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·TIME is full to snipe Gu Xiaojun
·TIME conscience and the final outcome
·Asked TIME:尔等意欲何为?
·Asked TIME: What are those of you who want to
·Foreign Policy already know shame TIME still obsessed
·To thank U.S. Foreign Policy closer to impartiality
·With the like argue's U.S.Foreign Policy experts to talk
·Warmly congratulate the foreign policy continues to play the fool
·Time 龌龊之极obama 牙白心黑
·Gu Xiaojun defeated American foreign policy
·Time the dirty extremely obama the teeth white heart black
·Times influential man - the world's top thinkers Gu Xiaojun
·外交政策真白痴 时代风云已式微
·Influential man Gu Xiaojun Anti intellectualism pioneer is TIME
·"Foreign Policy" true idiot, "TIME" already fading
·奥巴马豪赌时代周刊 顾晓军智胜外交政策
·Obama gamble times weekly Gu Xiaojun outwit foreign policy
·时代周刊诡计多端 顾晓军思想真精彩
·时代周刊不堪凌辱 借韩媒反驳石三生
·回味顾晓军思想 看时代周刊作弊
·The U.S. TIME crafty Gu Xiaojun ism brilliant
·打倒奥巴马 解放中国人
·Time magazine unbearable humiliation borrow Korean media refute Shi Sa
·To aftertaste Gu Xiaojun Thought Time magazine cheating
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·时代周刊放软话 风云人物成悬念
·Time to put the soft words, Influential man into apprehensively
·时势成就顾晓军 时代周刊枉意淫
·The current situation Achievement Gu Xiaojun Times in vain to comfort
·奥巴马愚民有方 美国人无知超常
·外交政策已销魂 时代周刊必黯然
·Obama is good at fooling the people-Americans ignorant extraordinary
·诺贝尔奖无阳谋 时代周刊多阴招
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·奥巴马为囚徒发飙 美议员替罪犯维权
·Nobel Prize without the open conspiracy Times and more underhand
·时代周刊黔驴技穷 诺贝尔奖追腥逐臭
·习近平呼应顾晓军 刘云山趣谈李瑞环
·时代周刊正难产 诺贝尔奖已沉寂
·时代周刊不分善恶 顾晓军思想有公正
·奥巴马松口人权 顾晓军再胜美国
·奥巴马幡然悔悟 时代周刊难回首
·Obama relax mouth human rights Gu Xiaojun again wins the America
·Obama wake up to reality Times could not look back
·中宣部禁言误国 时代周刊坑华夏
·Gu Xiaojun swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load Obama Forsake her
·The Central Propaganda Department Ban on speech, mislead the country.T
·America China Kill children case Superficial and deep
·时代周刊树歪风 美国社会缺公正
·Because TIME weekly influential man and give Obama's open letter
·Cause TIME weekly influential man and give the Chinese Communist open
·Cause recommended TIME weekly influential man and give Xi Jinping's op
·About TIME weekly influential man and give Luo Jiahui's open letter
· Time magazine behavior mismanage,Gu Xiaojun ism the public impartiali
·2012 Network Public Evaluation version of China's ten largest public i
·To the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee recommendation letters (a
Gu Xiaojun swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load Obama Forsake her

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • 190
   Translator: God has eyes

    In the end is the elite of the democratic
   countries, once aware of the conspiracy was
   brought to light, pretending to be blind, fool
   blackmail CPC sparked when surrounded and
   attacked by the United States itself, even the
   people of the Western countries, the calculation
   of the lawyer, President Obama finally let it
   come, and ready to give up the evil trick of the
    Rectifies itself a remarkable achievement.
   Although the U.S. government, led by President
   Obama on human rights issues for the first time
   shown to the Chinese Communists. However, how
   to improve Sino-US strategic dialogue involving
   "human rights" issues in the new government of
   Communist China is not announced before
   President Obama unilaterally announced plans to
   "meet the CCP's human rights requirements, and
   still can not rule out the ingredients of the
   conspiracy. Because for now, China and the
   United States government is still in the dark
   connivance, to debunk the Sino-US whom
   contention decades of human rights is a hoax,
   questioned the school to impose an
   unprecedented ban troublemakers. Because the
   Times is still trying to continue to fabricate a
   "stupid story" to fool the people of China and
   the United States and around the world expect
   to Ai Weiwei pseudo rights.
    Blocked from the Chinese Communist Party
   Central Propaganda Department is no doubt,
   take a look at the blog of Mr. Gu Xiaojun, to see
   Shi Sansheng the blog look at Gu dough a
   member of the blog, deleted text is barely veiled
   simply do not care about Xi Jinping, the general
   secretary vowed to uphold the constitution
   dignity; troublemakers from the U.S. government
   even more obvious, such as Google's Gu Xiaojun
   "," Shi Sansheng "search records forever Posting
   quantity not only out of sync, sometimes not
   decreased rather than increased. This morning,
   for example, click on the Google chrome crash
   state can not enter more than four minutes after
   the computer is not hot start, had a hard
   shutdown restart. I remember for this is known
   as the world's most secure chrome Google
   offering a reward of one million U.S. dollars to
   carry out attacks, visible to Google's own very
   confident. In the end is who controls my
   chrome? In addition to Google, who have this
    Not long ago, Google publicly report said the
   U.S. government is the government all over the
   world to Google asking the most. Google really
   have the courage to reject all of the
   requirements from the White House? I really do
   not be evil, Chen blind deleted article "sons of
   the soil --- the blind barefoot lawyer Chen
   Guangcheng" will not help. What a beautiful
   article fabricated ah! Why should like garbage
   clean-up it? Also the "sons of the soil", why not
   say is the "Son of God"? See the information that
   Chen blind father and mother of the people, ah,
   how will land old child? I know that can grow
   crops to the ground. Is it also can grow it?
    Remember, is related to the issue of human
   rights, the Chinese Communist Party has always
   been razor. Every time the Americans a Blue
   Book accusations of human rights in China, the
   CCP will immediately retorted in the White
   Paper. This time, President Obama's advisers are
   open to the Chinese Communist Party shows
   good, ready to Communist China to take over
   entirely to the issue of China's human rights.
   Why the CCP did not point to react? This will
   not be because once reciprocity, will inevitably
   involve the key to a major turning point of the
   Sino-US strategic dialogue on human rights
   issues, is because the school questioned headed
   by Mr. Gu Xiaojun Chen blind, Ai Weiwei and
   other revelations of human rights liar? A few
   months ago, China and the United States
   government does not just Chen blind human
   rights issues reached a secret agreement?
    CPC silent, of course, is do not want to to Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun dip at any point "light". Moreover,
   the big credit, but also entirely due to Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun led school questioned. Ordinarily, the
   CCP's angry can not be regarded as
   unreasonable, that Chen blind, but it took more
   than 60 million (Chen Guangcheng own
   statement) before the culture of an "anti-system"
   U.S. pawn!
    CCP why not a bright point of view the
   problem then? As the inventor of that insane
   fortune conversion theory "Sevon said: Although
   a value of 60 million pawn waste. If so let the
   U.S. government to change its mind, and will no
   longer take the issue of human rights to
   blackmail the Chinese Communists. Chinese
   Communists do this to save the number
   60000000 ah! CCP not been opposed by others to
   interfere in the internal affairs of this? How
   people do not want to interfere. Communist
   China does not yet meet it?
    How absurd the Central Propaganda
   Department ah! Ignoring the fact that learning
   to uphold the constitution dignity, continues to
   distort the "lip States" as the most powerful
   weapon of the new round of network blocked. Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun thinking can talk about it? Empty
   talk, can restore CPC virtually countless loss of 60
   million? This does not, then overhead Chen
   blind man who 60,000,000 inherently
   Propaganda Department of the shares in which
   [Shi Sansheng Saturday, December 15, 2012, 03:43 China]


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