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Wei Liu Memoir 1.69: Once Get Home, I Do My Homework


   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2014年10月26日

   Wei Liu Memoir 1.69: Once Get Home, I Do My Homework

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu October 26, 2014


   1978, Chongqing, China and I’m 8 years old. From the Middle Garden upward, after 10-odd stone steps is the platform buried a dead person mentioned before. In front is the Eye-Ear-Nose Department. The Surgery Unit is also in this building. Crossing this building, in front is a section of flat road. Walking along it and turning twice, I come to the dormitory building of the hospital. In the dark hallway of it, turns to the left, which is to the east, till the end, and then turns to the right, which is the north. The yellow greasy curtain is my home.


   I take down the key on my neck and open the door. Inside the room, turning to the right, I sit down on the small desk that is about two feet high. Opening my bag, taking out my pencil box, textbook and I start to do my homework for today. Now it’s about 4:30 pm in the afternoon. I first do Chinese homework and then math homework, the only two subjects we have at school, because Chinese is harder for me. In math having a full score of 100 points, usually I can get 99 points, but in Chinese I can only get about 95 points. I turn to page 35 and start to do today’s Chinese homework.

   2 写出以下词的近义词。

   美丽 认真 解除 惊奇 称赞 离开 爱护 欢乐 记住 经常 急忙 特别

   2 Write down the synonyms of the following words.

   beautiful earnest relieve astonish praise leavecare merry remember often haste special


   Looking at these words, I think about them one by one. The synonym of beautiful may be handsome. There are no two words having the exact same meaning. A word may have several different synonyms and we are required to write down one. The next one is earnest. I’m thinking of whole-hearted, seeming reluctant. Studious may also do the job, having the similar meaning. I choose studious. Relieve, I think of end or dismiss. I prefer end. Astonish, I feel surprise, stun, strange seem all right. I choose stun, sounds more like written language.


   Praise, I feel approve, tribute sound all right. I use tribute. Leave, this is a verb, not easy to find a synonym. Depart may be the synonym. Then care, may be regard. Merry, I think of glad, happy, joyful and feel happy is closer to the meaning of merry. I write down happy.



   The end of “Wei Liu Memoir 1.69: Once Get Home, I Do My Homework”

   Walking Through Six Years Examination/Wei Liu Memoir Book One From Birth to the Graduation of Elementary School to be continued


   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2014年10月18日 更新

   Wei Liu: The Great All People Revolution in China

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu October 18, 2014 Renewed

    如果你还想你或你亲友每人拿回土地,住房,医疗,拿回包括公民税率,政府各方面开支等社会事务的表决权这些民主人权,你最好读完这篇长文。你可以从Google translate/谷歌翻译听文章的朗读。你可告诉你外国朋友/老师我写的英文。他们可以在google上用“Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”搜寻出我的文字。更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。从2007年到2014年8月,我博客的显示点击量已达400万,而按博讯说的各博客的实际点击量是显示点击量的10倍以上,那我博客的实际点击量到2014年8月已达4000万。我们的文字是对中国民众说的,是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位,各媒体.转载,传播。一个人给5个以上人讲我们《伟大的中国全民大革命》中的1项国际公约,2项活动主张,4项基本人权,8项优秀活动,及本县/市政权楼等几个地址,民众兵器弹弓枪等起义事宜,壮大进步力量,救自己,救别人,救中国。

    If you want you or your friends in this life to get back the human rights of half an acre land, welfares of housing, medical care, the voting rights on the tax rate and the government budget, you’d better read through this long essay. Google translate can read text aloud for you. If you have foreign friends/teachers, you may tell them to read the English part of my essay. They can google me out by “Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”. More articles of mine can be seen in my blog at “boxun”, with “www” in the front and “com” in the back, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚 is at the bottom of the homepage. From 2007 to 2014, my blog has 4 million displayed visits, and the website says that the actual visits is 10 times as the displayed visits. Then the actual visits of my blog is 40 million. What we say here we hold is true and is for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Every one is welcomed to publish, to spread our words, one person tells 5 or more persons, about the 1 international convention, the 2 uprising opinions, the 4 fundamental human rights, the 8 excellent activities, the couple of addresses of the Communist regime buildings in the local county, the uprising elements like the slingshot of people’s weapon. Anyway, we expand the democratic strength to save ourselves, our friends and our country.


    Abstract: Since 1949 the Communist Party came into power in China, it has been robbing all people of the land, of the welfare of housing, food, education and medical care. Mao Zedong’s age has caused 80 million Chinese people to death, including 40 million starved to death between 1959 and 1962. Since 2000, every year there are 3.2 million people died abnormally, including 1 million in fighting and 2 million committing suicide. In the 2010s, on average in China, one can make about 50,000 U. S. dollars in one’s life, but the expenses for the 4 livings of housing, food, education and medical care are about 420,000 U. S. dollars, which means even one works for 8 lifetimes, one cannot make a living in China for 1 lifetime. Meanwhile, China’s environment sees debacles. Before 1949, there were 80-odd rivers within 70 miles of Beijing, but since 2000, there is not a single river visible. Over 70% of the water surface in China sees heavy pollution. From 1949 to 2010s, China’s situation can be described as “hard to survive and environment debacle.

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