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·To thank U.S. Foreign Policy closer to impartiality
·With the like argue's U.S.Foreign Policy experts to talk
·Warmly congratulate the foreign policy continues to play the fool
·Time 龌龊之极obama 牙白心黑
·Gu Xiaojun defeated American foreign policy
·Time the dirty extremely obama the teeth white heart black
·Times influential man - the world's top thinkers Gu Xiaojun
·外交政策真白痴 时代风云已式微
·Influential man Gu Xiaojun Anti intellectualism pioneer is TIME
·"Foreign Policy" true idiot, "TIME" already fading
·奥巴马豪赌时代周刊 顾晓军智胜外交政策
·Obama gamble times weekly Gu Xiaojun outwit foreign policy
·时代周刊诡计多端 顾晓军思想真精彩
·时代周刊不堪凌辱 借韩媒反驳石三生
·回味顾晓军思想 看时代周刊作弊
·The U.S. TIME crafty Gu Xiaojun ism brilliant
·打倒奥巴马 解放中国人
·Time magazine unbearable humiliation borrow Korean media refute Shi Sa
·To aftertaste Gu Xiaojun Thought Time magazine cheating
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·时代周刊放软话 风云人物成悬念
·Time to put the soft words, Influential man into apprehensively
·时势成就顾晓军 时代周刊枉意淫
·The current situation Achievement Gu Xiaojun Times in vain to comfort
·奥巴马愚民有方 美国人无知超常
·外交政策已销魂 时代周刊必黯然
·Obama is good at fooling the people-Americans ignorant extraordinary
·诺贝尔奖无阳谋 时代周刊多阴招
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·奥巴马为囚徒发飙 美议员替罪犯维权
·Nobel Prize without the open conspiracy Times and more underhand
·时代周刊黔驴技穷 诺贝尔奖追腥逐臭
·习近平呼应顾晓军 刘云山趣谈李瑞环
·时代周刊正难产 诺贝尔奖已沉寂
·时代周刊不分善恶 顾晓军思想有公正
·奥巴马松口人权 顾晓军再胜美国
·奥巴马幡然悔悟 时代周刊难回首
·Obama relax mouth human rights Gu Xiaojun again wins the America
·Obama wake up to reality Times could not look back
·中宣部禁言误国 时代周刊坑华夏
·Gu Xiaojun swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load Obama Forsake her
·The Central Propaganda Department Ban on speech, mislead the country.T
·America China Kill children case Superficial and deep
·时代周刊树歪风 美国社会缺公正
·Because TIME weekly influential man and give Obama's open letter
·Cause TIME weekly influential man and give the Chinese Communist open
·Cause recommended TIME weekly influential man and give Xi Jinping's op
·About TIME weekly influential man and give Luo Jiahui's open letter
· Time magazine behavior mismanage,Gu Xiaojun ism the public impartiali
·2012 Network Public Evaluation version of China's ten largest public i
·To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (a
·To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (b
·To the Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's open letter
·To Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the Dalai Lama an open letter
·To Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the Dalai Lama's second letter
To the world's Nobel Peace Prize laureate's second letter

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred forty-five

   Translator: God has eyes
   First open letter focuses introduced to you
   Messengers of Peace Prize, Mr. Gu Xiaojun year
   to make the greatest contribution to mankind. "
   This one, I would like you to introduce a Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun breakthrough thinking "and people write
   articles reasoning, playing games, doing the
   political game, this is the modern political
   Needless to say, through writing logic game, to
   achieve political objectives. Absolute "revolution"
   is a minimal cost, one way is most consistent
   with the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize. The
   concept of "civil disobedience" to start from
   Gandhi now, why the Nobel Peace Prize are
   pushing through peaceful means and not to
   bring about a the slightest democratic and
   human rights aspects of the people of other
   countries such as China, North Korea and other
   socialist countries progress? This not because in
   modern society, in the "colonial" era "civil
   disobedience" behind it?
   Yes, of course, is because the concept of "civil
   disobedience" is already out of date, no longer
   meet the political needs of modern society. Non-
   democratic and authoritarian state looks like
   democracy, or the name of the banner of
   democracy the progress of democracy and human
   rights in order to achieve real breakthroughs in
   theory. In such a connected Jasmine Revolution
   in Africa can not be shaken period of nothing by
   the political situation in China, Gu Xiaojun
   doctrine came into being. Mr. Gu Xiaojun formed
   its own unique and highly practical theory of
   "the plebs ism democratic" system is through
   Party colonial "never been noticed.
   Play games, do the political game, let your mind
   unexpectedly affect the liberals within the
   communist system, by the vested interests of
   hide and seek with the Chinese Communists. Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun political philosophy, is a modern
   version of the Maoist guerrilla warfare. Just Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun is instead artillery guns. The ancient
   article can kill even the Empress Dowager, but
   can be applied to ease the politicians are rare.
   Take believed in non-violent thought the Nobel
   Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, his article also
   angered the Chinese Communist authorities, but
   he put her sent to a cage. Desperate to eat
   puffer spirit is certainly commendable, so, also
   how you hope to influence the society it?
   Change society even more like a fairy tale,
   Not proved last more than a year, Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun game "with vested interests CPC beats,
   has made no unbeatable brilliant victories. Yes,
   we should see the victories achieved,
   inseparable from the liberals within the
   communist system, and echoes. This is also the
   essence of "playing games" Mr. Gu Xiaojun ---
   leveraging the power in order to play skillfully
   deflected efficacy. Just blindly to foolhardy ---
   hope thorough disintegration of the CCP's
   ideology is meaningless. Master Li once owned
   hundreds of millions of people were not as
   yourself did not wish this? Today, the "three
   no's into the" more has got far more than the
   CCP's actual CCP's jiangshan not always, or?
   Down Gu Xiaojun 'context, we should clearly
   recognize that: Communist China is also
   advancing with the times within the communist
   system, there are also excellent, the inferior two
   groups, liberals and vested interests. How the
   collapse of vested interest groups to help liberal
   cocoon, and how to promote the evolution of
   Chinese society to the advancement of
   democracy and human rights through peaceful
   means. This is a modern politician's courage and
   Gu Xiaojun the ideological's great, because he
   did Master Li to hundreds of millions of people
   were unable to do to reach the overseas pro-
   democracy movement for decades not match the
   target. When you see Mr. Gu Xiaojun Politics and
   Law Committee, and ideology downgrade "has
   become a reality, and when the benefit of the
   general public. If you able to recapture a long-
   term vision, Mr. Gu Xiaojun "fallacy" everyone
   laughed, "predicted the Chinese Communists
   eighteen large list of seven Standing Committee
   of the tremendous impact of being released. I
   believe that in the near future, when we look
   back at this period of history, and perhaps will
   find ---- what Mr. Gu Xiaojun "fallacy" to avoid a
   terrible bloody. Master chess, chess let the
   upper hand "(Gu Xiaojun language). Although
   the upper hand preconceptions of Lee, from time
   first exposed to the harmful effects of it?
   The Distinguished Peace Messengers, Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun thought the profound and infinite
   mystery, far from Shi Sansheng can completely
   understand. I sincerely hope that you can see
   on the desire for mankind peace, the person
   reading the article of Mr. Gu Xiaojun, to see if
   he is truly in the end? Or am I exaggerating?
   Ask you to recommend Mr. Gu Xiaojun! I believe
   he will not only add to the glory of the Nobel,
   more would you recommend, and let occupy a
   fifth of the world's population, to accelerate the
   progress of democracy and human rights.
   [Shi Sansheng Saturday, January 19, 2013 2:34 china]
(2013/01/20 发表)
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