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To the mayor of Weifang City Deputies to the National People's Congres

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred seventy-five

   Translator: God has eyes
   Dear deputies to the National People's Congress,
   the mayor of Weifang City, Liu Shuguang:
   When I see you clarify the Weifang groundwater
   contamination in two sessions on rumors and
   "Xinhua Viewpoint" claiming: "The government
   will never polluted enterprises stand together on
   environmental issues, the government is
   definitely standing on the public side of the The
   lacrimal gland actually suddenly wet "when
   moved already numb six years Lian Lian. How
   good a mayor, how candid a Communist, how
   strong Talking mayor!
   Liu mayor, you know, I wet the lacrimal gland,
   but not because of what pollution pollution
   problem. In pollution, just the sight of the
   rumors broke, I told his teacher Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   said: "pure fabrication. They strike is not
   checked, a check, maybe, or achievements of the
   leaders." How? Sure enough, all is not as I
   expected. Alas, presumably Mr. Gu Xiaojun see
   news will sigh again I've never met the disciples
   probably really good at the mesh thinking smart
   people --- people Weifang municipal government
   spend countless money and grain, the
   investigation of thousands of enterprises, the
   results, but also with Shi Sansheng ah. Mayor
   Liu, a rumor, Weifang municipal government so
   go to war, it is worth it?
   Liu Shuguang Mayor Dear deputies to the
   National People's Congress: The reason I do not
   rumors and confusion, and can still be moved
   Weifang groundwater pollution, just your phrase:
   "The government is definitely standing on the
   public side of the" ah! Of course, I also see you
   in front of those words, the attributive ---
   "environmental issues". But I do not know why I
   thought of you is also chairman of the National
   People's Congress, also felt mayor Liu Shi
   Sansheng representatives is likely to be at all
   related to people's problems, will be "From the
   public side,". Based on this, I only then that he
   was the Weifang municipal government
   "pollution" problem, ventured to put to you.
   Expect your mind to deal with the problem of
   groundwater pollution investigation Weifang
   municipal government big economic injustice
   fraud. If, after investigation and you dared the
   party and the country to ensure fraud does not
   exist. Shi Sansheng are willing to go to jail to
   offset their disinformation sins; fraud is really
   the fact that Mayor Liu Shuguang, you dare to
   stand up proudly and said "government is
   absolutely standing on the public side of it?
   Dear National People's Congress, Mayor Liu
   Shuguang, You went to Beijing to participate in
   two sessions during the prosecution of Weifang
   City Housing Authority's household who refuses
   to move and bargains for unreasonably delay
   because the court judgment. Weifang City Land
   Bureau refused to fulfill legal obligations, and
   the restore my land certificates in accorShice
   with the law. In desperation, I had to turn
   Weifang Municipal People's Government and
   Land Bureau of Weifang City again together with
   report to the Court. Corrected material after
   seven days the time limit to file a case appeared
   to be to, Weifang Intermediate People's Court
   has not yet given me an answer, presumably
   also because Mayor Liu Shuguang you are
   participating in two of the country, do not put
   you as a defenShit? But as the saying goes: In
   escaped The fifth day of the fifth month become obvious to fifteen. Mayor
   Liu, on behalf of, the day our game courtroom
   probably only a matter of business.
   Dear National People's Congress, Mayor Liu
   Shuguang, so I'm a little confused, when you
   play chess with my courtroom, you in the end of
   the which side? Evidence Weifang municipal
   government involved in forgery, fraud fact, has
   been in the hospital by Weifang, Shandong
   Provincial Higher People's Court of First Instance,
   the second instance, the Shandong Provincial
   Procuratorate protest been repeated more than
   once confirmed. Reasonable in the situation,
   Mayor Liu Shuguang, whether you should be on
   my side it? The law also provides that you must
   stand on the side of the Weifang municipal
   government. Liu mayor, does this mean that you
   had a foot in both camps it?
   Dear deputies to the National People's Congress,
   Mayor Liu Shuguang, I see the media legend of
   the CPC, Xi Jinping general secretary re-
   emphasized the "rule of law". I do not know that
   this is not true? While membership of the former
   Mayor Xu Weifang all my defenShit, but you
   once worked for the Commission for Discipline
   Inspection of the resume, presumably your case
   has already perspicacious it? Other aside, and
   that of Weifang City Land Bureau and the third
   party in court if I attend in person handling the
   registrar issues have been answered wrong of
   the court record! The mayor Liu, even if the Land
   Bureau of Weifang City did not forged, reversed
   time and space, without trial the first batch of
   administrative behavior is incompatible with the
   common sense, too contrary to the laws of
   Weifang City Land Bureau hearts of no ghost,
   why even legally required cadastral survey free?
   Weifang City Land Bureau mind free from the
   ghosts, why turn a blind eye to the impressively
   housing construction on the land, but only
   according to the land use right transfer contract
   "forged deed tax it?
   No one can tell the: Weifang City Land Bureau to
   assist users of evasion of the deed is not a
   crime? The deed Regulations of the People's
   Republic of China "in the end exists or does not
   Dear National People's Congress, Mayor Liu
   Shuguang, originally, I did not dare to write you
   this letter. Just because involuntarily Xu mayor
   to court. My teacher Mr. Gu Xiaojun deeply to
   blame! Given a choice, really, Mrs Mayor, I would
   rather stay away with you these Chinese
   Communist Party senior officials. Along the
   smell, never in contact with ah! When your
   government is definitely standing on the public
   side of the "encouraged me is on the one hand;
   Yesterday, I went to ask me things in Weifang
   City Land Bureau Cadastral Section, with a
   deputy chief of the Vanguard Post a seats
   dialogue again inspired me: he said that a
   government is still studying, your question is
   very complex like cliches, "empathy", on behalf of
   the Government sake look!
   Dear National People's Congress, Mayor Liu
   Shuguang, you said, This is not to embarrass
   me? I was defrauding the Government of the
   small people, the dream did not dare "empathy"
   ah! I "empathy" As a result, in addition to carry
   out its administrative duties, openly admitted
   their falsifying evidence is a crime,
   compensation for property damage and moral
   damage caused to the user in accorShice with
   the law, but also to think about what the
   outcome of it? You said he is not forcing people
   to rebel, to confuse I despise government from
   the bottom of my heart!
   Dear National People's Congress, Mayor Liu
   Shuguang, you want to say it! Said the wordy,
   hope you can stomach to run the ship, Haihan
   the look! Also urge you to busy schedule to
   arrange for government officials of the two
   people of conscience, to treat the Weifang
   groundwater pollution --- read Shandong Higher
   People's Court of Final Appeal judgment,
   investigation of my case!
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, March 12, 2013 05:38 China · Weifang
(2013/04/04 发表)
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