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Please Mr. Ban Ki to be concerned with "malala shootings"'s prepostero

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • two hundred fifty-eight
   Translator: God has eyes
   Dear Secretary-General of the United Nations,
   Mr. Ban Ki:

   Honestly, I'm your fans, but it is also well-known
   Chinese writer, the great thinker Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   founded "the public impartiality values of​​ the
   first, I said ---" will stop at nothing to stand up
   for your reputation. fight. "
   Said we should do. To this end, I'm going to
   overcome the difficulties of mainland network
   settings, trying to collect the relevant Pakistani
   girls malala was shooting "malala Day" for the
   United Nations to set up to make a favorable
   But search more and more am British and
   Pakistanis and your men are cheating you juggle
   Yesterday, in the search to malala is another
   version of the shooting: Karachi, Pakistan -
   Wednesday, doctors removed from the shootings
   by Taliban Pakistani female students Malala
   Yousafzai body a bullet. ", I deliberately solicited
   My son ---- a the peers malala children view:
   I hand gun pointed at his head and asked (he is
   Ordnance Knowledge fans, of course, he was
   sitting, and I standing): "So shoot bullets will
   not stay in the head?"
   Brats without hesitation: "Dad, you is not
   something wrong with it? Range of the world's
   shortest pistol, impossible.", He did not forget to
   come to a mantra --- "This is too pit father!"
   Of course, I have not the nerve to tell him that
   this is it attention from all over the world, the
   United Nations ad hoc "malala Day true story.
   Believe it or not, the United Nations has for the
   story of the pit father has set up a special day,
   wantonly to the world of adults, minors
   Dear Mr. Ban Ki-century of major fraud Nobel
   Peace Prize ", as My teacher Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   said:" Excuse me, my disciples foreigners - at
   close range, Headshot, must be: into the bomb
   at , a bullet hole; out shells at, ripped off a
   chunk of that there is no other possible. "Shi
   Sansheng I am a layman does not understand
   ordnance common sense.
   Since it is a layman, the question came: to now,
   malala was shooting at least have two versions:
   one is the "bullet from malala above the left eye
   into, through the right cheek; one The doctors
   removed a bullet from female students in
   Pakistan by Taliban shooting Malala Yousafzai
   body. "
   These two versions, my teacher and my son has
   made a judgment categorically denied. Mr. Ban
   Ki-moon, my pain Oh, I do not know who to
   believe; people around the world are seriously,
   would you like me painful?
   Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, I know the UN Qunxian
   blend of all kinds of weapons experts, such as
   river carp, in order to determine the authenticity
   of the two versions of the shootings malala a
   task. In order to unify the heroic deeds of
   "malala Day, whether you should also be ordered
   to conduct a thorough investigation into what
   malala by shootings?
   Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, you said, there might ----
   Taliban has invented a range pistol the
   ultrashort distance of one meter?
   Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, to talk about your true
   feelings of my heart: a hurriedly quietly canceled
   extremely rigorous "malala Day! My teacher Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun shot, chances are brought "malala
   Day in turn spent. You is not to advocate the
   establishment of the a "Gu Xiaojun day"? In fact,
   I Gu dough feel: the Nobel Peace Prize, the
   moment the world except Mr. Gu Xiaojun! For
   your reference only.
   Again Zhuzun Jing Mr. Ban Ki-China Year of
   Family Fun! Wish all UN weapons experts are all
   the best!
   [Shi Sansheng Thursday, February 7, 2013 4:21 china]
(2013/02/08 发表)
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