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TIME's three big cheat

   TIME's three big cheat
   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • 149

   Translator:God has eyes
   Subjectively, I do not think the world history
   library, "said TIME without knowledge Ming,
   although Hitler is TIME's regulars. Speaking
   TIME good and evil, regardless of the notorious
   villains included into the TIME 100 absurdity. To
   blame can only blame the founder originally laid
   down in the rules of the game is not.
   TIME should seem to believe from the conduct of
   the Western world: solid, regardless of good and
   evil. But not The otherwise good, distorted into
   evil; whitewash the villains into heroes. Both
   media conscience, adhering to the philosophy of
   life or Westerners are not allowed to TIME
   reversing black and white, fraud, right?
   The fact it only selected for the TIME 100
   Chinese characters Chen Guangcheng, Han, Ai
   Weiwei see, TIME has completely lost the
   concept of "universal value" of the Westerners,
   even a man of moral bottom line fall. TIME
   nonsensical, abruptly the three liar packaging
   has become rare superhero of human society.
   2006, TIME100 Shandong Linyi Chen
   Guangcheng, which included, at the same time
   into the column along with Premier Wen Jiabao.
   Chen Guangcheng is a liar, is a "fake" (For
   related information, see Gu Xiaojun, Shi
   Sansheng etc. questioned the the Chen
   Guangcheng series). Is now well known, even
   love Chen blind the Times, and presumably also
   well aware. Year, Chen blind so can finalists
   plotted is the Time magazine? Blind Chen not
   be said to be in Beijing to accept an interview
   with Time magazine reporter, Linyi authorities
   arrested go back to it? The Times reporter ye
   then Mentally it? Chen blind Speaking of that
   experience caught, I'll be direct license plate
   number is visible not only visible, also in black
   and white written article. This will not TIME
   reporter is blind, right?
   When it comes to the heroic deeds of Chen
   blind, even riding horse crap: TIME's reporter
   Hannah beech TIME 100: The People Who the
   Shape Our World "Chen Guangcheng: A Blind
   Man with Legal Vision" says: "He may have lost
   his sight as a child but Chen, Guangcheng's
   legal vision has helped illuminate the plight of
   thousands of Chinese villagers. "Lian Chan blind
   himself acknowledged his rights in Linyi
   experience not only did not change the status
   quo, but angered the government more
   intensified. TIME This is not clear in fraud,
   forgery Chen blind hero performance?
   TIME whether it should be a thorough
   investigation to see if those who contact the
   reporter Chan blind be bought, bribed? If it is
   not private transactions, reporters what for the
   Chan blind forgery of history?
   In 2010, selected the TIME 100, the Chinese Han
   Bo Xilai. Needless to say, TIME deliberately Han
   Han and Bo Xilai, the same column with Chen
   Guangcheng, Ai Weiwei and Wen Jiabao, Xi
   Jinping, the same list of similar meaning.
   TIME is really a fraud expert, reversing black and
   white recidivist. TIME says: "the first novel
   written by Han experience according to their
   secondary school dropout to become the best-
   selling book, and triggered a debate about
   stereotyped rigid education system in China."
   Han's first "popular" book, should be "triple
   door, right? "Triple gate", others Han admitted
   that the school wrote. Ye also into the "based on
   the experience of their own high school dropout
   wrote it? Do Americans even in the past, the
   present, the future could not tell it?
   TIME idiots in the end can not get to know the
   meaning of the word "dropout"? Even this to be
   false, let alone others.
   2011, selected the TIME 100, Ai Weiwei and
   China's Vice President Xi Jinping.
   Said: "Ai Weiwei perspective and vision has
   become a kind of any nation should be cited to
   the proud figure, he will be the world's attention
   in the U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman
   in writing for the" Times "Ai Weiwei Profile
   attracted to the vitality of modern Chinese
   culture. "
   Huntsman is a jerk, no doubt. Year, jasmine
   incident, he mysteriously appear in Wangfujing
   gathering around, of course, is not just to watch
   so simple, he is in his own "American masters"
   identity "a mortal scam weight to increase. In
   other words, in fact, is to help the parties
   concerned in the side to catch a big fish, side
   took the opportunity to bigger. Its true
   intention, he connived daughter and thin guagua
   dating insight or two, not painstakingly clever
   arrangements, how thin guagua clever'll Hung
   Ying-ying of?
   Really is a dog bark to. Ai Weiwei's "perspective
   and vision" so it really should be no nation takes
   pride. When he was in the United States,
   Americans are blind or Jin Xiang Yu did not
   know? What is modern Chinese culture? Relying
   on his middle finger dry Tiananmen Square, with
   his mud horse song? Yes, Jon Huntsman so fond
   of him, had Ai is not 81 days / dog / day / how
   did his running around shouting about? Do
   early learned that Ai was not missing a play
   about the party directed?
   I do not know Ai Weiwei was selected, is TIME
   own choice, or Jon Huntsman recommend the
   credit? Republicans Smith's pet Chen blind,
   Republican Jon Huntsman love Ai Weiwei became
   a TIME100 figure, the middle should be no
   connection right? Huntsman automatically exit
   the presidential campaign, Romney presidential
   election defeat, whether Republicans keen to
   deceive it? TIME also tend Republicans, does
   that mean he is also the most liar tacit media?
   The Chinese netizens wave heart Projection "TO
   TIME: also said China's road to democracy and
   the future", again persuade: TIME will not
   conscience make funeral; TIME can help how
   many people truly love just yearning for
   democracy earned as much right to speak.
   Honest, Shi Sansheng more I understand TIME
   past, the more he is no longer TIME harbor any
   illusions. As Mr. Gu Xiaojun said: "the United
   States, human society has done a lot of good."
   Emancipation Proclamation ", is a landmark in
   the history of human society literature. Again,
   after the victory in World War II, the United
   States does not require colonies, led to
   colonialism complete collapse "to prove that the
   United States used to be on behalf of" justice ".
   However this moment was, and now the United
   States has no interest in the eyes can not.
   Driven by the interests, from foster Liu invincible
   to cultivation Han, Ai Weiwei, Chen Guangcheng,
   both are doing the work contrary to the
   expectations of the people of China from the
   United States that has a universal value.
   What is the feeling of TIME, Shi Sansheng right
   or wrong? Do you also remnants of any
   conscience at all ready to grant TIME crown to
   China's greatest thinkers, Mr. Gu Xiaojun,
   founder of the populist democracy?
   [Shi Sansheng Wednesday, November 14, 2012 07:31 China]
(2012/11/14 发表)

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