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·To Nobel Peace Prize jury recommended "the public impartiality first"
·Please Nobel Peace Prize judges compared Gu Xiaojun malala
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to Note "malala day"'s preposterous
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to Note malala's cheating
·巴基斯坦少女骗子马拉拉Malala Yousafzai的大丑闻
·Please Mr. Ban Ki to be concerned with "malala shootings"'s prepostero
·请潘基文关注Malala Yousufzai案的第四个版本
·the scandal about Malala Yousafzai(专题)
·Please Ban Ki-moon concerned about Malala Yousafzai is the third versi
·请潘基文关注Malala Yousafzai的维权骗局
·Please Ban Ki-Moon concern Malala Yousufzai case the fourth version
·请潘基文彻查Malala Yousafzai诈骗联合国案
·Please Ban Ki-moon to conduct a thorough investigation the Malala Yous
·请联合国撤销马拉拉Malala Yousafzai日
·Requested the United Nations to rescind the "Malala Yousafzai Day"
·To the Nobel Peace Prize jury recommended uphold rights pioneer Gu Xia
·Pleaseik Nobel peace prize judges concerned about the human rights sca
·Recommended Nobel Peace Prize purpose executor Gu Xiaojun
·Recommended Gu Xiaojun to the Nobel Peace Prize, why is it so hard?
·True and thinking in the haze lock Weifang
·依法治国 请中共先管好自己的特务
·Relying on the law to govern the country, please the Communist Party f
·Wu Dengsheng and Gu Xiaojun PK Nobel Peace Prize
·To the mayor of Weifang City Deputies to the National People's Congres
·Taiwan's Ang Lee not understand mainland's Gu Xiaojun
·To NPC deputy and mayor of Weifang Liu Shuguang second letter
·The idea of "​​civil rights" to recommend to the Nobel Pea
·Establish "Gu dough culture media company " Announcement
·“相對論”般的思想 《紅樓夢》般的文字
·陈光诚是假瞎 全世界却装瞎
·愚蠢的问题 难产的答案
Nobel Prize without the open conspiracy Times and more underhand

   “China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group” Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments • The one hundred seventy-eight
   Translator: God has eyes

   Fight lasting two hours this morning, with
   Google chrome, only made an overseas blog
   article in English, fan turn mad, and the hard
   disk light Changming. Worried about my old
   notebook to an attack and had to turn off the
   computer. Re-open, also like at the child, so still
   it seems that you can hear your own heartbeat.
   Only stare at my stalker, this is clearly not the
   Central Propaganda Department of the style. But
   only wholeheartedly recommended to Time
   magazine, Mr. Gu Xiaojun, because no clear
   answer to the Person of the Year candidate list
   (open all the time), and you can not give up.
   Hard on my browser, in addition to the Times,
   but also who is it?
   Needless to say, with learning general secretary
   to “emancipate the mind”, to complete the
   national revival Albert, to uphold the
   constitution dignity, to ensure the
   implementation of the constitution of the duties
   of any organization or individual are not above
   the Constitution and the law of privilege.
   Everything violation of the Constitution and the
   law must be investigated. “old school rogue only
   riotings, the occluder people the freedom of
   speech of the Central Propaganda Department,
   has been impossible to follow his steps. Then
   again, the the subjective ideology Li Changchun
   adults, also Resurrection turn to the life, “is no
   longer the party and state leaders not. In its
   place, the interest of his. Is an opposition
   elderly continue guiding ideology of the Central
   Propaganda Department?
   Apart from the Central Propaganda Department,
   not only the “Times” the American devils are
   also anti-intellectual, anti-civilization, anti-
   justice Shisan Sheng Gu dough hated you?
   Time magazine once again advise a: multi-line
   unjust is doomed to destruction. Repentance
   now, not yet too late. I did not refuse to see
   foreign policy included the fate of Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun? Not to mention a mere “foreign policy”,
   that the Nobel Peace Prize, the Literature Prize
   and how?
   After in the Mo Yan swoop Sweden country, many
   in and outside the media seem to have hit a
   strong shot in the arm, re-flooding many days
   from the dare “Mo Yan winning the topic of
   speculation. Poor that dippy King of Sweden, also
   had to play dumb, ignoring the strong doubts
   School “questioned, given to honor this
   untrustworthy, insincere vice chairman of the
   Chinese Writers Association.
   Including the Nobel literature jury before, the
   incumbent Chairman and Mayueran installed
   grandson, both dare respond Mo Yan why
   winning? They dare not refute Shandong cultural
   cadres bribery rumor. Sufficient to prove that the
   Swedish Academy was justice defeated the first
   values “​​challenged school! Not only the Swedish
   Academy was beaten gray head gray face. Even
   Mo Yan had to pretend to “oranges” will
   recommend Mr. Gu Xiaojun to winning as a
   bargaining chip to question the school “sign of
   weakness, to curry favor with the.
   The “in Mo Yan winning” reflections, called:
   “storyteller”, and “storytelling won the Nobel
   Prize for Literature proud. He added: “I’m after
   winning a lot of wonderful stories, these stories,
   I firmly believe that truth and justice, there is.”
   “Storytelling” to replace the “novel” is clearly
   absurd. Mr. Gu Xiaojun “Goran Malmqvist is a
   novel idiot”, has said quite understand. Only
   from the literal meaning of the novel
   “storytelling”; but the story never can say
   “fiction”. For example, Mr. Gu Xiaojun novel
   “fate” by an old man “story” about the fate of
   the Chinese people of an era. Lack of acting that
   does not mean the end, “said Gary’s” an old
   man “story” about a novel era of Chinese people.
   Can we do that? Everyone has a story, can;
   everyone has the novel can also be? Goran
   Malmqvist really is a novel of idiot, the Swedish
   Academy really is a bunch of novels idiot.
   Mo Yan is not only equivalent to the “story” in
   the novel as crazy, even at the cost of borrowing
   the Nobel literature platform idiot fallacy, spread
   to the world, it is the people of insight Xiaodiao
   Mo Yan insights idiot, doomed his “storytelling”
   is a liar, no philosophy at all. For example, in his
   speech, one side says “My mother is not literate,
   but very respected illiterate people.” Side but
   for unknown reasons, said their own primary
   schools are not graduating “dropout sucker
   interpreted as the Cultural Revolution caused
   but unexpectedly Mo Yan also said “When I
   reach for cattle and sheep passing from the front
   of the school, see old classmates fooling around
   campus, my heart is full of sadness, deeply
   appreciate a person, even a child, leave groups
   after painful. ‘
   In order to render the greatness of his mother,
   Mo Yan even describe her, said: “My child, do
   not worry, even though I live a little fun, but
   Yan Wangye not call me, I will not go.” With
   parents born world mother, especially the
   mother of the Chinese people, even depending
   on their minor son are suffering, not entirely
   “fun”? Mo Yan with his mother, contrary to
   repeat itself and humanity also!
   Mo Yan’s hypocrisy, and far more than that.
   News and other brain-dead media shoved
   holding smelly feet “to Mo Yan Nobel speech:
   memory mother Mo Yan psychological dark youth,
   it has been quite superior a more visible for the
   beginning of the three the philosophical story
   Mo Yan’s first story, only those sucker talents
   can read philosophy to never really crying. Sure
   enough, he was moved to tears, and certainly in
   no mood to observe whether others even cry fake
   tears. To see the exhibition, see only the
   exhibits or someone else’s back, sneaky
   (childhood, perhaps with naughty), who has a
   the spies general psychological only nationals
   own fake cry when peeping performance .
   The second story, but is a reflection of the
   people and dogs in general conditions. How can
   there be any philosophy at all?
   The third story, but would like to ridicule people
   who questioned him after his award-winning.
   Sure enough, he is also one to believe that
   “truth and justice exist” would not be afraid of
   questioning, not posing as “oranges” to Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun lightly re-promise.
   See the outside of the Internet, someone said,
   “the Nobel Prize is open conspiracy”, which is
   really too much residual brain. Concept of the
   Nobel, exactly which one civilization and
   progress of human society, triggered because of
   the Nobel Prize. Is there? Is not there?
   I’m afraid the progress is difficult to seek a
   trace. Credit for anti-civilization, touches as the
   Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, the Literature Prize,
   the foreign policy of the top100 thinkers Times
   annual candidate objects together forever in
   history. Was later cast aside, criticized!
   [Shi Sansheng Sunday, December 9, 2012 09:49 China]
(2012/12/09 发表)

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