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To Nobel Peace Prize jury recommended "the public impartiality first"

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • two hundred fifty-two
   Translator: God has eyes
   By the famous Chinese writer, a great thinker in
   the field of human sociology today, Mr. Gu

   Xiaojun first "the public impartiality, may be the
   most timely, is also close to a perfect theory.
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun broad and deep thought,
   because of Communist China's unremitting
   blocked, naturally have a lot of "the opposition".
   Hit Lu Xun "," expose and criticize Han "," Deng
   Xiaoping Thought critical ", the" Three
   Represents is nonsense, swindling "wait and see,
   invariably attract many duty-bound, scolded the
   Gu, down caregivers. Opponents even expose
   and criticize Han, broke the news that Wang
   Lijun and pour Bo, also caused great panic and
   resort to the threat of death.
   Have so many "the natural opponents Gu
   Xiaojun doctrine, when the advent of" the public
   impartiality first opposition even disappeared
   without a trace, not only did not publicly oppose
   "the public impartiality", and even the Chinese
   Communist Party Mr. Wen Jiabao, the number
   two man, not afraid to back suspected plagiarism
   everywhere to promote "fairness and justice" and
   of "the public impartiality" aired.
   Mr. Wen Jiabao everywhere to promote not only
   to promote "the public impartiality is the first
   values, and even the world-renowned American
   foreign policy", the "Times" received the
   enthusiastic recommendation of Gu dough also
   let Yasheng come forward to "how to bring
   democracy to China," said Chen Guangcheng and
   his ilk influence is minimal, "the public
   impartiality the first to respond with evidence
   really great.
   "The public impartiality first" Why is it so
   irresistible? Mr. Gu Xiaojun thought, to find the
   root cause of today's human society poles ----
   Western and socialist ideology. Socialist China,
   have played with the killing of children by the
   injustices of anger to vent; model of democracy
   in the United States, have one out gunned down
   students tragedy. Even socialist China is an
   exemplary democracy, are afraid to admit that
   injustice is the root cause of the tragedy that
   cause. These modern society, "the public
   impartiality first soil.
   So, my natural duty-bound to the Nobel Peace
   Prize judges recommended.
   Because in Connaught judges nominated
   activities deadline --- February 1 has not been in
   the past, I actually see online have burst out,
   "the Bavi rights girl had been nominated as a
   candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize". This is
   obviously a trample the event of the public
   impartiality. I know that the Western world
   despised authoritarian societies, and to be
   proud of is to pay attention to procedural
   justice. However, the Nobel Peace Prize selection
   rules, since the provisions of the nomination of
   the 50-year confidentiality period, no matter
   what, how can disclose their nominee, and
   trumpeted momentum it?
   I personally recommend noble Nobel Peace Prize
   judges, arbitration does not comply with the
   procedural justice nominees the Bavi rights girl
   "and their nomination," Pakistan's human rights
   the girls malala "out, in order to maintain the
   Nobel Peace Prize sacred and dignity . To seal
   kill Mr. Gu Xiaojun, the CCP's ideology and the
   Politics and Law Committee and its they
   respected the so-called knowledge elite who took
   pains to contact the Western elite scum, partner
   blocked Guxiao Jun Mr. have is an indisputable
   fact, may be from the "Foreign Policy" sneaky To
   get an idea theof ​​ selection and announcement
   of 2012 one hundred global thinkers "clues.
   Therefore, I like an ordinary lawyer the pleading
   the supreme of Justice - Nobel Peace Prize
   judges, the public impartiality time! Borrow you
   have a great reputation, Mr. Gu Xiaojun great
   the public impartiality first "into the world, into
   modern life (only the soul of that the time times
   killing of schoolchildren event dead children, is
   also worth also should do it)! Thanks for the
   peace of the Lord Chancellor of human society -
   Nobel Peace Prize judges! Thank you to read my
   recommendations and suggestions!
   [Shi Sansheng Saturday, February 2, 2013 4:21 china]
(2013/02/02 发表)
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