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Time magazine unbearable humiliation borrow Korean media refute Shi Sa

      "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • The one hundred seventy-one
      Translator: God has eyes

      Mainland network, although the re-opening ofthe Athens Academy, but the management andcontrol as before. Xi Jinping, the generalsecretary of emancipating the mind "is also stillno action, if the talk about the country." ThePropaganda Department adults imprison Is itwill be good for the country you peoplethinking?Control not only intensified. The attack on mycomputer, reached unprecedented crazy. Thiswriting, only because on the chrome look, fanshave been crazy turn off net stop signs are stillseen.It is also just search for "Times", found twomessages from the Chinese media: Sohu NewsKorean media: Kim Jong-un leader Person of the Year Award "; an Guangmingforwarded Xinhua "Times Person of the Year, KimJong-un, voted leading bird tert-fourth." Newsperspective is different, but the source of themessage is the Korean Central Daily NewsNetwork ", the message said:" According to thewebsite of the Korea Central Daily "reported onDecember 1, as of noon on November 30, KimJong-un 1,248,275 votes, followed closelythereafter the votes of 332,029 EgyptianPresident Mohammed Mursi, and calls for womento right to education were Taliban shootings ofPakistan the girls malala 尤萨夫扎伊, she won155,904 votes. popular Korean rapper PSYJiangnan Style ", a song popular in the world69,304 votes behind in fourth." really do notunderstand these mainland media think what?"Times" website on the mainland through thestreets, they are not blocked! Time100 votingshall not be sneaky people can not see. But heis open and aboveboard, who ranks first few at aglance. Even to Shi Sansheng so dabbler Englishlevel people can understand, Xinhua,Guangming, Reference News even dabbler not asgood? So many practitioners, no one speaksEnglish? Ranking reported that Kim Jong-un, whydetour, go reproduced Korea Central Daily News"network news?Reprint reprint it! China and the United Statessent the day, South Korea and the energydifference when? Why dull to three days to thinkof it reproduced from people? This is to provehimself stupid or what?Obviously, these two message news are directedat Shi Sansheng I came. Why do you say that?Times found the upper right corner with ShiSansheng published Dec. 1, the foreign policy ofthe era of true idiot FY decline ", publishedtoday, at 6:15 on December 3 points Times craftyGu Xiaojun thinking really exciting." small figureof 8 people who should be time's person Show ofthe year?, no longer appear photograph of XiJinping, the general secretary of the picture. "What? Clearly time guilty conscience, had to takedown a photograph of Xi Jinping ad of thegeneral secretary of photos? "Times" such actsdo not silently that failure, success of Gu Xiaojunthought it?Defeat to defeat it! I did not expect really havesmelly feet holding Times. The reference news,Guangming, Sohu News publish the above newsmedia, no doubt, the "Times" faithful childcare."Times" and shame had removed the "falseadvertising". Actually angered the CCP's mediacould not stand to Mingbu Ping Americans up.Public child care this late news, of course, is forShi Sansheng "know, kim jong, un name, beforeI issued a document, the top 38 did not squeezeinto go!"Originally, Kim Jong-un's name had (Beijing timeon December 1) is the first that he shouldreview the writing is not rigorous enough, andeven some telltale. But looking back at their ownword document, found that the date of copy timeleaderboard single notice any do not know: atotal of three columns of the form, name,definitely, no way, name column of the top two isempty. Kim jong un with mohamed morsi thename usurper definitely in support andopposition to the number and pushed no way abar (with word all know: the table in thedocument, is difficult to automatically shift).What described above? This document is clearlybeing manipulated!December 1, when writing the foreign policy ofthe era of true idiot FY decline, "the coursethrough several name column out obamaRanking - ninth;" Xi Jinping and Bo xilai placefinish in the first 33, 34 few into the bottom; aiweiwei topped 20 if the copy of the form if thevacuum with two Shi Sansheng Mastersproficient level of elementary school mathematicsis categorically not for several wrong fourpeople. Who Moved My word document?Is in the morning, the Writing Times crafty GuXiaojun thinking is really exciting ", alsoespecially careful to count on this list, especiallyvery carefully check the list in the beginning ofthe letter" K "candidate. Found only one called"karl rove", did not have a name kim jong un.I do not understand :/ dog / day / time to one ofChina's quasi-criminal criminals Xi Jinping,general secretary of the same list, and let Xiinsurance excess, which is obviously in thehumiliation of the Chinese Communists. Ownbelief in the spirit of "just the first" in responseto the call of Mr. Gu Xiaojun, expose theconspiracy Times. CCP media how to support myhand, you want to put on a dull, stupidappearance, time to mapping Shi Sansheng myessay is not rigorous, chaos flatter yourself it?Will Xinhua, Guangming, Reference News andSohu, you have not the guts to open debate?Such a reference to the South Korean media hadgas news innuendo, do not think they are anidiot?
      [Shi Sansheng Monday, December 3, 2012 18:05 China]
(2012/12/04 发表)

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