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·To the world\'s Nobel Peace Prize laureate\'s open letter
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To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (a

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • two hundred fourteen

   Translator: God has eyes
   before: just Athens, do not let me landing had to reset the
   password. Mischief children of people trying to
   tell me something? There are words in the text
   after confessed wish. 】 Time passes so quickly,
   the smoke of the Nobel Peace Prize is not casual,
   already in 2013. On the occasion of the
   universally welcome, "China Network China the
   assessment officer Hundred" solemn jury
   recommended to the Nobel Peace Prize 2013
   candidates ---- Chinese mainland famous writer,
   thinker, political economist, Mr. Gu Xiaojun. First
   of all, please allow me to express my apologies to
   you: If it is because of our 2012 Annual the
   recommended lead Jury chicken changed their
   mind, the Peace Prize was awarded to the EU.
   Should have been that it makes one become like
   an April Fool's joke, did not play like magic
   granted to Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi as the
   most important awards in the world to promote
   peace and progress of human society. The
   enthusiasm of the recommendation, the result is
   just the opposite. It is contrary to our
   expectations, and we feel very embarrassed.
   However, we are more worried about the jury
   blinded Peace Prize error to grant Chen
   (Guangcheng) Ai (Weiwei) (Zhisheng), to promote
   the role of a more civilized society in China not
   only did not achieve it, it would lead to China's
   human rights, democracy march backwards. The
   progress of human society, the black sheep than
   the fake and shoddy. Control of these fake
   people or goods. In fact, even if we do not say, I
   believe to the your human wisdom developed
   countries, but also be able to distinguish
   between true or false, you get one-sided desk
   easily be misled by it. Such as Chen
   Guangcheng, of course you should be able to
   expect: a 18-year-old or a standard of illiteracy,
   plus blindness of people, how could read only
   several years of school for the blind, to become
   one of the China Law Society legal experts, a
   visiting scholar in the United States? Chen
   Guangcheng is a "fake" (Gu Xiaojun language),
   which is well aware of the fact that even the
   "Times". For example, in 2006, the Times said in
   its Man of Chen Guangcheng introduction: "Yet
   three hours after meeting with TIME in Beijing
   to discuss the issue, Chen was shoved into an
   unmarked vehicle by public-security agents from
   his hometown. (see Shi Sansheng "time for
   obama president dug three pits"). Rather the
   Chen Guangcheng own complaint form, but
   claimed to have been men kidnapped six public
   security officers, pushed him in a car away
   models for Santana 2000, the license plate
   number Lu the B13237 (See Shi Sansheng
   "activist lawyer Chen blind a model of the
   "Three Represents"). The same thing that he was
   the parties "Times" reporter described wrong of,
   is not that typical fraud? As for Chen
   Guangcheng can in 10 seconds to escape the
   guards to hand over a four-meter high wall, even
   President Obama are entrusted to the private
   assessment agencies made entirely negative
   assessment. Said The Chen Guangcheng able to
   distinguish the color of the rose, to pull out of
   the ground in the field dish, have undoubtedly
   proved that he is an out-and-out "three fake. If
   the Peace Prize of the judges had really said
   such rumors, intends Peace Prize was awarded
   Chen Ai Middle School. Know we expose the
   truth about whether inverted gasped, heartfelt
   thanks to Mr. Gu Xiaojun and Shi Sansheng
   expose it? I do not know the Peace Prize judges
   have not thought about: Why Peace Prize to
   Aung San Suu Kyi, will be able to promote the
   progress and civilization of the Myanmar society;
   Peace Prize awarded to Liu Xiaobo results, but it
   did not, but slowed the pace of progress in
   China not only Liu Xiaobo "behind bars", caused
   by the human rights cause in China strides
   backwards? With the Peace Prize, why the role of
   China and Myanmar, the two neighboring
   countries will be such a huge difference
   between? Reasons, whether it is the Peace Prize
   judges always unwittingly reward "backward"
   sake? Of course, above all a thing of the past. In
   the new year, we should look forward. In 2013,
   doomed to a year of the most anticipated in the
   history of China and in letters. CPC headed by Xi
   Jinping new leaders forge ahead, not only to
   emancipate the mind, to uphold the dignity of
   the Constitution, but also to "talk about the
   country, hard work and prosperous country."
   Such as China, necessarily means "false, will
   gradually lose market risk, pseudo, bad". Trying
   to rejuvenation of the Chinese people, naturally
   no longer agree with some, such as Chen
   Guangcheng like the fake blinded by their own
   mind. In view of this, China Network China the
   assessment officer Hundred "join forces" taking
   care of dough "Mr. Gu Xiaojun formally
   recommended to the judges of the Nobel Peace
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, January 1, 2013 13:30 China]
(2013/01/01 发表)
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