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Wu Dengsheng and Gu Xiaojun PK Nobel Peace Prize

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • two hundred seventy-four
   Translator: God has eyes

   Nomination of the people of Myanmar the
   President Wu Dengsheng candidate for the Nobel
   Peace Prize, eight ironic Nobel Peace Prize! The
   people of Burma in 2012 because of the past, it
   is not a year of peace. But a civil war broke out
   again, the people of the tragic war trampled. Wu
   president as Myanmar strongman, not only could
   not the way to peace negotiations in 2012 to
   stop the civil war was the condemnation of the
   international community, but also due to the
   employment of child soldiers.
   While we can not deny the democratic initiative
   after Wu president --- cancel the news blackout,
   absorption opposition Aung San Suu Kyi entered
   Congress. Shouted to a port of a democratic
   president, even in possession of weaponry
   absolute advantage, hired some of the minor
   children strikes, whether contrary to the
   meaning of democracy? Whether too inhuman it?
   Mere the President Wu outrageously ordered
   government forces air raid Kachin region, causing
   a large number of civilian casualties of their
   own, and in respect of sentence he may not
   participate in life candidate for the Nobel Peace
   The nomination is such a lack of humanity and
   unscrupulous candidate for the Nobel Peace
   Prize. This is not one hundred percent in the to
   insult the Nobel Peace Prize? Can believe that, if
   done Myanmar President Mr. Gu Xiaojun, he
   must not employ child soldiers die, more people
   will not use aircraft cannon. Gu Xiaojun
   thinking, "the public impartiality" as the core
   through political dialogue with the Kachin must
   find a path of peaceful settlement of disputes.
   Why the Kachin the Wu Dengsheng president
   took office only two months after it tore up the
   cease-fire agreement has been to maintain up to
   17 years? This not because Wu presidential
   power once in hand, lack the sake of the public
   Admittedly, in a dictatorship, Features, pseudo-
   democracy run amok in the world, Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun "the public impartiality first" is not
   necessarily a panacea. Because so far, not yet
   born on earth a "the public impartiality first" for
   the purpose of the Charter of human behavior.
   Specific to Burma the Wu Dengsheng President
   poises to implement democratic at the same
   time, the people, the public impartiality towards
   all the ethnic groups can, Kachin army have
   little reason to be allowed to tear up has to
   comply with the 17-year truce agreement. ? Year,
   Myanmar is willing to recognize China as a
   sovereign state, not because the Chinese
   emperor treat Myanmar the fairly the public
   impartiality could not help but yearn of
   voluntary tribute to the Chinese emperor to
   concede defeat.? Still capable of peaceful
   coexistence between the two countries. Known as
   the To the democratic Wu Dengsheng President,
   how hand, can not let a minority in their own
   surrender it?
   Western-style democracy can be seen through
   the Myanmar implement democratic civil war
   caused, natural crippled ---- missing "the public
   impartiality". As Mr. Gu in "the public
   impartiality" elaborated: "freedom, actually
   advocated a spirit." Born Free "is an individual;
   human society has been formed, can not be too
   one-sided places emphasis on the individual,
   because you have your freedom, others have the
   freedom of others; When the freedom of the two
   come into conflict, even conflict, and how to do
   it? only speak to the public impartiality if
   speaking nothing wrong country? ancients, he
   must fight, war, winner slavery loser (this is the
   origin of the slave society). between the the
   Kachin Army and the Government of Myanmar, is
   two partners thirst for freedom under the
   premise of the public impartiality do happen
   What a tragedy! Wu Dengsheng presidential
   opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi ---- a former
   winner of the Nobel Peace Prize to absorb into
   the Congress, has always been compliance
   Kachin army turned out to tear up the armistice
   agreement. Against its own people caused a
   huge disaster, should be nominated candidate
   should have over the past year to make a great
   contribution to mankind, "the Nobel Peace Prize.
   So whimsical, whether in irony Wu Dengsheng
   president, or would like a mockery of the great
   Nobel Peace Prize?
   The implore Wu President Huiyanshizhu --- and
   quickly learning, the introduction of Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun of "the public impartiality first" universal
   values! Myanmar democracy as a front to the
   public impartiality, I believe not only be
   possible to resolve the conflict with the Kachin
   army. Wu president himself will cadastral first
   advocated the impartiality of the public, free,
   democratic leadership, and sooner or later
   become the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
   Daw Aung San Suu Kyi again appealed to the
   Nobel Peace Prize Committee, appealed to the
   world: the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded
   to Mr. Gu Xiaojun! In order to avoid more people
   because of lack of freedom of the public
   impartiality duel, war, the public impartiality "is
   already imperative!
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, March 12, 2013 03:29 China·Weifang
(2013/04/04 发表)
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