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·Please Nobel Peace Prize judges compared Gu Xiaojun malala
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to Note "malala day"'s preposterous
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to Note malala's cheating
·巴基斯坦少女骗子马拉拉Malala Yousafzai的大丑闻
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to be concerned with "malala shootings"'s prepostero
·请潘基文关注Malala Yousufzai案的第四个版本
·the scandal about Malala Yousafzai(专题)
·Please Ban Ki-moon concerned about Malala Yousafzai is the third versi
·请潘基文关注Malala Yousafzai的维权骗局
·Please Ban Ki-Moon concern Malala Yousufzai case the fourth version
·请潘基文彻查Malala Yousafzai诈骗联合国案
·Please Ban Ki-moon to conduct a thorough investigation the Malala Yous
·请联合国撤销马拉拉Malala Yousafzai日
·Requested the United Nations to rescind the "Malala Yousafzai Day"
·To the Nobel Peace Prize jury recommended uphold rights pioneer Gu Xia
·Pleaseik Nobel peace prize judges concerned about the human rights sca
·Recommended Nobel Peace Prize purpose executor Gu Xiaojun
·Recommended Gu Xiaojun to the Nobel Peace Prize, why is it so hard?
·True and thinking in the haze lock Weifang
·依法治国 请中共先管好自己的特务
·Relying on the law to govern the country, please the Communist Party f
·Wu Dengsheng and Gu Xiaojun PK Nobel Peace Prize
·To the mayor of Weifang City Deputies to the National People's Congres
·Taiwan's Ang Lee not understand mainland's Gu Xiaojun
·To NPC deputy and mayor of Weifang Liu Shuguang second letter
·The idea of "​​civil rights" to recommend to the Nobel Pea
·Establish "Gu dough culture media company " Announcement
·“相對論”般的思想 《紅樓夢》般的文字
·陈光诚是假瞎 全世界却装瞎
·愚蠢的问题 难产的答案
·孟建柱主管政法委 依法治国仍空谈
To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (b

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred fifteen

   Translator: God has eyes
   The first letter of recommendation, the focus of
   Chen Guangcheng three fake. Chen's false, may
   not be able to prove that Gu Xiaojun true. But
   reflect the CCP the deceive the promise jury
   through the manipulation of some "fake",
   through the "Nobel" to fool the nationals, and
   slow the pace of forward progress and
   Fact, Novo judges as long as understanding of
   the Chinese culture, with the status quo, "the
   public impartiality is the first values" as the core
   questioned the use of a little Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   learn self can be seen through the flaws of the
   past for the award-winning campaign. For
   example, Chen Guangcheng, Ai Weiwei, Gao
   Zhisheng, etc., they all have a common
   characteristic: real children do practical things
   for the people, or to promote a more civilized
   and progressive action is certainly not. Contrary,
   they are all kinds of sinister mysterious reason,
   become the CCP's target of attack; become a
   solidarity with the objects of the world of human
   rights and pro-democracy organizations.
   Mainland China, the more I saw a group of
   people to stand up on behalf of these was the
   object of attack defenders.
   See through these fakes, own Mr. Gu Xiaojun CCP
   intended to manipulate the Nobel Prize "as
   evidence. Even Mr. Gu Xiaojun do not believe
   one of the words, but also through some simple
   mathematical statistics to see through their
   tricks. For example, judges can statistics include
   former Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo,
   Chen, high, Ai, etc., will find that their
   supporters are cross-cutting, almost is a group
   of people.
   Of course, there are the most important point:
   the Chinese Communist Party on the such as
   CHEN high Ai for potential fight, but spared
   their supporters. Look with Liu Xiaobo signed
   the "Charter 08," People may have been the CPC
   abuse, blocked it? No! They not only will not be
   blocked, many people are still on the network
   Reds. Liu Xiaobo is high, singing "I have no
   enemies" were imprisoned; Chen Guangcheng is
   the name of Linyi family planning rights under
   the guise of being sent to a daily free access to
   "prison"; Ai Weiwei is completely inexplicably
   been missing for 81 days, the most strange, CCP
   7000000 actually indifferent to his tax evasion,
   not below. I wonder if the judges can be seen: a
   normal country would openly allowing tax
   With the Communist connivance of those who
   pretend to denounce the contrary: Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun expose Han the CCP cultural undercover
   to expose Lu Xun is China, Japan, Russia Sansing
   I CPC Gu Xiaojun and his followers, the long-
   term suppressed and blocked. Not only the print
   media is absolutely blocked, even on the
   network, are relentless. Not only the Chinese
   Communists personally blocked on the mainland,
   and even some European and American forces
   were also involved. Shisan Sheng, Gu powder
   Mission to the United States, "Foreign Policy",
   the "Times" of recommended activities, have
   been subjected to in and outside the unknown
   forces seriously impeding.
   I believe that the the Norway country Nobel
   Prize judges is absolutely will not go back on its
   word, to participate in the unknown forces
   closure of Gu Xiaojun and his followers to kill.
   Only worry about the judges enlightened, to see
   through the intent to manipulate the Nobel
   Prize, "Time magazine" Person of the Year, "the
   foreign policy of the world top100 thought the
   machinations of the world's major awards.
   I believe that, even in the absence of our
   recommendation, after the Nobel Peace Prize to
   Aung San Suu Kyi and Liu Xiaobo, seeing
   Myanmar country toward democracy, while China
   was making strides backwards reality, the judges
   will ask ourselves: This is because in the end
   What? If Novo judges were blinded, Award
   inhuman. How could not excite little passion of
   Chinese people longing for democracy, human
   Today, it has been concluded: Liu Xiaobo's
   Charter movement, or the rule of law in Chen
   Guangcheng China conception, even art activist
   Ai Weiwei and his ilk are not the slightest
   progress in Chinese society. China does not
   suffer from can not, but the law is too much
   abuse of law enforcement. As the new general
   secretary of the CPC, Xi Jinping said: "the life of
   the Constitution lies in implementation. As a
   permanent member of the United Nations, the
   legitimacy of the CCP's nature is
   unquestionable. Dignified world Asian countries
   do not oppose the CCP permanent attempt
   incites a handful of so-called pro-democracy
   activist molecules against the Chinese
   Communists, are hard to say love to reason
   through not?
   Nobel Peace Prize judges sincerely hope more
   advanced civilization, we ask you to grant the
   award to Mr. Gu Xiaojun. Mr. Gu Xiaojun other
   achievements are not only the Communist Party
   48 big before he shouted "Who the political
   reform, on whom to support," predicted the
   Chinese Communists eighteen large seven
   Standing Committee of the List "triggered by the
   world's media to follow suit quiz, the final form
   Politburo Standing Committee of nine changed
   the ending, Ideology and Politics and Law
   Committee downgrade, its merit would be
   Any one of the country's normal people do not
   have the heart to see other countries' internal
   chaos, the people being trampled. Believe that
   the judges of the Nobel Peace Prize even seen.
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun great, is that he looks "just for
   fun" type of thinking affect the peaceful
   evolution of Chinese society, prompting China to
   move toward a more civilized, more progress
   vicissitudes the right way.
   [Shi Sansheng Wednesday, January 2, 2013 6:52 China]
(2013/01/02 发表)
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