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Lifechanyuan Era

1. Mankind is about to be ushered into Lifechanyuan Era that will span a thousand years.




   2. Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.


   Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.


   Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new LIFE begin.


   You will see clear paradise scenes.




   3. There are mainly eight major identifying brands for Lifechanyuan Era:


   (1). The disappearance of state, religion, political party, and family life;


   (2). The absence of court, judge, and lawyers;


   (3). The absence of constitution, law, statutes, commandment, and dharma, there will be only values of Lifechanyuan;


   (4). Instead of following constitution, laws, statutes, commandment, and dharma as the norm for behavior, people take sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, honesty, diligence, and harmony as the guideline for words and behaviors;


   (5). The disappearance of war, diseases, hunger, and crime;


   (6). Man will shift from the pursuit of material comfort to the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction;


   (7). The production and life of man all over the world will be uniformly steered by sages and managed by wise men;


   (8). Man will coexist harmoniously with other advanced LIFE of the universe and nature in an orderly manner.


   Lifechanyuan will establish 256 branches around the globe to correspond with the secular governments. The resident members of each branch shall not surpass 300. The people under the jurisdiction of secular governments can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions. Each branch shoulder three functions: copy the life style of the Thousand Year World and provide Chanyuan celestial with bases to cultivate into celestial beings; assist the secular governments and train management personnel for secular governments; strive to transit all the humankind to Chanyuan celestial within 200-300 years and transform the secular governments to Home without marriage and family.


   4. Marching toward Lifechanyuan Era is the will of the Greatest Creator, the wish of Christ, the hope of Buddha, the ideal of sages and saints who have exerted their utmost effort to that purpose, and also the desire of the toiling masses who yearn toward such an era. To devote our whole life to Lifechanyuan is the greatest value of LIFE, which has contained the deepest teachings of Christ and Buddha, the beautiful dreams of sages and saints of mankind, and the expectations of all the kind-hearted and diligent people. Let’s march toward Lifechanyuan Era—all people who wish to cultivate the character of celestial beings and Buddha, all people who are willing to devote all their LIFE to the beautiful ideals of mankind, all people who are trekking and climbing toward the highest compass of life and LIFE and all people who wish to enter the heaven through cultivation.


   The greatest characteristic of Lifechanyuan Era is the absence of family, religion, political party, and state in the world. “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”, in which “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, The people will be natural and pure, the weather will be good for harvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the people will be peaceful, the products will be plentiful, and everyone will be happy.


   5. Family, nationality, state, political party, and religion is the source of misfortune for mankind.


   6. Those favoring private ownership are seculars, those preferring public ownership are sages, those bent on non-ownership are celestial beings.


   7. The thing will be of greater value if it is shared to a larger extent. The greater the extent of sharing, the higher the utilization ratio of resources will be, and the greater their values and significances will be. Man must bring his talent into full play, and materials should be put to full use. This is the will of the Greatest Creator, as well as the wish of all kind-hearted, diligent, honest, and trustworthy people. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members; a barbarian society is one in which resources are contested and occupied.


   8. Only after Lifechanyuan Era is initiated for people to lead the life of Home without marriage and family in Lifechanyuan, can people get rid of the suffering of life, and obtain a happy, joyful, free and blessed life.


   9. The optimum system of administration for human society is “Lifechanyuan plus secular government”. Lifechanyuan takes charge of man’s spiritual being, while secular governments shall be responsible for the material construction and ensure the efficiency and order of life and society of humankind.


   10. Lifechanyuan is the homestead of man’s spirit and soul, the transfer station for seculars to move toward the higher level ofLIFE space, and the headspring for every individual to obtain sublimation of spiritualism and acquire spiritual wealth. The core of Lifechanyuan is reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and following the Way of the Greatest Creator. The purpose of Lifechanyuan is to gradually eliminate the shackles and bondages of family, nationality, state, political party, and religion and lead man to Lifechanyuan Era.


   11. All the mankind must enter Lifechanyuan Era, initiate Lifechanyuan Era, and march toward Lifechanyuan Era—this is the best road of life, the most miraculous road of self-improving and self-refining, and the only road for man to solve all the crises he faces and march toward civilization and happiness. The relationship between Lifechanyuan and government is that between fish and water. Government is water, and Lifechanyuan is fish. Lifechanyuan does not interfere with and comment on government actions. Lifechanyuan is unconditionally subject to the administration of government. Any Chanyuan celestial will be punished by government if he has violated government regulations. Lifechanyuan will not interfere. If any branch of Lifechanyuan across the world is to be banned because of its inappropriate behaviors. The instructions of the government must be enforced immediately, and the branch must be disbanded instantly without any defiance. The disbanded branch shall not lodge any complaint or plan any secret activities. If any Chanyuan celestial abet or instigate other Chanyuan celestials to rival and create difficulties for the government, he is then proved to be a careerist and schemer, and shall be immediately ridded of his competency as a Chanyuan celestial and expelled from the homestead.


   12. Before the birth of Lifechanyuan, man has chosen two wrong paths: one is the abandonment of this life in pursuit of a future life, which is characterized by a passive and pessimistic cultivation for the future instead of positively and optimistically creating the present life; the other is the abandonment of the future life in pursuit of a befuddled present life, viewing the future as an illusion and engrossed in the enjoyment of the present life to the negligence of future life. Man has taken two wrong roads: one is the placement of hope upon gods and emperors, submitting himself to the will of Heaven, leading a conservative life, and expecting windfall from the sky; the other is the placement of hope upon himself, harboring the idea that man is to conquer nature, and showing no reverence for the Greatest Creator and god, which as a result has not only rendered him unable to enjoy the pleasure of life but also forfeited his splendid prospect for the future.


   13. The network era is coming for all religions tending toward unification, and for “Harvest the ripe crops”. It is also coming for the LIFE of the universe which is undergoing grand adjustment, and for purifing the earth. . The network era is coming and we are to be ushered in Lifechanyuan Era.


   The symbols of “ripe crops” are:


   (1). Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator.


   (2). No involvement in marriage and family, state, political party, and religion.


   (3). The absence of status, property, fame, and influence.

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