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·To Foreign Policy: Please caused global thinkers heated debate "univer
·马悦然曲线求饶 张一一甘做伪使
·Asked "foreign policy": What is the Thought?
·Asked Foreign Policy: Do you really care about the fate of the Chinese
·Asked Foreign Policy:你们懂得忏悔吗?
·Asked Foreign Policy:谁敢指导十八大?
·Who dares to guide 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ch
·Asked Foreign Policy: You know Gu dough?
·Foreign Policy's Choice - pretended blind or pretended the fool
·Foreign Policy yes or no rational legitimate?
·Foreign Policy yes or no rational legitimate?
·Asked Foreign Policy:你们知道顾粉团吗?
·Foreign Policy的抉择—装瞎或装傻
·to TIME :数中国风云人物,勿忘顾晓军
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·to TIME A number of influential man in China, do not forget Gu Xiaojun
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·TIME's three big cheat
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·Asked TIME: What are those of you who want to
·Foreign Policy already know shame TIME still obsessed
·To thank U.S. Foreign Policy closer to impartiality
·With the like argue's U.S.Foreign Policy experts to talk
·Warmly congratulate the foreign policy continues to play the fool
·Time 龌龊之极obama 牙白心黑
·Gu Xiaojun defeated American foreign policy
·Time the dirty extremely obama the teeth white heart black
·Times influential man - the world's top thinkers Gu Xiaojun
·外交政策真白痴 时代风云已式微
·Influential man Gu Xiaojun Anti intellectualism pioneer is TIME
·"Foreign Policy" true idiot, "TIME" already fading
·奥巴马豪赌时代周刊 顾晓军智胜外交政策
·Obama gamble times weekly Gu Xiaojun outwit foreign policy
·时代周刊诡计多端 顾晓军思想真精彩
·时代周刊不堪凌辱 借韩媒反驳石三生
·回味顾晓军思想 看时代周刊作弊
·The U.S. TIME crafty Gu Xiaojun ism brilliant
·打倒奥巴马 解放中国人
·Time magazine unbearable humiliation borrow Korean media refute Shi Sa
·To aftertaste Gu Xiaojun Thought Time magazine cheating
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·Down with Obama liberation of the Chinese people
·时代周刊放软话 风云人物成悬念
·Time to put the soft words, Influential man into apprehensively
·时势成就顾晓军 时代周刊枉意淫
·The current situation Achievement Gu Xiaojun Times in vain to comfort
·奥巴马愚民有方 美国人无知超常
·外交政策已销魂 时代周刊必黯然
·Obama is good at fooling the people-Americans ignorant extraordinary
·诺贝尔奖无阳谋 时代周刊多阴招
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·Foreign policy overwhelmed with sorrow or joy ,Time Intense darkness w
·奥巴马为囚徒发飙 美议员替罪犯维权
·Nobel Prize without the open conspiracy Times and more underhand
·时代周刊黔驴技穷 诺贝尔奖追腥逐臭
·习近平呼应顾晓军 刘云山趣谈李瑞环
Influential man Gu Xiaojun Anti intellectualism pioneer is TIME

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • The one hundred sixty-seven

   Translator: God has eyes
   American foreign policy "will eventually Obama,
   Chen blind, Ai large stay listed as the world's
   TOP100 thinkers. Several days before the results
   to be published, by the China problem "experts"
   --- the mouth of Yasheng Huang, said the idea
   Chenof ​​ and other dissidents in China, 1.3
   billion can only get minimal response.
   "Obviously love the public impartiality mainland The people in
   the title of its response to the onslaught
   launched to recommend Mr. Gu Xiaojun.
   Now knowing that Chen blind "ideas" and his ilk
   even the most critical spirit intellectuals
   bemoan the impact force "minimal". "Foreign
   Policy" why desperate disregard of the facts,
   Chen blind, Ai large stayed election why over
   100 thinkers do shit? If it is not like the the
   Chinese netizens wave heart projection said in
   phony to deceive the people of the two
   countries. Take it that it is anti-intellectual,
   anti-civilization it? To the foreign policy of a
   government think tank to fame, of course, are
   not to residual brain to the point of anti-
   intellectualism. Apart from this, not only foreign
   policy is too awkward, the Obama administration
   stress may not think of this!
   So, whether it is Mr. Gu Xiaojun "American
   defeat in Gu Xiaojun, Shi Sansheng I Gu Xiaojun
   defeated American foreign policy, that is a good
   reason to. Also must be loved by the results of
   the foreign policy.
   Perhaps, it is because foreign policy
   Quyifengying "the public impartiality." The infamous "original"
   regardless of good and evil "Times", and this
   year it was discarded Chen blind this the most
   likely to Special time 100 Chinese people.
   Compared to Hitler, Chen blind indeed more
   qualified to become a time a guest. After all, /
   dog / day / just installing blind, not the scourge
   of so many Jews. Of course, we can not rule out
   that this is the result of the manipulation of the
   Obama administration secretly: reward the
   informant's bones can not be too afraid of
   spoiled / dog / day /.
   Then, the "Times" put just been elected general
   secretary of Xi Jinping and Bo Xilai, Ai Weiwei
   with reference to the time 200 candidate lists.
   So the selection of the man of the sinister. Shi
   Sansheng before has revealed: nothing but First
   flattering informant; embarrassment to the
   Chinese Communist Party leaders. Chinese
   people, but to know the world-renowned
   "Times". An unknown did not care what basic
   civilization of human society, and do not care
   what the public order and good morals. With
   the Chinese saying, is that grow on trees,
   regardless of a geek Snakes and Rats ECOWAS.
   Disdain said, "Times" is the U.S. government's
   loyal lackeys! Chen Guangcheng Chen blind,
   their single-handedly built the 2006 Person of
   the Year has always been with the U.S.
   government about the fund sponsor is evident;
   Republican members of Congress Smith headed
   utilized national public support Chen blind, it is
   sufficient to prove that the U.S. government "era
   Weekly "how teamwork, colluding.
   As Mr. Gu Xiaojun said: "foreign policy" and
   "Times" is not only anti-intellectual, anti-
   civilization, more anti-American. "
   Yes, ah, when the "Times" and "foreign policy"
   who stay the blind Ai large and so to be thinking
   of not thinking, only mud horse "like the anti-
   intellectual, anti-civilization ilk Pengdao heaven
   Americans, the so-called "universal values" as
   early became crotch doll. Times have openly
   advocated not only in criminal, anti-human
   civilization. In practical action against the
   United States rely on the powerful spirit of the
   "Declaration of Independence".
   Even if Ai spent the last can not be elected, but
   this candidate is enough to let Vice President Xi
   Jinping embarrassing. A new generation of
   national leaders to good governance; fraud
   8,000,000 users, and also tax evasion 7,000,000
   quasi-criminals. Chinese people preaching a
   different, non-phase plan. The U.S. ghost sub we
   seek to a horse. Xi if take Ai Weiwei surgery, a
   blow to human rights activists, the notoriety of
   the "artists" will fall; rhetoric to anti-corruption
   idea aof ​​ quasi-criminal criminals turned a deaf
   ear to the CPC new generation of leaders
   certainly into Feed on illusions to. China, probably also a new
   name, day after day, diving.
   And in order to counter the American devils
   ulterior motives, is not no way. With Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun advocate "just", and then not be untied
   deadlock with conspiracy. Touted by American
   thinkers Chen blind, for example, only a "public
   trial in public contracting public" is enough to
   let the conspiracy revealed to the world. Stay Ai
   large Chinese Communist Party as long as no
   longer secret operations need to worry that the
   United States government led by the nose?
   "Times" an advocate criminal, anti-intellectual,
   anti-civilization, the drama is already opening.
   The legacy can learn a lesson: one day, "Times
   will now behavior and remorse, shame, If time
   when democracy came to the Chinese people to
   [Shi Sansheng Friday, November 30, 2012 8:45 China]
(2012/11/30 发表)

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