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Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people

      Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
      Gu Xiaojun: Athens Academy regression (http://www.yadian.cc/people/22939/) do not have toworry about finding the first time to take ShiSansheng text. Territory, which is the lastforward (especially good except); overseascontinue (to the party liberation Shi Sanshengdate. Party is sick, Boxun Der Spiegel put ShisanSheng, while others hold is not sick? Non Boxun,Der Spiegel against, but the view is indeed oftenat odds party is mentally Down?) Other disciplesGu, Gu dough, Gu Friends to Athens academy toopen Bo; if Sina Shantie, hair title and link. Ibelieve I Gu Xiaojun, Gu disciples, Gu dough, GuFriends of the spring is about to come to (thecouple are downgraded next year, there is somuch money to deal with me? Overseas abreast:two is really 83-year-old mother dying. parade,none of my damned business? I only ask you notto curry favor with the public).
      "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng KyushuComments • The one hundred seventy-three

      Translator: God has eyes
      As stated in Mr. Gu Xiaojun said: "because theUnited States is the world's policeman, thePresident of the United States actuallyaccounted for our public authority; because theUnited States is the world's policeman, thefamous American media is actually alsoaccounted for our public authority" (see "On theDemocracy and offensive ").Not to say that other countries, such as NorthKorea, only said China. Roosevelt era in thosestupid things children do not say, only thatNixon's visit to China, the two countries re andafter the U.S. government to do those stupidthings children. In fact, the acts of the U.S.government has been unable to describe stupid.Chen Guangcheng, from 89 to BuddhismSakyamuni flesh flourish in the United States,and then mounted blind swindle Ai Weiwei,ghostwriter fraud Han become the apple of theU.S. government, a cash cow. The United States,in fact, in order to safeguard their own interests,became the Chinese people towards the biggeststumbling block of the democratic process.Not only the U.S. government, almost allWestern developed countries, elites, just for thesake of the interests and become a partner incahoots with the U.S. government. President ofthe European Parliament not to openly learnChen blind wear sunglasses fitted blind?Chinese Academy of Sweden Nobel Prize forLiterature will be given to senior officials withinthe communist system, and Mo Yan? Foreignpolicy, The Times, Deutsche Welle, not only isloaded blind to defraud people voicing supportfor the child?Just think, if not 89 what will?Imagine if China does not have a Masters, whatwill happen now?Just think, if not blind, Korea three cheat, Ailarge stay by Western forces holding the intoangles children, now society as to fall to evenfeudal society is not as good as this?Eighty-nine when the Chinese, there is a lot ofsocial problems. Even the high-level design, butalso know no preferences, caught mice is a goodcat. "Let some get rich first" under the guiShiceof the theory, corruption, corruption beganbreeding. These problems, in fact, at that timethe Chinese Communists simply follow theexperience of the ancients, strengthen the ruleof law, strict management party, to solve thecontradiction between the army and the state,you can avoid the problem. Ho far as to get theagents of parties in the United States, Liu andhis ilk to find fault with, and even cause to makethe world look askance at the tragedy?Want to now, when the U.S. government, onlyone side of a protection to the purpose of thenotembassy, ​​ to fear that China into chaosTiananmen crackdown, fearing not to cause it?Not even a little square of a play are not (GuXiaojun language). Which ribs confusion, let himbecome a leader in the 1989 movement? If notthe U.S. government behind instigation, mightit?Outside of the Internet, and is spreading theU.S. government must be held accountable soand so "/ live / Abstract / / official /" sin. Sureenough, / dog / day / have mastered a certainreal incriminating evidence, where As has onlybeen in the bluff, they do not dare reveal theirevidence to do? The defection Wang Lijunseason, / Iraq who spread rumors that itsmastery of a certain incriminating. Today, WangLijun Executed, incriminating evidence where it?Hidden in the basement of the White House?Ridiculous, just correct social atmosphere couldbe avoided God creating movement. As long asthe freedom of speech, freedom of belief wouldnot grow god-collective. Literally thriving in ahigh-profile, under pressure, in order to so andso's rival. Who is stupid?That blind Chen, Han three cheat Ai big stay,are questioned Mr. Gu Xiaojun learn exposingnaked Painted Skin were. Why / dog / day /Western forces or put as meat and potatoes?This earth really smelly as incense countries?Obama, as president of a world super numberone power, commissioned professionalorganization under Chen blind escape action tomake a negative assessment, actually concealedthe results of the assessment to the world. Notonly that, but also through the installed blind,negotiated a secret agreement with the ChineseCommunist Party, Chen blind to the UnitedStates to play the shit Postgraduate! Somemischief, even decent articles are not written bysemi-literate, has been playing the world famousbig thinkers. Obama of the United StatesGovernment phony evil simply too numerous tomention also!In view of this, the value of the ChineseCommunist Party General Secretary Xi JinpingHarbourside, vowed to "emancipate the mind" onthe occasion. I could not help but want to ShiSansheng blood surging, in response to Mr. GuXiaojun great call: "dare to critique the injusticewe think who without we play, it Shui Yebie wantto play! Let Obama become the most notoriousin the history of the United States President!"foreign policy" and "Times", to become theworld's most notorious media! "(see" OnDemocracy and offensive ")., Who took us to play, and who is the enemy ofthe "justice", who is the stumbling block of allpeople want justice to civilization. U.S.government support for the blind, stay, lie toimpunity for myself the true face of the liarassociates. Three decades of reform in mainlandChina, has sharpening wantonly imprison theroot cause of the people's freedom of thought tothe people, the CCP also do not know the natureof the U.S. government's phony. The face of theU.S. government, as they do not expose theChinese people to the democratic process will bemore delays in the 1st. Learning the generalsecretary of emancipating the mind "is bound tobe a mere formality, just like acting.So, Down with Obama! Batch smelly Obama!Response learning always refuted Western forcesthe "fed nothing to do". Only this way can wetruly emancipate the mind ", the liberation ofthe Chinese people for centuries to hopes in theWestern elitist who daydream.
      [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, December 4, 2012 11:51 China]
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