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Wei Liu Revolution 384: Airline Delay to Prevent Jiang’s Air Force St


   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2014年7月31日

   Wei Liu Revolution 384: Airline Delay to Prevent Jiang’s Air Force Striking Beijing

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu July 31, 2014


    Abstract: From July 20 to August 15, 2014, many civil flights between north China and south China are cancelled including the busiest airline between Beijing and Shanghai, which has brought big loss to the airline company, the airport and the passenger. The air space in China is controlled by the Communist Air Force. There are several sayings about this like owing to the weather, to the military training, or to the tall building around the military airport, and none of them can make any sense. The weather in those areas in July, August, 2014 is sunny, cloudy or little rain, quite normal. The military has already occupied 80% of the air space in China and the civil airline only has 20% left. There are plenty space for the air force to do its training in the air without intervening the civil airline. The tall buildings around the airport are also ridiculous. Airport is not a place suitable for residence. How can somebody build tall building around an airport? During these two months, the current Communist leader Xi with Hu and Wen at one side has taken down two important member of Jiang faction Xu Caihou and Zhou Yongkang. Jiang is the former Communist leader.

    On July 19, we published “Wei Liu Revolution 382: Xi Hu Wen Caught Three Legions of Jiang”, in which we said that Bo Xilai is like Huang Botao Legion and Zhou Yongkang is like Huang Wei Legion. On July 29, 2014, Xi Hu Wen at one side announced Zhou Yongkang, a critical member of Jiang Faction, who was in charged of the police, the security and the 1 million armed police troops in China, to have serious violation of discipline and is under investigation. Whether Xi Hu Wen at one side can completely bring down Zhou or whether Jiang can protect Zhou to some extent is a milestone to see whether Xi Hu Wen can gain the victory against the Tiger/Jiang Faction. As the former Communist leader, Jiang may have personnel in the military and other departments of the government like the airline, plus Jiang Faction has billions of money. Jiang lives in south China, where there are 500 the fourth generation fighters imported from Russia, like Su-27 and Su-30, many of them are the imitations of Russian fighters. These Russian fighters have the speed of about 1300 miles per hours, fighting radius about 900 miles, and ammunition load is 8 tons. And the distance between Beijing and Shanghai about 750 miles. Also in the recent two months, the sea in north China is also blocked by the military. All the things point to one reason that to cancel the civil flights is to prevent Jiang Faction air force pretending to be civil flights to strike Beijing and to block the sea is to prevent them flying close to sea surface to avoid radar to strike Beijing.

   如果你还想你或你亲友每人拿回土地,住房,医疗,拿回包括公民税率,政府各方面开支等社会事务的表决权这些民主人权,你最好读完这篇长文。你可以从Google translate/谷歌翻译听文章的朗读。你可告诉你外国朋友/老师我写的英文。他们可以在google上用“Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”搜寻出我的文字。更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。从2007年到2014年2月,我博客的显示点击量已达300万,而按博讯说的各博客的实际点击量是显示点击量的10倍以上,那我博客的实际点击量到2014年2月已达3000万。我们的文字是对中国民众说的,是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位,各媒体.转载,传播。一个人给5个以上人讲我们《伟大的中国全民大革命》中的1项国际公约,2项活动主张,4项基本人权,8项优秀活动,及本县/市政权楼等几个地址,民众兵器弹弓枪等起义事宜,壮大进步力量,救自己,救别人,救中国。

    If you want you or your friends in this life to get back the human rights of half an acre land, welfares of housing, medical care, the voting rights on the tax rate and the government budget, you’d better read through this long essay. Google translate can read text aloud for you. If you have foreign friends/teachers, you may tell them to read the English part of my essay. They can google me out by “Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”. More articles of mine can be seen in my blog at “boxun”, with “www” in the front and “com” in the back, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚 is at the bottom of the homepage. From 2007 to 2014, my blog has 3 million displayed visits, and the website says that the actual visits is 10 times as the displayed visits. Then the actual visits of my blog is 30 million. What we say here we hold is true and is for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Every one is welcomed to publish, to spread our words, one person tells 5 or more persons, about the 1 international convention, the 2 uprising opinions, the 4 fundamental human rights, the 8 excellent activities, the couple of addresses of the Communist regime buildings in the local county, the uprising elements like the slingshot of people’s weapon. Anyway, we expand the democratic strength to save ourselves, our friends and our country. 天气,2014年7,8月间上述地区的天气基本上是晴天,多云,小雨,不算怎么异常。再说军演,中国民航使用的中国空域本来只有20%,中共空军使用的中国空域是80%,这样广大的空域是完全够它军演的。军演的说法也站不住脚。再有军用机场附近高楼,这更离谱了。机场附近建高楼干什么呢?机场附近每天飞机起落,本来就不适合人居住,更不会适合很多人居住,那里根本不该建高楼。






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