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To Foreign Policy: “the public impartiality is the first values” is

   To Foreign Policy: “the public impartiality is the first values” is a universal value
   “China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group” Shi Sansheng of Kyushu Comments · of 126

   Translator:God has eyes
   Baidu, or in China, in the eyes of President
   Obama’s universal “values ​​of democracy,
   freedom, the rule of law and human rights.” The
   concept of this fish to mislead the people, or
   even misleading the world. This error, mistake
   I can be found in what is a “universal value”,
   “Southern Weekend” in 2007, “What is the
   universal values”, is probably the instigator.
   Southern weeks given the universal values is​​
   “only as the value of all values, universal values,
   and that is freedom.”
   Southern weeks understanding of universal
   values is​​ clearly at the same level with a few
   hundred years ago, Rousseau. But it is by virtue
   of this fallacy, backward thinking. Southern weeks
   enthusiastically arrange things pointed out the
   direction of China’s road to democracy, that is,
   “What we need is the universal values of​​ the
   Enlightenment. Matter of course, that one day,
   society would be safely transition.”
   Perhaps because Southern Weekly geek theory
   led to a visit to China after a lapse of two years
   after the universal values of​​ the President of the
   United States in the Southern Weekly Edition, an
   open sunroof farce starring Southern weeks. This
   is a farce, because the White House published
   the Obama accept the contents of the interview
   does not have any different with the Southern
   weeks. A conformist, Obama claimed that China’s
   stability and prosperity in line with the national
   interests of the United States an exclusive
   interview, where As traumatic Southern weeks to
   open a window in protest? This is not crap!
   Besides, imposing a U.S. presidential visit to
   China, will be child’s play to advance good
   itinerary? Really the case, Obama is too non-
   compliance with the rules of the game are not.
   Then, developed countries as a democratic elite
   representatives, President Obama Why are
   pushing Southern weeks behind the “universal
   values”? Mr. Gu Xiaojun “just values” not to have
   been made before, almost no one understand
   the authorities, no one would think of this is
   Rousseau worried about the “People tend to be
   deceived” dirty. Obama and Southern weeks, but
   the name of the establishment in the guise of
   freedom on the illusory Chaki, to achieve the so-
   called democratic process in Iraq who is —
   “enlightenment, in the experience of human
   history, the modern essential step-by-step, and
   we never really started. we need universal
   values of​​ the Enlightenment. matter of course,
   that one day, society would be safely transition.
   With the result of the backward thinking of the
   Enlightenment, as summarized in the sand-
   based, high-rise buildings never built the day.
   The likewise Yugongyishan, children and
   grandchildren, even if we do not, dig up a
   mountain, will pile up another mountain. Wait
   until / dog / day / Southern weeks have put
   people enlightenment over and over, until
   suddenly found freedom actually may not. You
   say: how to do? This not only a revolution? If
   the revolution, it is also called Ping
   transformation it?
   Of course, from President Obama’s speech 90
   birthday when the Chinese Communists “Hope:
   The Chinese Communist Party is leading the
   movement of the harmony and stability
   maintenance, long-term good luck!” Can also be
   seen in even Obama are confused & P The Sai
   value stuff? Or, possibly by the theory Southern
   Zhou Pushi value freak, Obama has become a
   paradoxical freak.
   All of these are caused by Rousseau as well as
   the “Declaration of Independence” serious
   deficiencies “fair”. As Mr. Gu Xiaojun said:
   “the public impartiality is really universal values” and “the public impartiality, is
   the real universal values, is the real fundamental
   universal values.”
   Southern weeks they shoot itself in the foot freak
   theoretical efficacy horizon beginning to the
   money minch who retaliatory killing “(Global
   Times language): die with the enemy” killing, is
   it not the universal values of​​ the Southern
   Weekly Edition core — free one? When the
   universal democracy incompetent universal
   imbalance of the rule of law, universal human
   rights seems to be no. The money minch
   addition to universal freedom, what else? Since
   it is free, you tube he taken what way? Guan
   Dele this?
   Southern weeks Obama who perhaps have
   forgotten: the so-called freedom of the core, not
   that revolutionary do? French Revolution, the
   United States Declaration of Independence, the
   acquisition of freedom, that is not all revolution?
   Revolution, is the killing? If the universal value
   of the core is free. Killing, how likely is not a
   universal value?
   Great Rousseau, also believes that the retaliatory
   killing free? He said: “People’s exactly the same
   rights according to the kind of people deprived
   of their freedom, to restore their freedom, so
   people have reason to regain freedom.”
   Why to Southern weeks from Rousseau to Obama,
   the elite from the country’s elite of democracy to
   an authoritarian country can not be solved —
   “freedom requires revolution, revolution for
   freedom” a dog bites the tail-cycle of it?
   Everyone is because of the lack of a the public impartiality of
   the cause!
   Yes, the only the public impartiality first, to get rid of “freedom
   — Revolution” cycle. Mr. Gu Xiaojun said: “a
   ruling party, only interests of the public impartiality, in order to
   maintain social stability, but also in order to
   stay in power down; Otherwise, anyone can use
   what they consider a reasonable way, the
   Only, and only “fair values” is the real universal
   values. This is the essence of Gu Xiaojun
   thinking, will also be a core value of the future
   of human society, the more will be the only
   principle to maintain the era of the global
   To be fair, the foreign policy should be to Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun through the ranks of one hundred
   global thinkers “!
   [Shi Sansheng Thursday, October 25, 2012 02:27 China]
(2012/10/24 发表)

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