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To “Foreign Policy”: Gu Xiaojun is worthy and Fully deserve thinkers

   To “Foreign Policy”: Gu Xiaojun is worthy and Fully deserve thinkers
   “China Network Public Evaluation of officials centuriate” Shi Sansheng Kyushu comments · of 121

   Translator:God has eyes
   To the “foreign policy” of the annual selection of
   the world’s one hundred thinkers will be
   announced the moment. Although convinced
   that Mr. Gu Xiaojun long should one of them,
   the first. But I do not know why? Foreign policy
   decision makers always again and again, and
   would rather such as Zhou Xiaochuan, Han, Ai
   Weiwei and other had ridiculed only for the
   Chinese people from cheating. Brilliant thinking
   is invisible Mr. Gu Xiaojun is unique in the field
   of politics, economy, literature. Still this year,
   such as old almost?
   To tell the truth: Zhou Xiaochuan, to become
   one of the one hundred thinkers. I thought it
   was plausible, although Mr. Gu Xiaojun held
   different views. However, the saying goes, every
   man for himself, and devil take the hindmost.
   Zhou Xiaochuan, gamble or the policy mistakes
   worth mentioning, no doubt is the indirect
   benefit of the American people. Eating mouth
   short. Foreign policy on behalf of the American
   people to send him a thinker honor, penalties
   and rewards can be considered.
   You can blame social problems in China
   Confucius and Mencius’ benevolence,
   righteousness, reason, intellect, and the letter
   “Ai Weiwei also get into the ranks of the thinker.
   Not be justified. In China, of course, has said
   nepotism, inherited his father’s. Can also have
   the children have their own tradition of blessing
   “is not? Confucius and Mencius hand longer and
   will not have to hand out thousand years? Like
   Ai Weiwei and other complaining to complain
   latrines IQ pull no feces, in the wisdom of the
   people has been opened in China, only in
   children under three years of age will. So
   pediatric insight called ideological foreign policy
   did not feel very mentally it?
   That Han Han, is even more disdain said. Saying
   “talk system – a that unimportant” muddy kid,
   what ideas where? Are a mess: the age of the
   young people he recognized international
   mistook juvenile age in the 10-year-old to 20-
   year-old, to the age of 30 is equal to more than
   fifteen thousand days. Foreign policy also think
   that he is thinking of home. Not let the world
   have Xiaodiao Daya?
   In China, the blog What kind of concern you?
   Not that the relevant departments of the thing
   word it? Is the United States foreigners who do
   not know “your mom calling you home for
   dinner,” the story? Not to mention the Han was
   truly a puppet, father and son shared a child of
   the swindler.
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun blog can not be the world’s
   attention (a concern ye shall be blocked do
   millions of blogs already do not know blocked
   much). His “Introduction to Gu Xiaojun
   philosophy,” great democracy social Introduction
   “and” the populist democratic values “​​,” fair
   values “​​such as. Even foreign policy by Ai
   Weiwei, ten thousand Han are acting, even if
   racked his brain, and also thinking they could
   not come on!
   Initiated by Mr. Gu Xiaojun pour Lu movement is
   not to say, a run on the Lu Xun increasingly
   away from the line of sight of the students; nor
   say Mr. Gu Xiaojun stunned the world would
   “criticize Deng Xiaoping’s thinking, so that
   people understand the great teachers of the
   reform and opening up Fudge side; said he with
   a guess at seven of the Standing Committee of
   the article caused by the Chinese media
   worldwide outcry. Only say he led care Disciples
   debunk Ai Weiwei fundraiser refusal to pay tax
   fraud, debunk Chen Guangcheng in Linyi scam
   IPPF rights case, how great satisfaction, was
   being awakened in the number of people
   obsessed scam!
   Course, but also the decision-makers can not
   blame “foreign policy” again and again and again
   to misread and misjudged China. Chen blind,
   that had been stripped of skin has been
   President Obama’s private assessment agencies
   confirm false fleeing “fake” (Gu Xiaojun language)
   still openly by the U.S. government to be a hero,
   like pick a go you.
   But things are easier, shrunk, as Wang Lijun,
   thin valley open Bo Xilai and other downfall,
   China is bound to turn the old one, usher in a
   “great order” tomorrow.
   The occasion of the Chinese abandoned the old
   and welcome the occasion, a warm welcome
   “foreign policy” to assess the situation, the
   courage to honor those who deserve.
   To this end, Shi Sansheng solemnly
   recommended to the foreign policy of Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun. If you have not Mr. Gu Xiaojun included
   into the ranks of the world’s one hundred
   thinkers, it is recommended that you promptly
   corrected. Mr. Gu has been among the “foreign
   policy” Person of the Year on behalf of
   themselves and all those who love justice and to
   express my sincere congratulations to you on
   [Shi Sansheng Monday, October 22, 2012 20:36 China]
(2012/10/24 发表)

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