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Spies and the current political situation

   Spies and the current political situation
   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng the Kyushu comments • of one hundred and fifty

   Translator:God has eyes
   Today is the closing day of the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
   The outcome is not known, but Shi Sansheng
   my blog in the country turned out to the first
   collective fall. Reasons that can not be issued a
   document, even consistent with overseas: are
   login, but issued a document interface is
   "Interested parties" such acts, I feel ridiculous
   --- a bit like a small fry are naughty. I even
   suspect that the troublemakers hackers, but also
   from the TIME 100 TOP100 decision makers.
   Obviously, dozens of days recently, The Shi
   Sansheng only one thing: Chinese contemporary
   greatest thinkers, writers, economic, political
   scientist Mr. Gu Xiaojun recommended to the
   Foreign Policy and TIME. Recommended to non-
   patient, Americans will Gouji the jump off the
   wall right?
   Recommended events, feel should not provoke
   the Chinese Communist Party. , Both from reality
   and the long-term, Gu Xiaojun Marxism and the
   Chinese Communists are coincides with the well-
   being for the people. Moreover, Foreign Policy
   and TIME are the U.S. media, the Chinese
   Communists, the most hated by others
   "interference in internal affairs," the idea, of
   course, will be what you do not want to, not
   going to interfere in the internal affairs of others
   So I tried to think of a "spy" Mr. Gu Xiaojun's
   latest novel. The ban means so not on the table,
   not much like the spies' favorite secret
   sabotage? Unbearable spy means Shi Sansheng
   I feel, Foreign Policy TOP 100, especially TIME
   100 is likely no longer be able to evade Gu
   Xiaojun "three words. Even, even tomorrow's
   outcome, the reason why I'm afraid are spies
   Change really nine seven it?
   Seven the Standing Committee will be those big
   brothers do?
   Ending, it is necessary to see the outcome of
   less than twenty-four hours. Even if the two only
   one to pass, this world can not find the second
   person out Mr. Gu Zhiyou it.
   In fact, regardless of who is on who the next
   should not be angry, right? Vowed to "serve the
   people" are some Zhuer it? The to Look Mr. Gu
   multi light and spacious: "John Doe and John
   Doe fights, people accustomed to win the bet Joe
   Smith or John Doe I can tell you: I am neither
   gambling seating win, do not bet on the John
   Doe win I bet regardless of seating John Doe
   win, China had to democracy. "
   CPC everyone has Gu Xiaojun Mr. mind, why
   should we worry Jiangshan Yong solid, dominate
   absolutely it?
   Gary's novel, finally given a Questions asked Sa
   spies "demoted and promoted in two different
   ways, exactly which one is more believable?, And
   say why?"
   Shi Sansheng I looked at the crowd replied to.
   Seem right, it would seem that not right.
   Themselves, and indeed can not give that to
   natural. But she really thought about it, just a
   cavity brains to think elsewhere.
   Sa spy deeds, reminds me of the "fishing law
   enforcement" Greater Shanghai. Fishing is not
   only good at Shanghai CPC, all these years, just
   their face value plus travel extensively own
   experience, and experience the many real-life
   case. Age of peace, harmony and prosperity, the
   Chinese Communist Party will continue to exist
   even so throughout the various departments of
   the spy organization, who can say that not
   evolved in order to adapt to the "fishing law
   enforcement" it? Promotion Department, Police
   Department, the military could have been some
   of the most open and aboveboard organization,
   how will be fed with eat outside the secret
   Since it is a time of peace, and the people are
   the masters of the era, the agents who do not
   have a particular task, how likely is not much
   ado about nothing? Aloft, naturally well versed
   in the organization of various dirty tricks and
   powerful, how could not breed out the somehow
   the schemer heart. Since have replaced the
   meaning originally behalf of the master spies
   what we deal with the people has changed, the
   party is expected to start the group it? Mao
   leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, had
   not from the KMT in the development of many
   party members, instigation of many veteran
   Interpretation spies keep abreast see if male "in
   the secret agreement, to maintain the consensus
   unchanged, so there is a promotion"
   interpretation. I think this "consensus" should
   be a "compromise", the organization is to seize
   the crucial point after the compromise. Family
   scandal can not be outside the Yang agreed to
   deal with the people ah!
   Imagine: Sure enough, the organization is open
   and aboveboard, how might want to overthrow
   the dead spy reached a "consensus" with the
   dark ghosts?
   Tomorrow, Shi Sansheng home and abroad blog
   will be back to normal? Wait and see it!
   [Shi Sansheng Wednesday, November 14, 201213:31 China]
(2012/11/15 发表)

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