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·The TIME magazine and Romney angry Go berserk
·AskedTIME liar meaty fragrant?
·TIME 的三大骗
·TIME's three big cheat
·Spies and the current political situation
·Disguised as blind Obama and TIME
·Asked TIME: How well do you unspoken rules?
·TIME dug a pit for Obama
·TIME is full to snipe Gu Xiaojun
·TIME conscience and the final outcome
·Asked TIME:尔等意欲何为?
·Asked TIME: What are those of you who want to
·Foreign Policy already know shame TIME still obsessed
·To thank U.S. Foreign Policy closer to impartiality
·With the like argue's U.S.Foreign Policy experts to talk
·Warmly congratulate the foreign policy continues to play the fool
·Time 龌龊之极obama 牙白心黑
·Gu Xiaojun defeated American foreign policy
·Time the dirty extremely obama the teeth white heart black
·Times influential man - the world's top thinkers Gu Xiaojun
·外交政策真白痴 时代风云已式微
·Influential man Gu Xiaojun Anti intellectualism pioneer is TIME
·"Foreign Policy" true idiot, "TIME" already fading
·奥巴马豪赌时代周刊 顾晓军智胜外交政策
·Obama gamble times weekly Gu Xiaojun outwit foreign policy
·时代周刊诡计多端 顾晓军思想真精彩
·时代周刊不堪凌辱 借韩媒反驳石三生
·回味顾晓军思想 看时代周刊作弊
·The U.S. TIME crafty Gu Xiaojun ism brilliant
·打倒奥巴马 解放中国人
·Time magazine unbearable humiliation borrow Korean media refute Shi Sa
·To aftertaste Gu Xiaojun Thought Time magazine cheating
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·时代周刊放软话 风云人物成悬念
·Time to put the soft words, Influential man into apprehensively
·时势成就顾晓军 时代周刊枉意淫
·The current situation Achievement Gu Xiaojun Times in vain to comfort
·奥巴马愚民有方 美国人无知超常
·外交政策已销魂 时代周刊必黯然
·Obama is good at fooling the people-Americans ignorant extraordinary
·诺贝尔奖无阳谋 时代周刊多阴招
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·奥巴马为囚徒发飙 美议员替罪犯维权
·Nobel Prize without the open conspiracy Times and more underhand
·时代周刊黔驴技穷 诺贝尔奖追腥逐臭
·习近平呼应顾晓军 刘云山趣谈李瑞环
·时代周刊正难产 诺贝尔奖已沉寂
·时代周刊不分善恶 顾晓军思想有公正
·奥巴马松口人权 顾晓军再胜美国
·奥巴马幡然悔悟 时代周刊难回首
·Obama relax mouth human rights Gu Xiaojun again wins the America
·Obama wake up to reality Times could not look back
·中宣部禁言误国 时代周刊坑华夏
·Gu Xiaojun swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load Obama Forsake her
·The Central Propaganda Department Ban on speech, mislead the country.T
·America China Kill children case Superficial and deep
·时代周刊树歪风 美国社会缺公正
·Because TIME weekly influential man and give Obama's open letter
·Cause TIME weekly influential man and give the Chinese Communist open
·Cause recommended TIME weekly influential man and give Xi Jinping's op
·About TIME weekly influential man and give Luo Jiahui's open letter
· Time magazine behavior mismanage,Gu Xiaojun ism the public impartiali
The U.S. TIME crafty Gu Xiaojun ism brilliant

   “China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group” Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • The one hundred Seventy

   Translator: God has eyes
   Shi Sansheng I have always been a people do
   not like saying thank. Of course, this is not that
   they are not polite, but their own thanks to the
   results are generally not good!
   That Boxun just because Hits reach three
   thousand little proud about and boast of Boxun
   few website blog then paralyzed;, because of
   their own after a five-year lawsuit Higher
   People’s Court of Shandong decisive won. Could
   not help but thank Mr. Gu Xiaojun and all
   justice-loving people, cause the the “Gu dough
   chat log” die a natural death, it is to make
   themselves feel more regret.
   But, today, feeling a little bad, I can not help
   but want to thank Shi Sansheng about: Special
   thanks to Singapore “United Zaobao” silent
   Because from the beginning to the “foreign
   policy”, “Times,” the two world famous bastard
   media Recommended Chinese thinker Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun has soared straight hits. Zaobao Forum
   “current affairs discussion forum, almost became
   my Shi Sansheng one world. News: Hits of the
   entire layout and not been adversely affected.
   Thank you very much! Thanks to all those who
   love justice! Thanks to all the friends that read
   “United Zaobao Forum!
   Today is a bit of a special day. Although the
   visit Google chrome still need a lot of patience!
   In the search for “24-hour Shi Sansheng, see”
   www.yadian.net/log/ - Cached the thatched
   articles involving politically sensitive content
   2011-12-20 12:31:18 Details .. Shi Sansheng
   articles involving politically sensitive content
   2011 Details -12-20 12:30:02 .. Red is my article
   involving politically sensitive … “message. Click,
   it really is to be shut down for six months,
   “Athens Academy again liberalized. This, of
   course, is a signal of the new government to “the
   rule of law in the world”. But I do not know
   whether this “Athens Gakuen” can restore the
   rule of law in the world, thinking “era?
   Above, it is a good thing positive to say.
   Below, to tell you the opposite of a good thing:
   Today, click www.time.com the upper right
   corner with a small map of the eight people who
   should be time’s person of the year?, No longer
   the sole contributor Xi Jinping, the general
   secretary of the picture, but in the lower right
   corner from time.com who should be time’s
   person of the year? “link, as usual appears.
   This is what? Description: Mr. Gu Xiaojun “on
   behalf of overseas” Gu Xiaojun As my article
   about “not empty words; Second, I recommend
   articles / dog / day / time of the Shi Sansheng
   Masters also very nervous, even subconsciously
   they change it!
   Chameleon tricks, original works of the former
   Soviet Union, Communist Party national favorite.
   I did not expect, even has advertised himself
   free, democratic American devils, turned out to
   be well versed in the Road. Detract from the
   world-famous, renowned for centuries weekly
   miserable not stand a Gu Xiaojun “? It is
   Funny, not just the case.
   Shi Sansheng I outwit foreign policy, “Obama
   gamble Times Weekly Gu Xiaojun, to the
   Secretary-General of the CPC Weapon” to the
   deep pockets of the Chinese Communists, gave
   the orders, 80 million people together into
   battle off not learning the total does not confide
   in time The first truth. “Xi total ranking seen
   moving. Touches enlightened —- North Korean
   leader Kim Jong-un, kim jong un have now is to
   sit tight in the head standings! definitely is six
   times more than the second place. Alas,
   definitely no way people autocratic gold ratio
   was 24:1,25 vote only one opponents. To know
   the name of Kim Jong un, I issued a document
   before the top 38 did not squeeze into the go!
   Oh, it really is a miracle of time ah!
   The time last really to South Korea, a bird tert-
   North Korea Kim Jong-un Winning. That would
   look nice too! Just do not know that Kim Jong-un
   suddenly he went head standings, have not
   learned Han pediatric cheating? Or wrestle with
   the Sino-US North Korea missile launch have to
   do with it? Sitting rocket era. Nothing is faster is
   not it?
   Ask time, at this moment, you have to reject the
   nomination of Mr. Gu Xiaojun regret it? Want to
   learn a “foreign policy” also issued a statement,
   said time100 purely fed nothing to do “(Xi
   Jinping language), is designed for funny
   jinzhengen that pushy, feisty young people play
   This guru Shi Sansheng I might as well have
   something to say: as long as the time even
   euphemistically admit you were wrong, not to
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun face; admit is “fed nothing to do
   a face to the Secretary-General of the CPC. I let
   bygones be bygones and not mention the time of
   embarrassments. How?
   Liu Qibao adults ah, you see me? Really is such
   that ideas are said — sharp tongue but a soft
   heart CPC so heartless to me unjust, I bent
   toward your General Secretary, our Vice Chairman
   [Shi Sansheng Monday, December 3, 2012 6:15 China]
(2012/12/03 发表)

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