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Self-improving and self-refining

403. By building Lifechanyuan and inaugurating the era of Lifechanyuan, we are completely cultivating ourselves and are accumulating our wealth in heaven, or in another word, building Lifechanyuan and inaugurating the era of Lifechanyuan are the best ways to repay our debt and cultivate ourselves. Because only if we devote ourselves to the cause of creating the era of Lifechanyuan, can we fully exhibit our use. This is not advertisement for Lifechanyuan, instead it is the secret to enter the heaven.


   404. We should take things as they are, associate with others by following the predestined relations, act in accordance with our nature, and take advantage of the opportunities as they arise. This is a principle guiding our actions and behaviors. We should also apply this principle to people we love. Any scheme and any machination for permanent possession are the behaviors of demons and will pose as denigration and blaspheme of love.


   405. Thinking is a supernatural power. The universe is holographic. Of the eight powers in the universe, one is called the power of consciousness. The power will follow consciousness to exert influence on matters and exercise remote control.


   406. Thinking has eight ladders, which are matter thinking, image thinking, associative thinking, illusive thinking, visualized thinking, Taiji thinking, non-form thinking and holographic thinking. Matter thinking is the lowest realm of thinking, while holographic thinking is the highest realm of thinking.


   407. The process of building Lifechanyuan is the best process of cultivation and refining, the process which tests whether everyone has great ideals and whether everyone puts great ideals to practice, and more importantly the process of accumulating one’s wealth in heaven and entering heaven.


   408. Everything in the world is good thing as long as it is kept in appropriate amount, but will become poisonous drugs once the amount is exceeded. This is also true of love.


   409. Argumentation is the greatest taboo for people who cultivate themselves in order to enter heaven.


   410. To strive for “zero state” is to march toward Buddha, toward celestial beings, and toward Tathagata. Anyone will go astray from Tao and the zero state if he is attached to certain thing, certain matter, certain doctrine, certain religion, certain political party, certain state, certain family and certain person. “Zero state” is not empty, instead it is the root of LIFE. In zero state are contained the miraculous transformations in heaven and earth, the mighty potential, the endless changes, thousands of phenomena and forms. Do not possess any prejudices and keep oneself in the zero state, only in this way can you see through the phenomena and the truth of events, and master and understand their essences.


   411. Keep a state of neither emptiness nor form, nor illusion and nor reality.. These two (emptiness and form) are (in their nature) the same; but they are given different names. They may both be called the Cosmic Mystery: Reaching from the Mystery into the Deeper Mystery Is the Gate to the Secret of All Life. This conforms both to the principle of Taiji and to the theorem of self-improving and self-refining. Only if you can alternate between the presence and the absence, can you keep yourself from being puzzled by phenomena and use.


   412. To return to the zero state of inaction is to transform and sublime, and to best exert more functions. However it would be useless if zero state is made permanent. For example, a flower will have no value and significance if it never grows and blossoms. Therefore, action is recommended. The flower shall unfurl its green leaves, burst into bloom, and bear fruits. A secluded hermit with high attainment in cultivation will be no different from or even worse than a rock if he never exerts his functions. You should enjoy what is duly for enjoyment. If you do not enjoy it, do not claim your right for enjoyment, and do nothing, simply praying every day that the world may be peaceful and that the Greatest Creator may take care of yourself, then the Greatest Creator will certainly not like you. The Greatest Creator will not like those who lord them over others or who are too cowardly.


   413. Non-action means you take things as they are and follow Tao, you conform to laws and make use of an opportunity to do a certain thing, you do not engage in resistance, and you do not do anything that may destroy nature, life, society and other people. However, you should do whatever things that should be done and enjoy your right that should be enjoyed. If you do not do what should be done and do not enjoy what should be enjoyed and just keep anaesthetizing yourself with “non-action” and “zero state”, always looking for excuse for inaction, then you have slipped to the other extreme. You are mistaken and have become a useless good-for-nothing.


   414. A person engaged in self-improving and self-refining should learn to understanda sealed book, the wordless book, the heaven, the earth, the person, the thing, the event, and the phenomena. Only in this way, can he understand apocalypse, and the language of the Greatest Creator. And only those who understand apocalypse and the language of the Greatest Creator can become a great master, who can carry and reveal Tao.


   415. If you tell your best wishes to the Greatest Creator in a clear manner, miracles will happen. It will be easiest, simplest and most harmonious to get along with people who can express themselves most legibly, because we know what he or she needs, we can very easily work with him or her, and we can easily satisfy him or her. On the other hand, it will be most difficult and most unpleasant to get along and deal with people who keep an equivocal attitude, who adopt a montage method in approaching things, who stumble over words, who never state clearly on matters, and who are muddleheaded over things.


   416. It is recommendable to visualize beautiful things. The more beautiful the visualization, the better; and the more concrete the imagination, the better. The Greatest Creator can help us to achieve whatever we have visualized. The Greatest Creator is magnanimous and generous. The Greatest Creator is not parsimonious. The key lies in our imagination.


   417. What is included in cultivation is “nature, love and Tao”. Understand nature and act at the call of your nature, and this is Buddha. Understand love, and love others as deeply as you love yourself, and this is god; understand Tao and act in accordance with Tao, and this is celestial being.


   418. Entering heaven or going to hell has nothing to do with color, sound, scent, taste, touch, and dharma. LIFE is a spirited nonmaterial structure. The core issue lies in the nonmaterial structure of LIFE. If the structure is perfect, then the LIFE can go to heaven, but if the structure is ugly, the LIFE must go to hell. To change the nonmaterial structure, one must start from the sublimation of soul and the perfection of consciousness. Therefore the core of cultivation is none other than the sublimation of soul and the perfection of consciousness.


   419. Acting at the call of your nature means doing things according to the requirements of your soul, which is somewhat similar to follow your feelings. The universe is holographic. All character and nature is within the operation of Tao, and within the control of Tao. Acting at the call of your character is actually acting by following Tao. Everything takes its due position, and everything takes charge of its due responsibility. Acting according to nature means that you shall not force yourself to do something. If you act as accords your nature, you will have a limpid character and nature, you will have nothing to feel regret for, and you will finally achieve complete truth. Do whatever your soul calls on you to do and listen to the voice of your inner world, and you will certainly hear an especially distinct voice from the complicated din. Then just conduct according to its requirements, and see what the result will be like. In this way you can feel reassured in what you are doing.


   420. Acting on the call of your nature is a far cry from following your inclination. Following one’s nature is to follow his own endowment and Inherence nature, while following one’s mind is to follow one’s desire in mind. Those who are on the right Way will not cause harm to other people when they follow their own inclinations, while those who are not on the correct Way will incur endless trouble when they follow their inclinations.

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