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Housing Authority's in Weifang municipal government fraud case (2)

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments•two hundred forty-six

   Translator: God has eyes
   In fact, corruption in the Weifang municipal
   government to govern the process already formed
   a very close interest in the chain --- greed greed
   all, a complete lack of self-correcting measures.
   Shi Sansheng be fraud, only the Land Bureau
   and the Housing Authority colluded, still can not
   help buyers to defraud succeed. Even the the
   "LAT Regulations of the People's Republic of
   China" lapse in Weifang independent kingdom.
   Deed tax collection agencies are able to be taxed
   according to the law, buyers and Land Bureau,
   the Housing Authority conspired to defraud trick
   is still unable to carry on. Deed tax levied in
   accorShice with the law, necessarily involves my
   original contract with the buyer or even re-
   assessment of the real estate. But, the fact is
   that even the deed tax levied authorities also
   assist buyers to deliberate on the Housing
   Authority and the Land Office of Fiscal Evasion
   behavior turned a blind eye, throws away the
   national interest.
   In deed tax levied last link out of control, the
   Housing Authority on the basis of illegal do the
   right, and of his rights to do illegal filing. My
   real estate practice deception become the
   property of the existential name die. Central the
   LAT Ordinance promulgated in Weifang city
   government into a pile of toilet paper, deed tax
   collection authorities do not levied according to
   the actual transaction amount. National
   interests in the hands of these assholes, subtly
   change the public for private, became a tool to
   serve their own interests. Conspiracy in order to
   buyers is in this way bribery, will be completely
   impossible reality.
   In the fraud, Weifang City Land Bureau and the
   municipal government of course is their secret
   operations, can be the land of others accounted
   for himself. To Weifang City Housing Authority,
   the need to involve multisectoral collaboration,
   to be illegal is indeed the right to become a
   reality. Is signed jointly by the Ministry of Public
   Security and the Ministry of Commerce
   department regulations ---- pawn management
   approach from fraud hardwork but seems to be
   absent. Housing Authority, deed tax collection
   authority, the Inland Revenue Department, the
   public security departments and business
   competent authorities are indispensable.
   In all these departments are involved, Shi
   Sansheng the role played by the public security
   and the business sector in which I completely
   unable to understand: in accorShice with the
   Pawning Measures, public security and the
   commercial sector is clearly the implementation
   of Pawning Measures authorities. But in the
   process of registration of property rights, the two
   departments are completely invisible, in addition
   to other rights involved in filing the relevant
   provisions of the pawn "management approach".
   Both from the approval or the charges, and has
   nothing to do with the two departments. Neither
   involved in the approval nor participate in the
   spoils of the two departments, why put his hand
   to the industry that has nothing to do with their
   own? Really do not understand when he was
   Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai and Minister of
   Public Security Zhou Yongkang, in the end is how
   to think? Is it just to embrace the right to
   expand the sectoral interests?
   Pawning Measures, to no avail, completely rotten
   persimmon let the Housing Authority of the
   squeeze it to pawn mortgage if disputes arise,
   developed by the two departments, pawn
   management approach ", but has become beyond
   civil law above Constitution "--- the court
   execution proceeds must be paid in priority
   pawn mortgage. Only from the legal point of
   view, who can distinguish the national
   departments large it big?
   In short, the Housing Authority of the Weifang
   municipal government fraud, and the land
   bureau, public security departments, business
   departments fail to abide by the law, chaos Act
   chaotic management, bribery, collusion, became
   design bureau harmful departments, rather than
   government departments.
   [Shi Sansheng Saturday, January 19, 2013 01:06 china]
(2013/01/21 发表)
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