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Open letter to jury Nobel Prize

Open letter to jury Nobel Prize
   - Kyushu Comments · Sixty-nine

   Author: Shi Sansheng
   Translator:God has eyes
   Since the beginning of "Yu China
   Collection," who seek to recommend the
   famous "donkey feces" Lee every day as the
   Nobel Peace Prize candidate, Shi
   Sansheng rejected. Although the article
   Nobel micro-word. Heart, in fact, really
   want to talk about their own views of the
   "Nobel Prize" officially.
   To tell the truth, had been seeking
   recommend others candidate for the Nobel
   prize, is still very self-startled: I Shi
   Sansheng actually so famous yet? Even the
   Nobel door toward which opened do not
   know where the qualifications to
   recommend others go to the candidate?
   Recommended "contingent" seeking from
   the party of the people --- Yu Man
   Collection of mouth, they have a grain of
   salt. Yu Min Collection Who are they? But
   he created the disappearance of the first
   person, "Shi Sansheng Masters! Although
   due to vanity (with Mr. Gu Xiaojun in the
   count, issued a document to find)
   instigation, the party has not been
   pondering why to create the illusion of Shi
   Sansheng missing. But there is no doubt
   that this party has always liked fraud
   obscurantism are inseparable.
   Cuban side of the estimate, ah, the party
   was deliberately created rumors Shi
   Sansheng missing, is necessary to in order
   to intimidate a population; course, is close
   to Shi Sansheng rendering passion,
   "embarrass the person's heart when Yu
   China Collection" own Yu Min Collection
   generate the trust of a friend in need is a
   friend indeed. Perhaps this is his later Shi
   Sansheng support Ai Weiwei, Lee daily
   motivation: "I help you a sense of justice
   cries, the future, you must be also a
   situation. Well not report non-gentleman
   But the party's negligence, Shi Sansheng
   not grace will be reported. The others I do
   not know, but know this "missing" purely a
   fraud case. It is because of the vigilance
   "false", only later refused Gu Xiaojun and
   then lure believers absolutely Yu China
   Collection requirements recommended ".
   Of course, that will see the Chinese know:
   Shisan Sheng Wen, refused Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   is false. Do not want to recommend Lee
   every day to do the Nobel Prize candidate
   is true! Relying on the case of a "donkey
   feces, plus to and fro large many tens of
   thousands of kilometers, bare aid
   supplemented by Ai Weiwei will be able to
   Nanuobeier Peace Prize. Too bizarre,
   dream day opened!
   What is more, since the first to join the
   China Network China the assessment officer
   Hundred "Mr. Gu Xiaojun initiated favorite
   Gary's scholarship and wisdom. Lightly
   putting on a show of generation, how to get
   into the eye of Shi Sansheng?
   Following one by one comment about the
   legendary 2012 Nobel Peace Prize "Legion
   ---, Ai, high, or care, Chen. Be regarded as
   this trumped-up "the Nobel Prize
   recommend personal views.
   Chen, Linyi, Shandong East Old Master
   Chen Guangcheng Chen also blind. This Hua
   Xia Limin * survey has been recognized as
   a false blind. Mr. Obama, the U.S. President
   also commissioned private assessment
   agencies made the assessment that a true
   blind, can not climb 4 meters high walls
   Acts since. Since it is fake blind, and the liar
   is no different. Lie to the sub can fool
   Peace Prize? Would not a joke.
   Ai, Ai Qing's son of the Chinese Communist
   Party senior officials, Ai Weiwei is also. Its
   artistic achievements, Shi Sansheng aside
   worth mentioning. Whether "the middle
   finger dry Tiananmen" tiger eight milk ",
   but plagiarism vulgar folk do not see what
   the taste of art. Legend he will be candidate
   for the Nobel prize, of course, refers to the
   contribution he made to social progress: Ai
   Weiwei participated in Wenchuan
   investigation nothing; cross he was
   involved in money goes will be general
   dead and Xu Zhiyong support the official
   caliber; he supported Patrick, can Patrick
   waving the butcher's knife to an innocent
   police. Injustice head debts master the
   killing of innocents in any normal country,
   normal times are antisocial behavior; Ai
   Weiwei's most famous event, regarded his
   disappearance 81 days. During his
   disappearance, Mr. Gu Xiaojun wrote more
   than 100 articles of Solidarity, called rare in
   the world, the world's only. After he was
   released from prison ", not only did not
   appreciate it, also answered one:" I hope
   the head of the Gu Xiaojun door clip. Only
   this, they exposed the poor stay Ai large
   personality. Not to mention He
   subsequently launched the "refusal to pay
   donations" is simply a scam (articles
   Participation Yu Min canon ed "Gu Xiaojun
   attack Ai Weiwei Bowen 24 directory" and
   "Shi Sansheng to attack Ai Weiwei Bowen
   Gao Zhisheng high / Lee / flood / Chi /
   Masters of hardcore followers. Gao
   Zhisheng's authenticity, can see Shi
   Sansheng the century of major --- the
   maintenance of stability and political and
   religious strife of the mystery "series, as
   well as a" liar lawyer high Chi Sheng idiot
   writer Liu Sanmei "," Gao Zhisheng full
   doors are cheated Guests anti-cult
   Communist China step Yizhen . Connaught
   judges idiot would not believe that a
   normal person can endure four electric
   batons while clicking a few hours. Even
   torture are false, but also what "justice" is
   it possible?
   Lee every day, as already mentioned above,
   no longer need to go into details. Had to
   fill one: the only female in the group of
   four candidates big flicker only.
   Gu, Hua Xia Limin * Mr. Gu Xiaojun hailed
   as a great thinker. Mr. Gu Xiaojun, the
   article does not pick-up and drop-ancient
   and modern stereotypes, self-contained
   system. More than ten years of silence, in
   the back of the network, to create novel
   changed the so-called Chinese Literature
   "from life than life" prudish, almost equal
   to the reality, read it is like to enter the era
   of 3D in the movie, suddenly If one really
   as its territory in person. Gary's articles,
   more to point out errors in the times and
   can not be known to the world.
   If the writer before, but also to look, and
   asked for the community to feel the pulse
   of the. Gary's article is the Gamma Knife,
   accurate, minimally invasive, the effect is
   amazing. Only he detonated a "a mortal
   scam" energy Cuikulaxiu describe not an
   exaggeration. What forecast Chinese
   Communists eighteen large list of seven of
   the Standing Committee of Ferrari car
   accident caused by easy to master the
   Global Chinese media melee. Charm of
   their articles, How often people can?
   Nobel Peace Prize, as the name suggests,
   Figure the meaning of world peace, human
   peace. If you want peace, the key to the
   solution of the dispute have contradictory.
   Between nations, between people, between
   people and government in the event of a
   dispute should be how to solve it? Just
   shout peace is useless, "Do unto others do
   not impose on others" is nothing but a
   hypothetical premise, fraternity, equality,
   freedom of non-causal. At this point, only
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun "justice is the first values is​​
   the solution. Justice, not social forms and
   incompetence. Tang SONG Zu Kangxi and
   Qianlong, are relatively fair and go down in
   history. With justice, although the root of
   all evil feudal society also shine; no justice,
   even today called the great times, still
   being criticized by the people of the world.
   Justice is the scale of human civilization,
   peace insurable good allows liar impractical
   ashamed. The charm of justice, even Chen
   Guangcheng Chen blind ambition, could
   not help but plagiarism to the
   interpretation of "fairness and justice"
   swagger went all over the world.
   Good reviews so far. Distinguished Nobel
   judges, you have been awarded to Liu
   Xiaobo's Peace Prize to harm himself (if he
   really is in jail), also mislead the Chinese
   society without justice. This time, should be
   cautious. You may not be able to bring the
   general democratic progress in Myanmar to
   China, freedom of speech. But, at least
   because the impartiality of the Peace Prize
   awarded to the relative progress of justice
   for the Chinese!
   Not so short: "a small elephant, and a big
   step in the progress of human society."
   Elephant head has the world's second child
   the GDP and strode may Takong fractures

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