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Wei Liu: My Life in China 1.5: The National Party Are Movie Heroes in

“Wei Liu: My Life in China 1.5: The National Party Are Movie Heroes in the Real Life, China Needs Democracy”
   Wei Liu May 2013
   In the Spring Festival of 1974 when I’m 4, our family goes to the Libration Monument, an area in downtown Chongqing, China, to visit my aunt, who lives about 3 miles to the east. There are different routes to get there, which is about 2 miles away for the direct distance. Chongqing is a mountain city, and the actual distance is more than that. This time we take the bus going through the lower area of the city, from Caiyuanba to Nanji Gate and then to Wanglong Gate. Shortly after Nanji Gate, a Liberation 4-wheel truck is coming to us. 4 men in light color clothes stand on the truck, with ropes tightly running through their shoulders, to their back. A big black cross like X is hung on their chest. Behind them are several men in helmet, green military uniform, military belt. They are the soldiers or policemen, looking ferocious. Instantly, I know this is that the so-called proprietary regime has caught the so-called class enemy. Unlike the Communist media saying that the class enemy always shivers, the 4 men with ropes on them stand there motionless, looking straight with the sparkling eye, showing no joy, almost no sadness, mostly grudge.

   “These are being sent to the execution field to be shot,” my cousin standing beside me says.
   “What crime did they commit?” I ask.
   “Not sure, anyway they are labeled as the anti-revolutionary,” she answers.
   Two trucks like this pass by and more trucks with people tied in ropes are coming. Several more trucks have passed. Then people stand in the truck are no longer men, but women. They are in light color clothes, with ropes tightly running through their shoulders, to their back. A big black cross like X is hung on their chest. Behind them are several men in helmet, green military uniform, military belt. They are the soldiers or policemen, looking ferocious. The women with ropes on them show no sign of quiver, looking to have more composure and more grudge. Several old women have grayish white hair, which dances around their faces as the truck moving fast in the wintry wind. They are not disturbed a little by that, but in full composure, looking forward with grudge. The 4-year-old I dare not say anything, but admire it so much in my heart. Among these caught people, aren’t the females Lady Jiang, a big hero in Communist movie, and aren’t the males Mr. Yunfeng Xu, another big hero in Communist movie? The Communist heroes are in the movie only and the heroes of the National Party, the enemy of the Communist Party, and the so-called Anti-Revolutionary are in our real life. I feel it is just hard to decide whether the Communist Party, the National Party, or the so-called class enemy is revolutionary or anti-revolutionary. It needs more time to find out the answer.
   At my aunt’s place, the adults have alcohol. My Mom does not drink. Children like me cannot drink at all, and only eat the dishes. On the square table sitting 8 people, there are many dishes including Sausage and Cauliflower Stir-Fried, Carp in Red Sauce, Boiled Chicken in Soy Sauce, Steamed Fat Pork, Spinach Soup. Underneath the Steamed Fat Pork is the glutinous rice, delicious. I’m happy to have the tasty dishes. It is rare to see people tied in ropes moving on the truck, but nobody talks about it during the big meal. Nobody says that it is good to strike those so-called class enemy. My Dad, Mom, aunt, cousin are talking about various topics under the sun. I cannot talk about anything, but concentrating on eating the dishes that are not available in my daily life. My family has good dishes only during the Spring Festival and I reckon my aunt’s family to be about the same. My family stays at aunt’s place for supper and goes home around 10:00 pm at night. We take the No. 5 Bus and return to our home in Lianglukou, about 3 miles to the west. I feel China need democracy, which can let different people to present their different opinions and finally a universal vote by all the people to decide the law and policy of our country.
   The end of My Life in China 1.5: The National Party Are Movie Heroes in the Real Life, China Needs Democracy”
    “My life in China: From Birth to the Graduation of Elementary School” to be continued
    Many years later, I, Wei Liu, as a common person, feel the need to speak up a solution to the world.
    Build Up a Fair, Democratic New World
    Wei Liu May 31, 2013
   In China, where there are no human rights, people are thrown by the high Communist officials into the battlefields one after another. From the 1970s to the 2010s, in the battlefield of the Entrance Examination to College, we Chinese students study 13 hours a day to survive that exam and shed many tears, with faint hope to make a living. Less than 2% of people can make a living on his own. When can 1.3 billion Chinese people to have our own house, our own medical care? When can we Chinese people free from the 100 degrees heat waves and the pollution? When can we have enough time for chess, mahjong, classics books and other good things that give happiness to ourselves and other people? In the 2010s, living in China one day is equal to have a pack of cigarette. Also, please be aware that English is a mandatory course in high school in China, and some Chinese Communist posts English words/replies against democracy and human rights workers like me, and they pretend to be westerners.
   The solution for 1.3 billion Chinese people to depart misery and enjoy happiness is to realize a fair and democratic new China, where every Chinese has the 4 fundamental human rights:
    1. Right of land. Every one is entitled to have about half an acre of land given by God for him/her to live.
    2. Right of welfare. Having occupied/utilized the resources including the land of people, the government has the obligation to give every one the welfares of housing, food, education and medical care.
    3. Right of decision. The law and policy should be decided of whether to enact or not by people’s universal vote, including the tax rate, government budget, how many armed forces our country should have, how many classes a student should have a day. We shouldn’t talk about socialist, capitalist, or left or right any more. Mankind should have only one doctrine that is people’s universal vote decide a country’s law and policy.
    4. Right of cash. The money belonging to all the people should be distributed evenly among all the people, f. g. one year China gets a donation of $260 billion for Chinese people, then every one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people should get 260/1.3=$200 through the people-elected government that year.
   Those who oppose our ideas are never willing to let people vote on their ideas or our ideas. And we are always willing to let people do such universal vote. Then every one should see who are lying and who are sincerely serving the people. Those who largely agree to our ideas of the 4 fundamental human rights, we call each other public worker, comrade, awakened people, democratic people or common people. Just like playing chess, reading a book, no need to register. The 4 fundamental human rights should apply to any nation in the world. We wish those who largely agree to the 4 fundamental human rights can tell 5 or more people about it and let those agree do the same thing.
   Wish people in the world not to live in vain in such an era filled up with our tears. Let’s participate in the grand project of making a new country, a new world in which every one has the 4 fundamental human rights. Let’s spread the truth, expand the strength of democracy, to save ourselves, our friends and our nation.
   The end
   More articles of mine both Chinese and English are in my blog http://blog.boxun.com/hero/flake/
   Public Worker, Comrade, Awakened People, Democratic People, Common People

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