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The General Secretary Xi constitutional not dream

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred thirty-seven

   Translator: God has eyes
   As common sense, almost no one would know today and tomorrow
   is as common sense. Today, the reality is that
   each of us can control; And tomorrow, because of
   its properties in the future tense, full of dream
   uncertainty. This, I think is the General
   Secretary Xi Jinping, when it comes to the great
   rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to use the
   word "dream". Course, people have always
   happens, "said. But today, we never need to use
   dreams to portray. Eighteen after, the official in
   charge of the destiny of China General Secretary
   Xi Jinping, of course, will not absurd to raise
   their hands for today can do things with the
   word "dream" to interpret his governing
   philosophy. Therefore, December 4, 2012, General
   Secretary Xi Jinping attend the capital from all
   walks of life to commemorate the 30 anniversary
   of the implementation of the existing
   Constitution Assembly, made a "life and
   authority of the Constitution is that the
   implementation of the keynote speech. Non-life
   and authority of the Constitution is the dream of
   the Chinese people. Southern weeks event hype
   "constitutional Dream", how to look like a bunch
   of punks who idle importune in broad daylight.
   Constitution, there already exist for almost three
   decades. China has long been "the Constitution"
   is equivalent to the dummy was never collective
   balderdash at play. But the communist system,
   day after day, personally carried trampling on
   the constitution, or said, will exist as a result of
   nothing. Mr. Gu Xiaojun recommended to the
   Nobel Peace Prize, and the Southern Weekly
   events surprisingly coincidence together. He also
   had special access to the sequence of events in
   Southern Weekly really enlightened, baffled. All
   what with what ah, "Dayu" Is not Two thousand
   years ago this? Just the expression mentally
   handicapped little inaccurate. Three Sovereigns
   and Five Emperors in Chinese history, originally
   mostly crap ingredients. So, even Sima Qian has
   always been known as honest in History did not
   elaborate. Southern weeks "more than ever we
   are close to the dream", to quote General
   Secretary Xi Jinping's speech on the
   implementation of the Constitution, and tell the
   world constitutionalism is increasingly visible in
   the Communist Party, but the hands can achieve
   the concept of governance. Stronger than that
   legendary destroyed wording the gorgeous
   Yunshanwuzhao the the "constitutional Dream" I
   do not know how many times. Weeks of those
   Southern people, in the end, for what purpose,
   the best Dai Zhiyong the "constitutional Dream"
   is removed brooding big noisy? Solidarity with
   Southern weeks known for how despicable
   purpose, we seek closer dream Rusangkaobi it?
   Look at that Han three kept his word after
   offering a reward of 20 million since fertilizer
   cheat "a force", written in what? Why you can
   not see sunlight reality, we seek to learn blind
   daydreaming? Then look at the big eyes of Lee
   "delete you got the world can not delete
   dignity" to say that others, such as Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun Gu disciples, Gu dough not be able to
   speak freely newspaper dignity is absolutely
   realistic. Big eyes actually do take their own
   metaphor, this is not the whole of a black and
   white reversed the muddy ball! Your the Lee big
   eyes and his ilk really not speak freely dignity,
   that book is published? Millions microblogging
   fans who gave? What it got cheaper still cold!
   CCP publishing management institutions and
   then brain damage, and will not have to agree
   with you a book to teach you must wear a mask
   fitted dumb? Really thought I could be like Chen
   Guangcheng --- bring a sunglasses can be fitted
   blind you? The General Secretary Xi ruled
   concept is how really, how much more to look
   forward to, ah! Constitution simply implemented,
   we naturally than ever closer to the dream.
   Really the very least, to "safeguard the dignity of
   the Constitution, to ensure the implementation
   of the Constitution of the duties of any
   organization or individual are not above the
   Constitution and the law of privilege. Behavior of
   all violations of the Constitution and the law,
   must be held accountable." On the network
   since 2005 on the back, in 2007, had blocked,
   even unknown organizations threaten the lives
   and safety of Mr. Gu Xiaojun can follow 135 of
   the Constitution, the freedom of speech! As for
   the other naturally occurring defects in the
   Constitution, but also what of it? Constitutional
   if just a dream. Why can not we start from the
   implementation of the existing Constitution, step
   by step, the foot and the actual to the dream
   closer to the pinnacle of world civilization.
   General Secretary Xi Jinping ah! You'd tell me,
   why the same subjects. Lee big eyes and his ilk
   can eat a man I do not know hunger Han hungry
   side to free speech, while much ado about
   nothing to attack you want to maintain the
   dignity of the Constitution. Mr. Gu Xiaojun is
   when the party in every possible way blocked,
   did not forget to complain about Germany: Who
   is the political reform on whom to support, and
   who support who of the Chinese Communist
   Party after eighteen high hopes that after a few
   years will take the right path Daiji it! Relying on
   the support of Mr. Gu Xiaojun party, the party
   whether the reciprocity, "draft did not forget
   who dug the well, return Mr. Gu Xiaojun: the
   name of the party, to recommend Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   sprint Nobel Peace Prize! Even if the party
   refuses to Germany reported that Germany, at
   least should be lifted the closure of of Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun its followers to kill it!
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, January 15, 2013 19:51 china]
(2013/01/16 发表)
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