepage. From 2007 to 2015, my blog has 6 million displayed visits, and the website says that the actual visits is 10 times as the displayed visits. Then the actual visits of my blog is 60 million. What we say here we hold is true and is for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Every one is welcomed to publish, to spread our words, one person tells 5 or more persons, about the 1 international convention, the 2 uprising opinions, the 4 fundamental human rights, the 8 excellent activities, the couple of addresses of the Communist regime buildings in the local county, the uprising elements like the slingshot of people’s weapon. Anyway, we expand the democratic strength to save ourselves, our friends and our country.

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