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Weifang municipal government fraud the whole story

   Offbeat Underworld community to combat mode---
   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred thirty-nine

   Translator: God has eyes
   Chapter Ⅲ Weifang municipal government forged evidence
   Land Bureau the outset directly involved in the
   forgery of the relevant procedures, in case I did
   not show up, Attn not my power of attorney, on
   illegal land alteration registration. But, I did not
   expect the defenShit Weifang municipal
   government Dugan forged even dignified Weifang
   City Mayor Xu will disregard such a sense of
   shame. V. Weifang City Land Bureau, Weifang
   Municipal People's Government of administrative
   litigation court, due to the other is not within
   the statutory time to change the registered land
   valuation report, the trial judge allowed to pay
   within three days after the Court . Perhaps
   because of the too hasty time's sake, this false
   report flawed: error assessment methods. Not my
   signature, nor commissioned time, the most
   absurd, even the assessment fee. In this era of
   market economy, how can there be a fool
   assessment strangers chaos. Even the streets of
   fortune, the most incompetent, but also to
   blackmail you three yuan corners of it! Shandong
   Province National Land Agency under Prudential
   real estate appraisal company, how might be
   interested in me so good? Him far more than
   200 kilometers, ran to the the Weifang
   establishment of a branch, the trading of this
   free service for the people it is designed to dry?
   Of course, is nonsense not. Court on cross-
   examination that it is a forgery. But the judge
   did not pipe despite be believed. Helpless, I
   began looking for the public security department
   under the crime of providing false documents
   and reports, to find Procuratorate report, the
   public security and procuratorate to my answer
   is that if the court was unlawfully transferred to
   them the investigation and handling of cases
   will naturally. No way, I had to look it up
   yourself. It really is hard work pays off. Actually I
   found a land valuation report signed confession
   of one Appraisers: her in Texas, not in Fidelity's
   work, just lend Appraiser Certificate Fidelity,
   Fidelity's monthly give her $ 500 benefits. And
   she has never been to Weifang, more can not be
   done to my real estate assessment. Incidentally,
   I also found that the original assessment of more
   than one billion of Shandong Fidelity Real Estate
   Appraisal Company trickery are so. Leg to stand
   apart from that he did not forget to report to
   the National Land Agency. Report the results, of
   course, is no. Get the of Appraisers phone
   recording, I started looking for Fidelity to the
   argument. A Fidelity company began to panic, a
   few phone calls back and forth, the other frankly
   and directly said to me: "confiscated money, may
   do you assess ah no way, I ran to find
   Procuratorate thought this false evidence I got.
   Procuratorate should have no reason to care,
   right? I did not think Weifang's Procuratorate I
   Report, has not said tube, do not say regardless,
   they steal, administrative litigation Seeing five
   months over complaints deadline to almost brain
   damage reason, Land Bureau to do extraordinary
   speed by the Shandong Provincial Procuratorate
   protest. Of course, this is something for the
   future. I got the land valuation report the false
   telephone recording, Weifang Intermediate
   People's Court continues to go its own way, the
   Land Bureau and the municipal government of
   this evidence is considered legitimate. This first
   meeting with the Weifang Municipal Land
   Bureau, the city government is particularly
   thrilling contentious! All of my open-court, only
   this time the most solemn judges one by one to
   wear robes do not say that sidesplitting verdict
   is confidential to the last minute. Before the
   judgment day, good-hearted people also tell me
   little hope of winning it. Tribunal after he had
   been Vice-President of specialized administrative
   tribunal's words to the effect, that is, talked to
   me and I believe that the judge, they are still
   more than good. Just a grievous loss, I have the
   concept of the so-called good guys, I could not
   get a little touched! If you are nice, why not
   shall be prosecuted for the crimes of the
   municipal government and the Land Bureau
   forged evidence? My mother's death, do with
   these good people did not dare to enforce the
   law impartially relationship! Also used to refine
   the Weifang City Mayor Xu full IQ. Ordinarily,
   this point can be mingled hanging Ph.D. title,
   should not be so mentally retarded are so full of
   loopholes, and even forged a report. Scrutiny, Xu
   mayor First underestimated I Shi Sansheng IQ;
   two Xu wholly wrong to think that all the judges
   told him, like right and wrong, trickery. Although
   my mother was not scared to death Xu whole
   fake land valuation report. Full fake land
   valuation report from Xu later as seen his letters,
   he wrote Speedpost apply for administrative
   reconsideration, we already know that the land
   valuation report and approval procedures are not
   fake is illegal . Whenever He also conscience,
   how will allow the case all the way to the
   development to get out of control it? Fool could
   see hearts if not a ghost, detract from the
   Weifang municipal government legal
   representative Xu Quan, why he will shamelessly
   forged an involved value 670,000 Land Valuation
   report (that is, the amount of land transfer
   agreement forged) it? Mayor Xu full either a
   ignoramuses idiot either handle in the hands of
   the Land Bureau. In addition to this, who will
   give me a reasonable explanation for it?
   [Shi Sansheng Wednesday, January 16, 2013
   5:17 china]
(2013/01/16 发表)
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