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Foreign Policy already know shame TIME still obsessed

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials 18 hundred people group "Shi Sansheng Kyushu comment · one hundred Fifty-eight
   Translator: God has eyes

   Foreign Policy see Multidimensional a "foreign
   policy: how to bring democracy to China",
   understand that this is in the slope, prepare the
   The article says: "The United States should
   adopt a new way to influence China's future
   political: to explain democracy will bring
   concrete benefits, such as more balanced growth,
   stability and personal security - even for senior
   Communist party officials. Based arguments of
   the results will be the recognition of the many
   economic and intellectual elite, may have the
   opportunity to influence the ideas of President Xi
   Jinping and his staff. "
   The article also said: "The Chinese people very
   utilitarian concept of" rights "- they seek to
   maximize the interests of the majority - Western
   point of view of the rights of the latter think that
   this is to protect the minority who lost
   citizenship erosion even the most critical of
   Beijing intellectuals also admit that the idea of
   Chen​​ and other dissidents in China's 1.3 billion
   can only get minimal response. "
   The Times also learned in the previous point,
   but unfortunately foreign policy, with help
   Obama to identify a group of mounted blind fool
   dead liar do voice. If I had to introduce
   ourselves to listen to Mr. Gu Xiaojun Gu Xiaojun
   doctrine is selected to do the think tank (see
   "Chinese Obama"). Ho As for today understand
   that the so-called universal values with​​ no
   hanging hair? Now want to explain what
   "democracy" in Communist China, late Sanqiu!
   Chinese Communists really good deeds, like
   political reform, Mr. Gu Xiaojun own local big
   thinkers "populist democracy", "justice is the
   first values" out of the box. Why should we take
   your pants fart ---- abandoned German horse to
   ride it to find an American donkey.
   After that foreign policy is not so much what 1.3
   billion Chinese people do not trust the dissident
   Chen Guangcheng and his ilk do not respond.
   Why not dare to openly admit that they know are
   wrong, know no shame, know Chan blind ilk
   really is no one with like garbage? Why not dare
   admit Chen blind man and his ilk, was originally
   a spokesperson of the Western world, the elites
   of the Western countries for a bargaining chip
   with the Chinese elite, is a democratic process to
   establish the partnership repressor stumbling
   But lately, Chen blind fled to the United States
   foreignEmbassy, ​​ policy also does not leave the
   mouth of U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf, yelling
   "went to the United States to stand up for its
   ideals moment" it? Shit ideals of the United
   States? Not that the "interests"! The foreign
   policy dare Furthermore, laid bare the true face
   of Chen Guangcheng fake blind?
   Where is Chen Guangcheng minimal impact on
   you! Mr. Gu Xiaojun first questioned, tell the
   world the Chinese people already know that
   Chen Guangcheng is a "fake", followed Piandao
   Shou / dog / day / then the Nobel Peace Prize.
   I'm afraid that influence is not negligible, right?
   Of course, foreign policy shy, in the end is to say
   the fact that Chen blind has become a rags. Stay
   in the United States, and sooner or later a
   bomb. Want to return to China, I'm afraid to be
   prohibitively difficult! Shi Sansheng Masters
   want me pointing you look at it?
   Chinese people like Yang tattered. With a
   German horse, is already within the shame of
   not. A few years ago, Wu Bangguo adults on
   straight said "not to engage in five", which
   means that Western-style democracy, the CCP
   has cover from the ears, and no longer listen to.
   I do not want to hear, people have stuffed her
   ears with donkey hair, you still think that the
   interpretation of "democracy" with others, have
   Alex use? This is clearly not want to fall on deaf
   Now is that the United States if you want to also
   hold "democratic" Fudge Chinese people, only to
   start all over again. The fake not useful, why not
   try to go fight it? Gu Xiaojun doctrine advocated
   "justice is the first values" populist democracy,
   has been the world's default. Even Communist
   China are as if pierced brains have to Gu Xiaojun
   'pain killer. So, foreign policy, why not
   abandoned its own Western-style "democracy"
   that change sub-Spear, attack sub Shield: with
   TIME, Mr. Gu Xiaojun included into the TOP 100
   TIME 100?
   As Mr. Gu Gu Xiaojun political Minutes (b)
   "said:" the most fundamental interests of the
   American people, is the maintenance of
   democratic institutions, and the promotion of
   democratic institutions and the purpose of
   promoting or maintaining this world as long as
   there are shaped the same fascist militarism
   system, at any time may appear war engulfed
   the fruits of democracy. "so straightforward truth
   presumably foreign policy with the Times is not
   difficult to understand it? However, if the
   "tantamount to fascist militarism system" nipped
   in the bud, in addition to the promotion of
   democracy, there are more effective means of?
   Both Shashi Hou, and also thinking about talking
   endlessly to "explain"! Fooled dozens of overload,
   this made little actual action?
   [Shi Sansheng Friday, November 23, 2012 5:37 China]
(2012/11/23 发表)

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