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·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
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The plaintiff to the defendant by Weifang municipal Party committee se

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred twenty-six

   Translator: God has eyes
   How time flies, flash, enough to change the fate
   of China, "five years" have passed. Legislation
   Jiaan the Cravens court away from my mother
   scared to death, but also a full three years and
   three months.
   China's God must be blind: the good old days of
   the full adult meteoric rise because of this
   plaintiff suffering years, even accused Xu. Down
   before the Shandong Higher People's Court of
   Final Appeal ruling, the defenShit Xu Liquan
   Mayor has transformed --- became party
   secretary Weifang.
   Despite Shi Sansheng I believe this one
   involving real estate transactions, and there can
   be no less than two million Xu Liquan what
   benefits inside. Although the municipal
   government stamp covered that land certificate.
   But when into litigation by the civil
   administrative lawsuit, Xu Liquan has become
   the first defenShit when Mayor Hsu Niubi, never
   respondent court said, also commissioned a
   lawyer and I contentious. Besides Mayor Hsu can
   stay out, I'm afraid, except me, even the ghosts
   are not willing to believe. I wrote Xu mayor's
   letter called, even by a "random" sign, calling
   the shots, more Glimpse Weifang municipal
   government to serve the people's attitude is how
   clueless, randomly order.
   Fortunately, this endless, lead to the breakup of
   the contentious, the administrative tribunal in
   the Shandong High Court trial judge intent
   "Compounding" strongly denounce under the
   fair-minded people of of Mr. Gu Xiaojun rate Gu
   dough and Lord of the love, the first time ever
   speedy trial and the sentencing --- in just eight
   working days to have made the support Shi
   Sansheng the final judgment. I do not know Xu
   wholly secretary get the Shandong Provincial
   High Court of Final Appeal judgment would feel?
   Some penance for themselves this ignorant
   conscience contentious?
   How the simple fact of the matter is ah! Even
   Weifang Intermediate People's Court of First
   Instance judge bluntly: "I also know that it is
   false, collegial panel to discuss is such a
   sentence." Intent Compounding the Shandong
   High Court judge also know wronged, an excuse
   for people struggle with the officer, still The
   senior officials of the party secretary bucket
   unpredictable consequences advised me of
   Proceeding. During the proceedings, as a the
   defenShit Xu wholly Mayor, is it will completely
   do not know how their subordinates taking
   bribes and forgery? Land Assessment Report ", is
   it not contentious with the municipal
   government, the bureau during forged it? Is it
   even if the defenShit is to become wholly Mayor
   Xu also never look at the case file it? Trust
   under the handle in the hands of the Land
   Bureau, Land Bureau, only pamper crime?
   What a bastard administrative as ah! Land on
   the Housing Authority, even in 2007, before the
   transferee, indeed the right to the 2001 self-
   constructed property. That idiot through today's
   popular drama, fool-year-old children also fills.
   How can deceive dignified municipalities directly
   under the Yamen it? Is approval children, also
   some idiot fails? So perverted the law, I report
   the bribery case to the Public Prosecutor's Office,
   in the end who call the shots to let the matter
   rest? If the Housing Authority of the Managers
   unable idiot psychosis proof Should this
   considered an offense of misconduct?
   Look, can do it the Mayor level, the more Niubi:
   not even the Shandong Provincial Procuratorate
   should be helped defenShit Xu full pervert the
   law to protest! Side accepted my Report to cope
   with delays; side is the whistleblower perverting
   the law to protest. Will afford this the
   procuratorate are also Mayor of people's private
   Now, all of this is finally coming to an end. After
   the final judgment, the State Compensation Law
   will begin to honor their commitments, helped
   Xu, the city grew up with the Land Bureau, the
   Housing Authority of the backside. Although the
   court with all the trumped-up reasons, filing
   compensation cases drag this year. But
   ultimately survived the first day, and not
   noodles fifteen. Shi Sansheng with the lord
   mayor last war, imminent.
   Today, a new session headed by Xi Jinping
   decided brings up the banner of anti-corruption.
   Huang Sheng, former vice governor of Shandong
   Province, has also been referred to the judicial
   authorities. I do not know that greed has color
   Huang Sheng, the official dominion Weifang
   reputation? If people in Weifang trip has always
   been uncorrupted. Xu Liquan the mayor Should
   its rumor around the nurturing of 46 mistresses,
   there are 46 real estate, adding that he likes to
   play with a strange young women, each at the
   grassroots level inspections, day program, in all
   likelihood is open to the hotel room and
   women ...... "(see Baidu search" Huang Sheng
   Home) to do some endorsement that was
   completely untrue, at least at the grassroots
   level Weifang inspections, never open room and
   women do?
   Course, and a sacked corrupt scandal, corruption,
   and not Shi Sansheng my concern. I'd be
   willing to see Huang Sheng, the sycophant of
   "grass-roots" officials in jail.
   Xu Liquan secretary, Shi Sansheng I have been
   prepared for this last one v. good. Do you have
   ready to wipe our money well? This time, also
   intends to forge any instruments?
   , After the state compensation, after you correct
   the error in accorShice with the judgment of the
   Provincial High Court of its own, I intend to re-off
   my normal life. Your government violations built
   luxury courtroom of things, I do not want to
   speak out of turn. You, also do not threaten me,
   right? You know, Shi Sansheng Although I am
   timid and afraid of death, is still very reluctant
   to hear your lawyer leaked information to "kill"
   Happy to openly compensation in accorShice
   with the law my loss of these years! OK? Original
   full-Mayor Xu Xu Liquan secretary today.
   [Shi Sansheng Thursday, January 10, 2013 15:31 china]
(2013/01/11 发表)
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