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Offbeat Underworld community to combat mode---Weifang municipal govern

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • two hundred thirty-five
   Translator: God has eyes

   Chapter II KuiWen Court established false cases (under)
   Procuratorate investigation and handling of the
   results, that is, tell me the pawnshop pawn
   ticket, did not break the law ". So, in the end
   pawnshop no illegal it? Of course. Just
   Procuratorate for some reason, the law turn a
   blind eye to it. I suspect the the pawnshop
   contract is forged, the pawn ticket of course, also
   a forgery:
   1, the pawn contract clearly does not meet the
   common sense, the one-year deadline actually
   expressed in the July 16, 2007, to July 16, 2008.
   Understand the point of financial common sense
   are not guilty of such a low-level error, not to
   mention the pawnshop to pinch pennies. It can
   be seen with the naked eye, a date after the
   alteration made by October 15, 2007.
   2,Pawning Measures, signed by Zhou Yongkang,and Bo Xilai requirements: real estate mortgage
   period should not exceed six months. Pawn
   contract for up to one year.
   3, the contract property keys in the hands of the
   secured party. My real estate has been in my
   hands. This proves that the pawn shops did not
   do even the actual assessment. Pawn contract is
   counterfeit. Later in the inspection of the court's
   docket Cravens, can prove that the: the Pawn
   time they had to July 16, 2007, to October 15,
   2007. Three months, reasonable and legitimate.
   What To pawn behavior the forged mortgage
   contract? Because I can no longer endure the
   buyer does not fulfill the contract, the buyer
   filed a civil action. Buyers fear of fraud and not
   another re-assurance to set their own fraud
   collusion with the pawnshop. Because under the
   existing law, the buyer even if I lose a civil
   lawsuit, if he bilk refused to implement the
   judgment of the Intermediate People's Court.
   And I can only requirement in the hospital to
   perform my property. So, the execution proceeds,
   pawn mortgage priority. That I was asked buyers
   to repay the pawn rows mortgage. Means as I
   JifeiShida half effort will go down the drain.
   Sure enough, is the vicious a coup! Ring ring,
   liquidated to occupy my real estate.
   Buyers just do a good job with the pawnshop
   buckle, in collusion with the Housing Authority
   false filing was not enough, they must also have
   the legal means can be cashed at any time. The
   root cause of this pawnshop collusion Cravens
   Court established false cases.
   Why Cravens Court established the false cases?
   1, Pawnshop prosecution time is immediately after
   my time in hospital sued the buyer. My first
   time to prosecute a lawyer bastard, and made in
   the hospital discomfort grid quickly dismissed.
   The pawn shops are not action, but will also do
   the extension of the pawn ticket that has
   expired. So the second time I re-prosecute, pawn
   shops this to the The Cravens court stand the
   matter (case files show time).
   2, litigation in the hospital because of the trial
   judge mischief mischief, insist on helping the
   defenShit cut 380,000 yuan housing fund to
   judicial appraisal contour homes approved the
   Weihai ETERN Forensic Center can withdraw the
   false identification etc., the six months of the
   civil case, the trial for a full 17 months, is a
   serious violation of the extended trial. The
   pawnshop the Cravens court case, actually no
   reason, time trial than I do here long. If false
   cases, Cravens court Why not scheduled closing
   3, is the verdict of the Intermediate People's
   Court signed May 27, 2009, to reach my hand (a
   lawyer), July 7 already. This is obviously
   intentionally delay the delivery time to do what?
   Used to start the Cravens court false cases. Do
   not to exclude the Cravens court case, Weifang
   Intermediate People's Court verdict came out,
   hastily made.
   In fact, Cravens Court established the
   genuineness of the case, just any literate person
   can check to understand. But since my report to
   the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court's
   approach is handed over to the High Court.
   Provincial High Court to the Court of Weifang
   City. The Intermediate People's Court to the the
   Cravens court itself investigated. Self-
   examination and the results will be imagined.
   Can best the Cravens court stand grounds Jiaan:
   Cravens Court in this case nothing. Just pawn
   interest, more than the principal amount of the
   right? Open the pawn shop, also do charity it?
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, January 15, 2013 06:43 china]
(2013/01/15 发表)
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