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Wei Liu: China Revolution 315: What Two Groups of People the Communist

   Wei Liu: China Revolution 315: What Two Groups of People the Communist Regime Fear Most in the 2010s?

    Most paragraphs are in English-Chinese version.
    Since March 2013 Xi Jinping got the power of the Communist Party, the Nation Chair, the military, he has enacted the decree that in college, talking about democracy is not allowed, so called “7 Forbidden Topics”, and has been broadcasting the infamous Mao Zedong Doctrine and has been putting heavier punishment upon the democratic people in China. Till July 2013, many people, especially those who expect the regime to open the political reform feel dismay. We hold that first a person should have the right sense of history. Is history written by hero or by common people? Can the Communist regime still do whatever it wants when today there are 500 million people in China who go on the Internet and 500 million people having the cell phone? If the Communist regime can do whatever it wants, it will only be the numb spirit of most Chinese people, and it will not be the material element, like people do not have gun in China. Since 2000, we reckon there are about 1 million guns in China. Even if one does not have money to buy one, he/she may make a single-shot gun or a gunpowder gun. Also since 2000, there are 2 million people committing suicide in China and another 1 million people die during the civilian fighting. That is to say, every year there are at least 3 million Chinese people who are not afraid of death. Even without a gun, Yang Jia, 1 person with 1 knife, killed 6 policemen and wounded 4 policemen, and avoided killing the female police in Zhabei Police Department, Shanghai, China 2008. He dashed through and killed people in several floors of that big building and almost took over the entire big building.
    Just in the year of 2012, in Shifang, Sichuan Province, Luzhou, Sichuan Province, Wansheng, Chongqing, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Qidong, Jiangsu Province and etc, over 10,000 people in the respective local county/city occupied or paralyzed the local Communist regime, which already fulfilled the uprising materially, and only need to broadcast one sentence, “Now I solemnly declare to form the Democratic Government of China!” Then it will be an uprising in full sense. People will feel proud to be a resident of the uprising area. The high official sending troops from other places there shows that the local regime of the county/city was paralyzed.
    Till July , 2013 of this year, people in Anlong, Guizhong Province resisted the regime violence and that regime sent several thousand rifle police to repress. We reckon those rifle police are from other places. In Lingshui, Hainan Province, several thousand people resisted the land-robbing from the regime, igniting fireworks outside the town building and the police branch building, and dashed into the government building. In Jinning, Yunan Province, over 10,000 people gathered and vowed to protect Dian Lake, and beat down the evil associate town mayor Li Chenglin to kneel down and beg pardon. The regime released the caught villagers. Over 10,000 people in Shenmu County, Shan’xi Province surrounded the regime county building, protesting against the Party Secretary of the county being promoted. The local regimes were paralyzed at that time. All these activities can be regarded as uprising. And the activities in June 2013 in Hetian and Shanshan in Xinjiang Region directly aim to overthrow the Communist regime by killing about 25 policemen in each of the two counties. What a feat. This means till July 2013 of this year, there are already 5 material uprisings. It looks that in 2013, the uprising will not be less than that of 2012 and can only be more.
    From 1949 to the 2010s, the basic situation in China is that the tens of thousands of the high Communist officials above county level have been robbing people of the land, of the welfares including the housing, medical care, and have been tossing people into the battlefields one after another: the Great Advance, the Cultural Revolution, the Entrance Examination to college, the endless production, the endless pollution, making people’s life miserable and environment horrible beyond imagination. China’s future definitely depends on people’s desire. Even if we people do not have gun, even do not have knife, once China has 100 million Wei Liu, the Communist regime will collapse within 1 year, which people on different sides believe without any doubt. And to be Wei Liu, me, does not need any material requirement. I do not have any certificates, have a weak body and little money. To become me just needs spirit or idea. One day when 10% of Chinese people are asking whether there is armory around our city or village, how to load a gun, where we can get the live round, or he/she just buy a toy gun to practice aiming, then that Communist regime should collapse within 1 year.

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