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Pray for Chanyuan Celestials





   Pray for Chanyuan Celestials








   Xue Feng





   Buddha and the Greatest Creator who create the universe:




   Falling on my knees, I pray for your blessings to all the Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan, including those who have left.




   Chanyuan Celestials are those who believe in you with heart and soul. Walking on your way firmly, guiding by teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Prophet Mohammed and LaoTzu, taking your revelation as the holy principle of everyday thinking and acts, we entrust our lives into your hands and subject to your supervision.




   We are humble, yet we feel proud and glorious to be at your side. We are no longer lonely, solitary, depressed, or lost any more, since we are together with you and with those who believe in you.




   Buddha and the Greatest Creator: I am grateful and satisfied for what you have given me, and pray for your blessings to all the brothers and sisters of Lifechanyuan.




   I pray you to strengthen the confidence in Chanyuan Celestial's hearts and encourage them. In this way, they will never ever deviate your way under any circumstances, or slip into the evil bottomless abyss and further lost in the Transmigration due to the lack of confidence, or wander along Heaven to be gobbled up by hell and once again sink into the abyss of misery owning to the lack of courage.




   Please vouchsafe the Chanyuan Celestial with bountiful materials, help them get rid of their debts in case they will look back and stall their journey to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Celestial Islands Continent.




   Please vouchsafe the Chanyuan Celestial with rich and pure hearts, make them be able to be free from fear, poverty, stress, agony and misery, bless them with a prosperous, happy and joyful life.




   Please bless the Chanyuan Celestials with health and energy, keep them away from diseases, bless their work and life, and make their wishes come true.




   Please forgive sins of the Chanyuan Celestial, strip off their debts, make them be able to construct beautiful homeland for mankind and be your loyal subjects.




   Please protect the life journey of the Chanyuan Celestial in order to keep them safely arriving at your rear garden and become your beloved children.




   Please favor every Chanyuan Celestial, let the unemployed find their ideal jobs, the sick recover soon, the depressed be happy, the worried be joyful.




   Please allow us to build the Home without Marriage and Family as early as possible, and let Chanyuan Celestial enjoy a life in accordance with your course soon and reach the Celestial Islands Continent.




   Respected Buddha and the Greatest Creator, you are grandpa of the Chanyuan Celestial, and we are your joyful grandsons and granddaughters. So, please allow us to be na?ve and naughty, and allow us to sit on your laps, pull your beard, knead your nose, clutch your ear, and make you laugh everyday. If grandsons and granddaughters make mistakes, please give them mercy. Please ignore their ignorant promises, we are children, no matter what has happened, we want to pout in your embrace.




   Buddha and the Greatest Creator: We want to be your obedient servants! Please look after us everyday!




   Amen !





   Oct 6, 2007

(2011/12/05 发表)

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