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Recommended to the seven of the Standing Committee of "the public impa

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred thirty

   Translator: God has eyes
   See more pressure, the more chaotic, "Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun Xi total questioned (now article has
   disappeared), see Riliwanji seven standing
   committee members, also turned out to be the
   event battered Southern weeks. Think of the
   seven standing committee members should be
   recommended care to learn the essence of ---
   "the public impartiality is the first values".
   Recommended purpose but seven of the
   Standing Committee have been able to make use
   of "the public impartiality" Tranquility recipe
   freed from trivial thing such as Southern Weekly
   events like.
   Be honest, from Shi Sansheng my little civilians
   vision looking at the Zhongnanhai feel more
   expensive for the Chinese group of the seven
   most powerful people stay up all night lighting
   is so trivial, one is not environmentally friendly;
   two also live up to the high expectations of the
   people of the whole country. Southern weeks this
   broken thing, Mr. Gu Xiaojun give some right to
   speak, would like to toss toss it up. Stupid
   troublemakers will not be foolish enough to
   point out people desperate to play the point,
   right? If you do not listen to enchant, it would
   steal sheep, conceited one of public disorder
   From event Southern weeks to Lee large eye book
   signing was beaten, The stupid police can also
   find out that this was a premeditated screenplay
   rotten play. Why? Substandard common sense,
   common sense. I thought Southern weeks the
   newspapers "We are closer than ever dream of,
   better than to be shot in the legendary"
   constitutional Dream ", because the former refers
   to Xi Jinping, the lives of the Constitution lies in
   implementation, the authority of the
   Constitution lies in implementation" speech,
   while the latter is almost nonsense! New Year's
   Message from not flicker, show off literary grace,
   not when the castles in the air, but rather the
   whole point of dry goods, especially the idea of
   the​​ new leader. In the case of South Week
   editors trouble what reason? Do the Southern
   Weekly editors of downtown, "We are closer than
   ever to dream" in clear reference to the name of
   the President Xi Jinping, too perverse, right?
   Really want is trouble, the trouble in the 4th,
   how will wait until after the issue of the Nobel
   Peace Prize laureate, the Dalai Lama, the open
   letter I recommend Mr. Gu Xiaojun downtown it?
   This is too far removed from human nature,
   common sense, common sense, right?
   Chengpeng beaten, even more self-hype. Left ah
   right ah, clearly is Beijing Opera in the red and
   white face! Yes, I remember the New Year's
   party, Xi total led the seven Standing Committee
   of Beijing Opera appreciate. The cleverness of
   the seven standing committee members will not
   even such a small organ are see through it?
   Your hands, really will side promised book to Lee
   big eye; signings while strictly limited number of
   big eyes and asked Lee not allowed to speak out
   of turn this? Really this do, whether there is a
   serious mental disorder? Is not that typical
   "anti-speculation" (GU Xue noun) Well.
   The great seven Standing Committee of the, ah,
   really, when I see you wasting people's
   expectations Trivial Southern weeks, really hope
   you will kindly consider Mr. Gu Xiaojun "the
   public impartiality". Was summoned recipe ah!
   But also to cure the patient. If so, you can spare
   some effort to the possession of my door people
   things simply because the Weifang municipal
   government rate of one thousand runners (I Shi
   Sansheng corrupt, fraud, and even my aging
   mother to be alive was scared to death. The
   Southern weeks there is a change chapter text,
   Weifang municipal government, Land Bureau, the
   Housing Authority, but even the Contract
   Documents Dugan forged Cravens court more
   false cases even dare to stand this, but to force
   people BS-ing you).
   As long as the first of seven the Standing
   Committee of you can take the hint Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun "the public impartiality", the root cause
   of the child can be the greater half, more
   disdain the whole society to talk about "the
   public impartiality".
   The great seven of the Standing Committee of
   the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize to recommend
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun and his "the public impartiality
   first"! Thinkers and the thinking of the Chinese
   people, but also the world's cattle Pitt a!
   [Shi Sansheng Wednesday, January 16, 2013 03:27 china]
(2013/01/16 发表)
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