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    刘蔚 2013年7月5日更新

   Wei Liu: Absolutely Possible for the Forceful Revolution to Succeed in China—Awakening People 307

   The Signature Line of Human Rights Activists/Awakened People/Democratic People/Common People

    Build Up a Fair, Democratic New China, a New World

    Wei Liu July 5, 2013


   In China, where there are no human rights, people are thrown by the high Communist officials into the battlefields one after another. From the 1970s to the 2010s, in the battlefield of the Entrance Examination to College, we Chinese students study 13 hours a day to survive that exam and shed many tears, with faint hope to make a living. Less than 2% of people can make a living on his own. When can 1.3 billion Chinese people have our own house, our own medical care? When can we Chinese people free from the 100 degrees heat waves and the pollution? When can we have enough time for chess, mahjong, classics books and other good things that give happiness to ourselves and other people? In the 2010s, living in China one day is equal to have a pack of cigarette. The solution is to build up a fair, democratic new world, including a fair, democratic new China. Any human is entitled to the 4 Fundamental Human Rights including the land right, the welfare right, the decision-making right and the cash right. For the 4 Fundamental Human Rights, we are willing to have a universal vote and reckon that the pros will be more than the cons. So we bring them forward in the following.

   1. 土地权:满18岁的每位成年人拥有老天给他生存的2000平方米的土地去生存,包括建房,种地,死后不遗传,交还民选政府由后来满18岁的人领取,一人一份。

   1. The Land Right: Every person reaching 18 years old is entitled to have about half an acre of land given by God for him/her to live, which let any person build their house and plant crops for food. The land does not pass down to one’s children when one dies, but return to the people-elected government for other people to have who reaching 18 years old later. One person, one portion.

   2. 福利权:占用了老天给民众生存的土地的政府有责任给每人提供住房,食品,教育,医疗四项生存福利,一人一份。如果公民自己已解决,则不再从政府领取。

   2. The Welfare Right: Any government that has used the land given by God for people to live has the responsibility to give every person the 4 living welfares of housing, food, education and medical care, one person, one portion. If one has solved it by oneself, then one does not get that kind of welfare from the government any more.

   3. 表决权:法律,政策,如企业税率,政府预算分配比例,全国应有多少万军队,学生一天上多少节课,应由民众一人一票表决,决定是否实行。不要再谈什么社会主义,资本主义,左派,右派,人类只该有一个主义/派别,就是全民一人一票决定国家的法律,政策。实践本身不会说话,经历了实践的民众一人一票的表决才是检验真理的唯一标准。

   3. The Decision-Making Right: All the laws and policies like the tax rate, the government budget, how many divisions the armed force should have, how many classes the student should have a day, should be all decided by people’s vote, one person, one ballot, to decide whether to enact. Don’t talk about socialism, capitalism, left or right any more. Mankind should have only one doctrine. That is all people decide the law and policy of a country by our universal vote. Experience itself cannot talk. The universal vote by people who has experience is the only criterion to decide whether an opinion is truth or fallacy.

   4. 现金权:属于民众的现金应该全民一人一份。如一年民选政府收到海内外捐款2600亿元给中国民众,此款就应在13亿人中平分,每人该年应获得2600/13=200元。

   4. The Cash Right: The cash that belongs to all people should be divided evenly among all the people, one person, one portion. For instance, if one year the people-elected government receives the total donation of 260 billion dollars inside and outside China for Chinese people, then this amount should be divided evenly among the 1.3 billion Chinese people, and every Chinese that year should have 260/1.3=200 dollars.


   After realizing the 4 Fundamental Human Rights, every one will be able to solve the 4 material living of housing, food, education and medical care by working or laboring 1 hour per day on average. And people will no longer be thrown into the battlefields of the Cultural Revolution, the Entrance Examination to College, Endless Material Production, in which over 90% of people work 8 hours per day for 8 life spans and still unable to solve the 4 material living like housing, and gangsters and prostitutes are everywhere in Communist China.


   Those who oppose us want to or have put all the negative words from the dictionary upon us human rights activists/awakening people/common people, but they never like people to have a universal vote upon their opinion or our opinion, and we always like people to have such vote. Then people can tell who are lying and who are serving the people honestly. For those who largely agree to our 4 Fundamental Human Rights, we call each other human rights activist/comrade/awakened people/common people, which is like the chess friends, the cards friends, the book reading friends, no need to register. Do not expect to change the situation of a city, even a country by any action or words from us. If we have such expectation, we truly cannot do anything in our life. We cannot have activities of chess, mahjong, human rights, masterpieces, even eating or sleeping. For instance, even if you have activity with chess for your entire life, the chess skill of the city you live in is unlikely to enhance a little. We having these activities is for our own need. Democracy/human rights, religion/faith, chess, mahjong, masterpieces, go, ping pang, badminton are 8 outstanding activities of mankind. Because they almost do not consume any material/wealth or pollute the environment or hurt people, and meanwhile they bring happiness to oneself and other people as well.


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