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Asked Foreign Policy: Do you really care about the fate of the Chinese

   Asked Foreign Policy: Do you really care about the fate of the Chinese people?
   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu comment · 135

   Translator:God has eyes
   Despite the announcement from the "Foreign
   Policy" year 2012 "one hundred global thinkers"
   list for some time. But I Shisan Sheng has can
   be concluded that: "Foreign Policy" in this year's
   top 100 "Gu Xiaojun three words. People in the
   People's Liberation Army "who also hopes
   downright become some two hundred and fifty.
   Which, of course, including the Korean powder,
   blind powder, guarana powder, and Liu
   invincible followers. Read Mr. Gu Xiaojun "human meat
   pie" thinking: Or, the American people are kind,
   but also really willing to help the Chinese
   people, as when silly childhood determined to
   "save the American people living in dire straits
   "General. Otherwise, how would there be so
   many of the Flying Tigers, 14th Air team
   members sacrificed their precious lives? However,
   if the causes of World War II, really, as Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun said: "World War II" does these silly Pitt
   forced out "of the results, the goodness of the
   American people, is it also became a victim of
   the U.S. elite who? The elites of the democratic
   world, even this bring disaster to the tragedy of
   mankind as a whole can be manufactured. Said
   they worried about the fate of the Chinese
   people alone would not become a joke? Free
   world the essence of interests "(see Gu Xiaojun
   doctrine), Americans over the past century side
   are concerned about China, but he has also
   seemingly misread, misjudge China behind,
   whether just for their own interests? Otherwise,
   why in the strong intervention of the American
   Empire nearly a century, democracy, freedom, not
   only must not also a trial of strength to
   complicate the matter, it did not do? Sun Yat-
   sen support it? Stilwell sympathy for the Chinese
   Communists do? U.S. support of Liu invincible?
   A master of myth manufactured by the U.S.
   government? The blind Chen in the end is not a
   U.S. informant? Why the U.S. government is so
   good to him? Chen, the blind are not blind, Do
   Americans are blind? If Han, Ai Weiwei and his
   ilk, this is what / dog / fart / thinker? The world
   famous "foreign policy" keen on such a miserable
   fools who caused God. Purpose with the Chinese
   Communists, in order to fool the Chinese
   people? Idiot is Chinese thinkers. The people
   there are what count on? Why the wise men of
   the free world will only see the Chinese
   civilization refuse? American people really will
   "Grass Mud Horse" talks about even included
   into the textbooks to support Ai Weiwei great
   idea? The United States love swearing, indecent
   If that is the case, why not direct "Grass Mud
   Horse" instead of "hello"? Americans lack of
   acting, nor will the chief culprit of the subprime
   mortgage crisis, and condemned to the
   colonialists head of the British Empire? What
   you can not. Why will agree with Ai Weiwei
   blame social problems in China thousands of
   years ago, Confucius and Mencius head so
   preposterous "thinking" it?
   Why? In the end is why? The wise men of the
   free world do not want to see the real problem
   of the Chinese civilization --- "Gu Xiaojun 'such a
   brilliant idea? In the economy: the Spring
   Festival in 2008 predicted that the Chinese stock
   market without disaster fell continue ", hundreds
   of foreign policy thinkers have thought? Politics:
   China Council eventually, as he predicted (latest
   forecast is Mr. Gu own ban) is not bad. Only 9
   change 7 thesis of the world few can? Its
   ideological: the macro as "fair values" proposed
   to explain why the Western capitalist elite
   democratic society stagnating, stop the root
   causes of the evolution. Microscopic put forward,
   such as "a mortal scam" profoundly revealed the
   the current FY upheaval of Chinese society
   intrinsic motivation. Does foreign policy: either
   macro or micro, your global TOP 100 thinkers may
   have such a character? Perhaps Shi Sansheng
   my ignorance, rummaged through the Chinese
   media at home and abroad, we have not got
   more than Mr. Gu Xiaojun thinkers. If foreign
   policy to its referral to China; If not, ask you to
   Gu Xiaojun doctrine introduced to the world.
   Okay? Only in this way. In order to prove that
   the foreign policy is really concerned about
   China, concerned about the fate of the Chinese
   people. Otherwise, it can only be reduced to
   some garbage elite liar childcare.
   [Shi Sansheng Friday, November 2, 2012 7:01 China]
(2012/11/02 发表)

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