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   公友/觉醒人士/民主人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2013年7月7日更新
   Wei Liu: China Revolution 308: The Grand All-People Revolution in China

   Human Rights Worker/Awakened People/Democratic People/Common People
   Wei Liu July 7, 2013
   现在2013年中国民众的痛苦超过快乐,民不聊生,环境崩溃。我们就来谈谈中国的现状和解决之道。我们在这里说的也是对全国民众说的,都是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位转载,传播,救自己,救别人,救中国。我更多文章见博.讯新闻网的博客,网址中间是5个字母的拼音boxun,我名字刘蔚在首页底部的作者群中。喜欢听书的朋友,可以去google translate网站,它为你朗读文字。
   Today in 2013, Chinese people’s misery exceeds happiness, very hard to stay alive, with the environment unsuitable for human to live. Let’s talk about the current situation in China and the solution for it. We are speaking to all people in China, holding the information we have is true, and every one is welcome to publish or spread our words, to save yourself, to save other people, to save China. More articles of mine can be seen my blog at “boxun”, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚 is at the bottom of the homepage. Those who like to listen the books may go to “google translate” to hear it read the words aloud for you.
   Originated from the western Marxism, the Chinese Communist regime has been robbing the 1.3 billion Chinese people of the land, the 4 living welfares of housing, food, education and medical care, and has been throwing our nation in the battlefields of war, the Cultural Revolution, the Entrance Examination to College, the endless material production and the endless pollution, one battlefield after another since 1949. Since 2000, the living expenses of housing, food, education and medical care for a person’s life time is about 1.6+0.7+0.1+0.1=2.5 million yuan, about 600,000 U. S. dollars. Since 2000, the average income in China is about 10,000 yuan per year. One works 30 years for a lifetime and just makes 300,000 yuan, about 50,000 U. S. dollars in a lifetime. This means even one works 8 lifetimes and still cannot make enough income to cover the living expenses for 1 lifetime. Over 98% of adults in China cannot solve by himself/herself one or more items of the 4 basic livings, floundering at the verge of death. Many people cried and many committed suicide.
   Meanwhile, any production and disposal of the material/wealth will definitely consume the energy like electricity, and emit the solid, liquid or gas waste, warming and degenerating the environment. Since 2000, the precipitation in North China has reduced from 800 millimeter in the 1980s to 400 millimeter per year, which is that of the semi-desert climate. Before the Communist took power in 1949, there were over 80 rivers in Beijing area, but after 2000 they all disappeared. The drought and warming in China are getting worse and worse. Since 2000, living 1 day in the city in China is equal to having 1 pack of cigarette. Over 70% of the water is heavily polluted. The water table in North China now has declined to about 50 meters, but before 1949 it was 5 meters, which means if you drill a well till 5 meters deep, you should see the water. Since 2000, about 25% of the soil in China contains too much heavy metal and the food it produces is poisonous. People see the debacle in the environment in China. Since 2000, every year 2 million people committed suicide and 600,000 people died from environmental pollution. In the thousands of the history in China, every one has over 2 acres of land for living, enjoying a life without any worry for material living, and has created the brilliant Chinese culture. In the recent decades, the high Communist officials call all the different opinions as rumor-making. Rumor-making should only apply to one viewing a thing one way, but intentionally talking about it in another way. If a person truly believes some information, regardless whether the information is true or false, it is not rumor-making. We mean anyone of the 1.3 billion Chinese may express our opinion freely once we truly believe it.
    When can 1.3 billion Chinese people have our own house, our own medical care? When can we Chinese people free from the 100 degrees heat waves and the pollution? When can we have enough time for chess, mahjong, classics books and other good things that give happiness to ourselves and other people? The solution is to build up a fair, democratic new world, including a fair, democratic new China. Any human is entitled to the 4 Fundamental Human Rights including the land right, the welfare right, the decision-making right and the cash right. For the 4 Fundamental Human Rights, we are willing to have a universal vote and reckon that the pros will be more than the cons. So we bring them forward in the following.
   1. 土地权:满18岁的每位成年人拥有老天给他生存的2000平方米的土地去生存,包括建房,种地,死后不遗传,交还民选政府由后来满18岁的人领取,一人一份。
   1. The Land Right: Every person reaching 18 years old is entitled to have about
    half an acre of land given by God for him/her to live, which let any person
    build their house and plant crops for food. The land does not pass down to
    one’s children when one dies, but return to the people-elected government
    for other people to have who reaching 18 years old later. One person, one
   2. 福利权:占用了老天给民众生存的土地的政府有责任给每人提供住房,食品,教育,医疗四项生存福利,一人一份。如果公民自己已解决,则不再从政府领取。
   2. The Welfare Right: Any government that has used the land given by God for people to live has the responsibility to give every person the 4 living welfares of housing, food, education and medical care, one person, one portion. If one has solved it by oneself, then one does not get that kind of welfare from the government any more.
   3. 表决权:法律,政策,如企业税率,政府预算分配比例,全国应有多少万军队,学生一天上多少节课,应由民众一人一票表决,决定是否实行。不要再谈什么社会主义,资本主义,左派,右派,人类只该有一个主义/派别,就是全民一人一票决定国家的法律,政策。实践本身不会说话,经历了实践的民众一人一票的表决才是检验真理的唯一标准。
   3. The Decision-Making Right: All the laws and policies like the tax rate, the government budget, how many divisions the armed force should have, how many classes the student should have a day, should be all decided by people’s vote, one person, one ballot, to decide whether to enact. Don’t talk about socialism, capitalism, left or right any more. Mankind should have only one doctrine. That is all people decide the law and policy of a country by our universal vote. Experience itself cannot talk. The universal vote by people who has experience is the only criterion to decide whether an opinion is truth or fallacy.

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