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·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
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The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S





   The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current Status








   Deiform Celestial





   The universe is consists of three key elements: Energy, Consciousness and Structure.




   The essence of the Tao of the Greatest Creator's is Nature, Love and Tao.




   The meaning of life is to get rid of suffering and to gain happiness, to seek Tao and to become an immortal.




   The secrets of becoming an immortal are: be happy, happy, happier; joyful, joyful, more joyful.




   The secrets of gaining joy and happiness are: "three worlds rely on heart, myriad principles rely on consciousness", and "changing conditions with mind".




   Lifechanyuan's Current Status: once the souls of the Chanyuan Celestial get into the family, they will feel happy and joyful; they will get along well with each other as if in a harmonious family; they will be very cheerful and happy as in a fairyland.




   Chanyuan Celestials comes from Canada, America, England, France, Zimbabwe, Taiwan and eighteen provinces in mainland. Originally, they are not familiar with each other, but once they grow into Chanyuan Celestials, they are very close to each other. Like the reunion of the family members, there are endless friendship and love among the Celestials. Especially among the female Celestials, there aren't any atmospheres of envy; they love each other and praise each other. There are also brotherly love among male Celestials, they play with each other, encourage and praise each other.




   Isn't this the true meaning of self-refinement for Tao? And doesn't this reveal the result of the self-refinement and self-improvement?




   Can you find any places in the universe with the atmospheres like Lifechanyuan? Can you?




   Yes, maybe. But they are essentially different. There aren't taboos and commandments, responsibilities and obligations and administration leaders in Lifechanyuan; what Chanyuan Celestials speaks and acts comes from their heart, and is the outpouring of nature of Origin rather than affectation and hypocrisy.




   Theory should serve the practice. Any good theory will be empty talk if it can't be used to guide the practice.




   No matter how good the methods of self-refinement and self-improvement are, if they can't make human be satisfactory and happy, they will be fabrication.




   Scientific theory needs rigorous demonstrations, Buddha dharma needs evidences. That is to say, the results of our self-refinement need to be tested. After years of self-refinement, reading books on theory, writing many articles and talking, if we still can't feel happy and joyful, that is to say we do not achieve Tao and we are making blind self-refinement and self-improvement. In contrast, whether we have read books about self-refinement theory or not, whether we have took Zen meditation classes or not, weather we have earned Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and other celestial beings or not, as long as we are always happy and joyful, we will be successful self-improver and self-refiner.




   Lifechanyuan is a great family with happiness and joyfulness. Many Chanyuan Celestials can't make contribution to Lifechanyuan theory, even can't read the articles about self-refinement, but what they have done are corresponding to the instruction of Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and Sages in history. They are pure and understanding; they dedicate themselves without any selfness and greed; all of these can improve exactly they are the true self-refiner and true self-improver.




   The flower is in full bloom, is fragrant; isn't this the embodiment of Tao?




   Lifechanyuan has peaceful atmosphere, everybody is happy and joyful; isn't this the great achievements of self-refinement and self-improvement?




   There is a kind of misbelief that self-refinement must be solemn, serious and dignified; and can't flirt, snore, sleep, can't do this and can't do that; however we want to say, self-refinement must be flexible, must adjust measures to local conditions and for right time. Ten thousand people have ten thousand kinds of ways; we should change the ways around the unchanging point, not to change the point when changing the ways; and the purpose can't change, but the methods can be changed greatly.




   China's greatest educator Confucius invented "edutainment" and "teaching students according to their aptitude". I had special interests in Educational Psychology and Teaching Methodology when I was in educational college, and had special admiration to Confucius. I used the method of "edutainment" to my students in my five years of teaching career. If we can make students happy and construct good relationships with students, we will achieve a better teaching effect.




   The purpose of repeating edutainment is to create a happy and joyful atmosphere in Lifechanyuan, to purify one's heart, to develop one's thinking and to perfect one's consciousness in unconsciousness and pleasure. Practice proves that, this way is effective; maybe outsiders know nothing about this, but Chanyuan Celestials will find that they have great difference with laity when they get back to common world to communicate with them; they find their connotation change greatly. In fact, it is the change of nonmaterial structure of one's life.



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