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·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
·快速达标 及时撤退--《天启篇》之十三
·"羌笛何须怨杨柳,春风不度玉门关。" --《天启篇》之四十一
Chanyuan Celestial

363. Chanyuan Celestial is the “mature crop” that has obtained the visa of life. As the pioneer of the era of Lifechanyuan, the final destination for Chanyuan Celestial is Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.




   364. Chanyuan Celestial is globalist, who does not perceive issues on the standpoint of any country and nation but from the point of global interest.




   365. The advocacy that lover’s relationship be established between Chanyuan Celestials is not based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha. Instead, prescribed by Xuefeng according to the morals of celestials in heaven, this advocacy is a convenient way for Chanyuan Celestial to get rid of secular love in thinking. It is also the philanthropic mode of thinking that Chanyuan Celestial must have before entering heaven. Jesus has already stated that after resurrection no one would marry or be married but would be like angels in heaven. If Chanyuan celestials have established the lovers’ relation, which is not occupied or dominated by either party, they can firstly break away from the love relationship of the secular society and make life enter a higher realm—the realm of angels.




   366. If you are upright in nature, you are upright even if seemingly you are evil; if you are evil in nature, you are evil even if seemingly you are upright. We Chanyuan Celestials are to serve the Greatest Creator and all the life on the earth, so we are upright at heart, and our causes are just, and therefore our methods are upright in essence even if they may seem evil.




   367. Chanyuan celestials are requested to mind their mind and guard against the evil ways. “the slightest difference can cause the greatest mistake”. A momentary slip may mean the difference between heaven and earth.




   368. “The wise seek the common ground, while the foolish haggle over difference.” All the wise people seek the place where the same frequency and resonance exist, however all the muddleheaded people are fault-finding and search specially for the place where the same frequency does not exist. The wise people search specially for people, places and values that share the same frequency and resonance.




   369. Chanyuan celestials must have super consciousness. They must be firm in belief, strong in will, trenchant in direction, sober in mind, definite in goal, legible in expression, resolute in action, and indomitable in character. They shall no longer be hesitant, anxious, frightened, regretful, guilty, passive, and pessimistic. They shall have everything revolve around themselves instead of being led by everything. There is no room for negotiation.




   370. Associate with people but do not intend to form cliques with them—this is the excellent quality of the civilized people.




   371. Thousands of branches may spring from one single root, so hold onto the one universal truth. Chanyuan celestials worship only one master, that is, the Greatest Creator with eight characteristics: only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful and wise. Chanyuan celestials respect but not worship other immortals, Buddha, celestials (bodhisattva, angel), god, and Saint. Chanyuan celestial obeys the general arrangement of one government—the global government. Chanyuan celestials follow only one guide, the founder of Lifechanyuan—Xuefeng. The above are the tenets of soul that Chanyuan celestials must observe. Whoever deviates from these tenets are no longer Chanyuan celestials of Lifechanyuan. Deviation from the Greatest Creator is the deviation from the headstream and the root. Deviation from the Greatest Creator is comparable to the wood without root and the water without a source.




   372. Lifechanyuan is composed of angels from heaven and people in the human world who have gone through self-improving and self-refining and have perceived the true meaning of life. These members are collectively referred to as Chanyuan Celestials. Lifechanyuan is paradise of humble folks. Humility is the character of citizens in heaven. Everywhere residents in heaven are humble folks. Only people with humility can enter heaven, and only people with humility can bring happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing to others.




   373. The Greatest Creator is the only force that governs and controls the destiny of Chanyuan celestials. Life is the only possession of Chanyuan celestials; Truth is the only pursuit of Chanyuan celestials. Achieving the status of celestials is the only pursuit of Chanyuan Celestials. There is direction for progress and goal for struggle. One behaves not simply to exemplify his moral integrity, he only needs to act by following the natural laws.




   374. Chanyuan celestials are the most civilized, most cultured and well-bred, most intelligent and spirited, most vigorous and creative, and most clever and adamant. Ranked among the most outstanding of mankind, they are ordinary but they are also transcendent and refined. Therefore they have excellent psychological quality. They will not wince and get discouraged in the face of hardship and tribulation and plight that are hard to deal with. As long as they have one last breath and as long as there is one ten thousandth hope, they will never give up their endeavor and any ray of hope for survival.




   375. Chanyuan Celestials are all people who are sound in spirit and soul. People who are not sound in soul and spirit cannot be counted as Chanyuan celestials. Mental disorders include hypochondria, autism, melancholia, anxiety neurosis, pessimism, paranoia, mania, and phobia. Diseases of soul include jealousy, querimony, complaint, selfishness, greed, anger, infatuation, regret, laziness, and depression. Chanyuan celestials with healthy personality and perfect human nature are free of the above mental disorders and diseases of soul.




   376. The soul of Chanyuan celestial is in the same frequency with Lifechanyuan and resonates with it. The same frequency and resonance are the major magical weapons to survive the disaster. Between Chanyuan celestials there is only love, there is no jealousy, envy and hate. Deep within the soul of Chanyuan celestials there are not concepts of family, nationality, state, religion, and political party, instead there are only visions of Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and Elysium World. Instead of pursuing the super natural power, Chanyuan celestials only seek the sublimation of life. With spiritual perception, Chanyuan celestials shall rank at least among the sages in the Classification of Mankind and shall be among the top five grades in Eighteen Grades of Life. Chanyuan celestials have entered the realm of non-form thinking and thus have the capability of unconventional thinking. The words and deeds of Chanyuan celestials are motivated not by mundane desires but by soul.




   377. Chanyuan celestials in Lifechanyuan are group of people who stick firmly to the beliefs of Chanyuan and share the same frequency and resonate in soul. Chanyuan celestials have common goals of life and LIFE. The goal of life of Chanyuan celestials is the pursuit of a happy, joyful,free and blessed life. The goal of LIFE of Chanyuan celestials is the sublimation and perfection of the nonmaterial structure and the progress toward the highest realm of LIFE—super celestial being.




   378. The life of Chanyuan celestial is thus: As long as they live even for one day, they will intrepidly scale the highest realm of life and LIFE; as long as they live for one day, they will most fully exhibit the best aspect of human nature; as long as they live for one day, they will never drag out an ignoble existence, they will not be obsequious, they will not drift with the tide, and they will not squander the time; as long as they live for one day, they will live a natural and unrestrained life, they will continue to move forward and strive forward, and make the day a resplendent day.




   379. If the heart is free of desire for material acquisition, the world will be pure. Cherish high ideals and refrain from wealth and fame. Keep calm and you will win through. Banish all the thought of self. Feel relaxed and happy. Have a firm belief in the Greatest Creator, in kindness, in Lifechanyuan, and in oneself. We Chanyuan celestials will never fall apart.

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